Evolution of Ideas


(This jumbled rambling will make more sense (I hope) if you take the time to also read the extra info in the links throughout the text.)

I first wrote about using Dragon skulls in a grid based on Metatron’s Cube here, where I showed my own little printed grid with other symbols added to it. I later found larger printed cloth grids available on eBay, which I bought (one Metatron’s cube and one Flower of Life pattern). I haven’t yet added my own personal symbols to the Metatron’s Cube cloth, though I might do so at some stage.

At that time I had no idea that many other people were using Metatron’s cube as a base for crystal grids with varying numbers of Dragon skulls and other crystals, until I later joined a couple of Dragon groups on Facebook. Here’s me thinking I came up with the idea myself, lol. Interesting how the Dragons led me to that too. 😉

Meanwhile, my collection of Dragon skulls has been steadily growing — I now have seven, with two more on their way. I’ve had this vague idea that I needed thirteen Dragon skulls. I wasn’t sure why at first — perhaps the idea was already planted in my mind from reading the comments on one of my earlier blogs from someone else who has a 220px-Metatrons_cube.svgcouncil of thirteen Dragons (though at the time, that conversation was not in regard to crystal Dragon skulls). Or maybe I was just a bit slow to realise that the Metatron’s cube diagram has thirteen circles — perfect positions for 13 skulls to sit on the larger altar mat/grid I now have, lol. :/

The image below shows my seven Dragon skulls and one Dragon’s eye sharing the altar mat with a lapis lazuli “source stone“.


The mat is directional and has been placed over the Metatron’s Cube in the appropriate orientation. My first meditational experience with a similar lapis source stone was here in November 2013, after which I hadn’t really thought much about it …until a few days ago when I suddenly decided I wanted one of my own, plus the altar mat it sits on. This source stone is also associated with crystal skulls (see more about that here). Further reading lead to information about the 13 Crystal Skulls legend and prophecy (and then here for some down-to-earth debunking). I’ve never felt at all attracted to the human shaped crystal skulls (or alien or whatever other humanoid forms are out there) but it makes perfect sense to be working with Dragon crystal skulls, so it looks like I will eventually end up with 13 of them! 😀

Just one more thing — my Dark Moon group is about to start working through the Thoth tarot suit of swords in relation to the Qabbalah tree of life. The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life contains Metatron’s cube, and the Tree of Life within it. While researching this I came across an article called The “Ring of Thirteen” (The Thirteen Primal Powers of The Dragons) which places Dragon runes on the Tree of Life (authored by the same person who has the council of thirteen Dragons mentioned above, though I didn’t know of the existence of this article at the time).

I realise this is not the most coherent of my blogs but the ideas are all swirling around in my head and this is just an attempt to briefly tie things together to make some sense of it all (though maybe unsuccessfully for everyone else who is not inside my head, lol). I’m not quite sure what all these connections are building up to, but there’s definitely something brewing! Hopefully the Dragons will help me to figure it all out eventually. 😉

Photographs of some of the crystal grids I have made since first writing this post can be seen in my Facebook album called Crystal Grids. Eventually I’ll probably create an album here on this blog but for now if you are signed into Facebook you should be able to see them as the album is set to “public”. 🙂

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