Dragonflame ~ a Meditation with Emrys


Emrys, my Preseli Bluestone Dragon skull sits in front of me for inspiration as I enter a meditative state as wild winds rage outside my house. I see dragons riding the currents — wild, untamed, raw, vital, pure energy manifesting in draconic forms or what I recognise as such.  They are what they are — pure energy, intellect, knowledge, a stream of consciousness. They are of the light, the darkness, the earth, the cosmos, the All — always in balance. There is no light without the dark and vice versa — both must exist to reveal the other.

I am flying, over mountains, gliding on the wild winds on outstretched wings — I have become a Dragon. I tuck and roll then dive earthward, straight into a tunnel opening between the roots of a large tree. The root tips emerge through the tunnel, reaching out like fingers scratching and grasping as I fly past, going deeper, deeper, deeper into the body of the earth. There are side tunnels along the way and I hear the sounds of roaring wind as I pass each one. Suddenly a fork in this main tunnel appears ahead and I quickly choose the left-hand path. Firelight glows in the distance, flickering, welcoming as I emerge from the tunnel and into a large cavern with many figures dancing around a huge bonfire under the earth. It is warm, inviting comforting. The beings are humanoid but not human, seen only in silhouette around the fire — they are Elementals.

A large dragon rises up out of the fire and gazes at me with smouldering eyes, her black scales shimmering in the firelight. She beckons and I walk towards her with my wings folded by my sides. She reaches out to me, enfolds me within her huge wings and holds me close. It is warm and comforting as we are engulfed by flame yet not harmed. Dragonflame — light and life within the darkness. We are one, melded by the flames that are her, that are me, the all, the one, the nothing. Floating in warm, nurturing darkness, then tumbling backwards through time and space in no particular direction — there is none — all is a continuum. There is no fear, just an overwhelming need to sleep while being gently rocked in the womb of the Mother as I hurtle through the void.

I am awakened suddenly by a blinding flash of pure white light — so bright, so enticing. Shadows move within, gradually taking shape to reveal dragons — white, silvery, shimmering in luminescence. Again I am beckoned and I spread my wings and fly eagerly to them. The bright light is icy cold, refreshing, stimulating, crisp and sharp. It is knowledge, energy, life, death and rebirth. Again I merge with the dragon, this time a large white male with pearlescent scales, and we fly as one through the tunnels, emerging from the right hand fork where I first turned left. They are interconnected — there is no right without a left. All is One. All is Dragon.

I swoosh through seemingly endless tunnels, revelling in the freedom and speed, then eventually out into the sunlight on the side of a grassy hill — the same place Emrys came from, which he showed me in a vision when I first held him. A peaceful, gentle breeze is blowing across long, wispy grass stalks.

The sound of the wind picks up and I open my eyes to see Emrys in front of me again, the wild winds still blowing outside my home.


One comment on “Dragonflame ~ a Meditation with Emrys

  1. hiramash says:

    Once again, a great meditation, which I am in synchronicity with…I have just discovered the balance between darkness and light in a draconic context, thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

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