Messages from the Dragon Realm: An Interview with Russell Chen

MessagesFromTheDragonRealmsOn 25th March 2013 I wrote a blog about “Messages from the Dragon Realm” — a book which I would really like to see published. Unfortunately the initial crowdfunding efforts to raise money for the publication of this beautiful “coffee-table book” were not successful, with only a small portion of the amount needed being raised. However Russell Chen, the man who was inspired to create this book, has not given up hope that this project might still come to fruition!

Today a friend shared a couple of photos on Facebook, which led me to the Messages from the Dragon Realm Facebook page where I saw a link to a very recent radio interview with Russell Chen on The Hundredth Monkey Radio. Naturally I clicked on the link but when I saw the length of the interview (2 hours) I didn’t think I could be bothered, but, I started listening anyway. I’m very glad I did as after a while I was captivated! 😀 …so much so that after hearing the first hour (which can be downloaded and listened to for free) I was happy to pay the $2.92 USD ($3.45 AUD) via PayPal for “Non-member access” to the show so I could listen to the 2nd hour as well! 🙂

(Click image to access the interview)Russell-Chen-Interview

Listening to the interview has only increased my need to have a copy of this book, but before that can happen, enough money must be raised to cover the publishing costs so that this wonderful book, which will feature beautiful illustrations by various artists in addition to the fascinating and awe-inspiring information, can be produced.

So, if you’re interested in Dragons and think you might like to own a copy of this book please go to the Messages from the Dragon Realm website where you can read a synopsis and the foreword of the book, read biographies of the 10 contributing authors and also read extensive chapter outlines. Then once you’ve decided that you too must have a copy of this book please, please, pleeeeeease click on the “Pre-Order” link and scroll down to the PayPal button at the bottom of that page. 😀


I feel the timing of all this is very synchronistic in that I’ve discovered the interview and have been able to write this blog and share it around just in time  for World Dragon Day on 25th October 2014 …a helpful nudge from the Dragons perhaps? 😉


One comment on “Messages from the Dragon Realm: An Interview with Russell Chen

  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you for your wonderful insights. I have been in communication with dragons for as long as I can remember. It’s nice to get some validation that I am not alone.
    May peace be with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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