Dragons, Volcanoes & Tectonic Plates


After my post yesterday about Ouromundi I started thinking again about my Dark Moon group meditation last night. We had all talked about how we had felt “odd” or unsettled over the past few weeks, especially since the eclipses in October (8th and 24th) and many of us had the feeling that something was building up …that we were waiting for something to happen but didn’t know what. Last night’s meditation to connect with the Dragons and seek insight from them was quite intense and we all had great difficulty coming out of it, feeling quite spaced out for some time afterwards. As usual there were many synchronicities amongst peoples’ meditative experiences, even though the majority of the meditation was not guided in any way. This is something that happens a lot within our group as we all seem to be “in tune” with each other. 🙂

As we cast the circle and called in the Dragons from each direction I also called in my personal Dragons. We also called upon the Earth Goddess Gaia and the the great Cosmic Dragon. Once the meditation began I sensed there were many other Dragons in the room with us, encircling our group with their wings outstretched to form a protective barrier around us. Later discussions revealed that others also sensed Dragons around the room.

I couldn’t remember very much of my meditation immediately afterwards but I did start to recall a few things later on, such as going down through the various layers of the Earth to meld with the molten core and become part of it. At some point an image of a volcano suddenly flashed across my inner vision. It came as quite a shock as it was so clear and stark against the backdrop of colours and other unidentifiable scenes swirling around in my mind. Another thing I clearly remember is seeing a purple Dragon enter through my Crown chakra and spiral its way down to my base, transforming into a black Dragon as it went. I got the distinct impression these two Dragons were my Spirit Dragon “Teke” and my Dragon of Darkness, “Stan”. I could also feel Dragon wings sprouting out of my back between my shoulder blades — another person had a similar experience. After we eventually came out of the meditation I felt as if both Dragons were still inside me for quite a while.

During the discussion before the meditation one of my friends had mentioned that another friend had been having dreams all week about volcanoes. That struck a chord as previously that very afternoon I had l seen my youngest son’s post on Facebook:

“I spent half my morning at school learning about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, thinking about how “shit your pants terrifying” volcanoes actually are, to then come home and find this on Facebook. This is one of the times I’m happy I live in Australia.”

Hmm… maybe coincidence that I saw a volcano in my meditation or maybe “suggestion” as the idea was already in my mind, even though I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, but then again… ???

…and today I found this article by Soluntra King on her “Current Cosmic Events” page:


Together in the One Heart, from our inner peace and divine love within we link up and make the sound codes that will help to release pressure from the Tectonic Plates at this time. Making the Earth shift more peaceful and loving in the third dimensional world also. Where ever you are on Earth this day, at Noon link up with everyone and make the Sound codes’ HU LA’ five times. With intent and awareness send the sound down and through your feet and into the earth and to the Tectonic plates.

If you do not know where they are and would like to please click this link of just do a Google search http://images.google.com/images?q=tectonic+plates&hl=en&lr=&sa=X&oi=images&ct=title

Repeat again; knowing you are connected all over the world with beautiful beings in the physical and spirit who are standing on the plates. Continue for as long as you feel, until your sense the plates are lying next to each other peacefully and they are glowing with divine light. Some of you like myself live right on the plate or are guided to be somewhere that has a powerful Earth connection.

The higher light codes that are illuminating us are also illuminating the Earth and the Inner Earth Sun. We are having the shift in all dimensions including the third dimension, and it’s up to us to come from a state of peace and love so that it will not be catastrophic. The Earth is us, and if we haven’t dealt with our anger or other emotions she shows us with storms, volcanoes, and other natural disasters like floods.

She is getting ready to make a very big shift and there will be a cleanse. It’s up to us how we deal with this, do we need a big shake up? Or can we love our selves, all others, all creation and the Earth and so have a loving flowing shift. The Earth responds to our love, just as the Sun, Stars and Moon do and all creation. We also have our Sun’s Magnetic Field making a flip.

So in your meditation with the Earth and each other in love, have awareness to link to the Sun as well as the Solar Flares are here to awaken us, not harm us. Just as the Earth moves and shakes to awaken us, not harm us. But if you need a shake up to get it then it happens in 3D. When we have unified ourselves we are no longer in the world of cause and effect. We become the stillness within, in the eye of the storm and not affected.
Spend some time today out in nature on the earth as you merge into the Earth’s loving embrace, and at noon the sound vibrations through you, everyone and the Earth…


As these huge, rocky plates separate, collide, and slide past each other they cause earthquakes, they feed volcanic eruptions, and they raise mountains. So yeah, something big could be about to happen! 😮

Also on Soluntra’s page there is detailed information about the Crystalline Grid, the Galactic Centre and the Dragon and Serpent …all very pertinent to the Dragon Workshops that have been springing up recently as people are guided (by the Dragons?) to create and run them.


Volcano Dragon image from fbpics.org/2014/02/gambar-dragon/

3 comments on “Dragons, Volcanoes & Tectonic Plates

  1. Kenna says:

    So I had a dream last night of the face of a green scaley dragon. However, our eyes were the same somehow, even though I have brown eyes. It’s eye was a grey blue, and was very clear. But I knew this was also my eye. It was very strange. This morning I was taking a photo and in the photo my eye appeared this same blue grey color. What does this all mean?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really don’t know what it means. I can only guess that maybe the Dragons are trying to get your attention – for you to acknowledge them as a presence or guiding force in your life? Get to know your “Inner Dragon”? Meditation, quiet contemplation whenever you get the chance could turn up more information for you.

      Dragon Blessings,


  2. marina moxy says:

    for 2 year ago In my meditation… i feelt like i was falling down in a spiral down to the core of the earth.. where i meet a dragon that took me to the univers and from there i saw how Mother Gaia open here woomb so we fly in to it…and i came to a cave where all the dragons egg where and the young dragons was… i feelt so strong how mother ask me to protect this eggs and so i have for 2 yeas… i have seen dragons born and be ..cus every time i they do i can see them i my vision.. i feel like im there mum … strange maby but that how it feels…
    thank you for your site… i have never meet some one to talk about this… much i still dont understand… but here i can relate and to understand more about my mission and the dragons…

    best regard
    marina star moxy

    Liked by 1 person

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