World Dragon Day

11th October 2014 ~ Well, according to one source at least — — October 25th (my wedding anniversary) is also World Dragon Day! 😀


I was curious to find out more about this so I Googled …but couldn’t find anything. So next I checked out a fellow Dragon lover’s Facebook page —  Tysha’s Dragon Hoard. If anyone would have any info about this, she certainly would — and of course she did! Thanks Tysha! 😀

The image shared on Tysha’s FB page advertised a World Dragon Day gathering in South East England, hosted by Dragons HO – Dragon Wisdom Cards

WorldDragonDay2South East England ~

…and from there of course I was led to  which has the Dragon Wisdom Cards available to purchase — naturally I had to buy a set. 🙂 Apart from the sample cards I saw on the website (which I really liked) I have no idea what the rest of the cards will be like, but hey, they’re another addition to my hoard! 🙂 By the way, there’s 2 sizes available and I decided to buy the larger size deck. Click on the images below to find out more about these cards…

DragonsHoCardsSee website

Dragons Ho! Cards on Facebook


Not long after placing my order I received an email from Val, the creator of the cards, thanking me for my order and also letting me know of a Facebook page and group for World Dragon Day…

World Dragon Day Facebook Page


The first World Dragon Day is on Saturday October 25 2014! People around the world will gather to celebrate the wonderful Dragons – and you can join in!

The first World Dragon Day is on Saturday 25th of October 2014! People all around the world will be coming together to celebrate the wonderful Dragons – and you can too! Join in one of the events happening near you… or you can invite people to your own event. Connect with other people who love Dragons here on this page. Let’s spread the awareness of Dragon Energy around the world…

As Angels are to the Divine… Dragons are to Mother Earth
– Val Young

World Dragon Day Facebook Group


…so off I toddle to check out these new pages where I discover more posters advertising World Dragon Day events in other parts of the world. 🙂

WorldDragonDay3Brazil ~

WorldDragonDay4Portugal ~

Netherlands ~ or


WorldDragonDay8 Scotland ~


So now I have confirmation from more than one source that October 25th 2014 is indeed the first “World Dragon Day” …and I definitely won’t forget the date! 😉

One thing that did surprise me is that a Google search did not turn up this event, but now I’ve written this blog at least this post shows up on the first page of a Google search (WordPress gets stuff out there really fast!) so at least from here people can easily find out more about World Dragon Day and other event locations which might be added by clicking on the various links I’ve provided, especially the Facebook links. 😀




Update: 18th October 2014 ~ World Dragon Day now has its own website! 🙂 As of this date it still needs a bit of work but the basic information is there, and I’m sure the website owners will have it completed well before the big event. I’ll certainly be checking back afterwards to see any photos posted from the various World Dragon Day events held around the world.

Update: 19th October 2014 ~ I’ve decided to make my own banner for World Dragon Day. 😀

WorldDragonDay-TopazDrachenSydney, Australia (click to enlarge)

I will be celebrating privately by meditating at my home, however, perhaps others here in Australia might also wish to “join” me by doing their own meditations and also tapping into the energies worldwide at some time during the 25th October.

I will also probably be honouring the Dragons on that day by doing some preparatory work on my next Dragon mask, which will be a Dragon of Earth (hence the “earthy” theme for my banner above) as my local Pagan group’s annual Beltane gathering is on the following weekend and one of our activities over the weekend is to make an Earth Dragon mask. Previous masks have been Dragons of Fire, Water & Spirit — this year we do Dragon of Earth and next year we will make masks for the Dragon of Air.

completed-fire-dragon-mask  w13  Spirit-Dragon
(Click images to see more about each mask)

Update: 20th October ~ I’ve found out from Marc Maramay (of that “some people will be tuning in to meditate or journey with the Dragons at 19.00 GMT on the day (7 pm for some) and that’s when some of the group events will be happening. But there might be a better time for Australia/NZ if that’s too early/late in the day….” to which I replied, “It’s doable …in Sydney that’ll be 6am on the 26th so I could be awake to tune in and meditate then. For anyone over in Western Australia it could be a bit harder to do at 3am. For NZ it’s around 8am on the 26th. However, if enough people were to tune in at 7pm on the 25th in whatever timezone they’re in the effect could be like a wave of consciousness rolling over the Earth …or something like that.” Then Marc suggested, “A rolling Rainbow Wave of Dragon Energy… that sounds like the day, alright!” 😀

Just for a bit of creative fun I decided to make a banner based on the rolling wave idea. 😀

WorldDragonDayRainbow(Click to enlarge)

So, if you can’t get to any of the events and you’re unable to “tune in” through meditation at 19:00 (7pm) GMT then riding the wave at 7pm across your timezone might be the way to go, but if that time doesn’t suit, I’m sure the Dragons will be happy with whatever time you can devote to them, whenever it may be. 🙂




Yet another update: a few hours later, lol ~ A meditation video has been made for everyone to use if they wish to on WDD.

One comment on “World Dragon Day

  1. NICE ! ! ! >;=).)====~~~

    I must look into this. I am not sure if our local Chinese community is still doing their annual Dragon Festival, but this looks to be an interesting thing. However, one week does not leave much time to plan and organize a potentially large event.

    We’ll have to try, though.

    Nice find!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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