All happy again now!


Read this if you don’t know why I was sad and annoyed before being all happy again now, lol. The Drachen Magie Vermachtnis Clan website has been offline for about 5 days due to some domain hosting issues, but we’ve finally got it all sorted out and the site is back online again! Yay! 😀

It should have been a simple process of simply logging in and paying the renewal, but instead it was a convoluted process fraught with obstacles and frustration at every turn! Originally I was supposed to be added as an admin on the hosting account when it was first opened almost a year ago (so there’d be 2 of us with access in case one was not able to administer the site for whatever reason) but even though we (DMV Clan’s HP owner of the site and myself) had followed the instructions, that process never worked. But, what-the-heck …we had 2 years of hosting etc all paid up and nothing to worry about in the meantime …or so we thought! The website being suddenly offline came as quite a shock as we weren’t expecting this to happen, as we thought we were good for 2 years and, contrary to information on the web host’s own website, reminder emails that were supposed to be sent prior to any renewal date did not appear to have been sent to our HP/site owner.

As our HP has just moved across country to a new house and doesn’t yet have internet at his new home (so is limited to smartphone internet access) and also doesn’t have a new bank account set up yet to facilitate online payment, I thought it would be easier if I paid the renewal, and I also felt it was only fair that I should contribute financially to the running of the website.

So, armed with the login details from when the site was first started I thought I would simply login and pay the bill. Nope – “account locked, contact customer support”. Okaaay, as I’m not the owner of the site I contact our HP who is, and he contacts web host and is able to get the account unlocked. Excellent, so I try to login again – this time to be met with “username or password incorrect”. Damn! I contact HP again who comes back with the info from the web host that I can phone them, tell them the domain name and give them a PIN which he tells me. So, I phone up and speak with “Mark” who is very helpful, then I give him the PIN as requested, but he tells me the PIN is not correct. Aaaaaargh!! So, back to messaging HP again. After another day or so he has managed to set up new login details which are definitely correct so I try yet again to login… “username or password incorrect” …AGAIN! But they are definitely correct! Getting very pissed off by this stage, as was HP who was trying to organise all this on a cell phone (no home internet or bank account yet, remember). So, HP (in the US) phones web hosting company (also US based) and arranges for them to phone me (in Australia) so I can finally pay the damned bill !! Eventually “Will” phones me, establishes who I am and that I want to pay this bill for someone else etc. He is also very polite and helpful, takes my credit card details and it’s all over and done with in a couple of minutes. HP messages me shortly afterward that he’s just received the payment confirmation email …yay! I go and check my own bank account details and see that the payment has definitely gone through properly …yay! All done …FINALLY!!!

Why did this have to be so frustrating? Why did login details that were correct not work? Why, why, why? :::sigh::: Must calm down, it’s all good now. 😀 Once HP gets internet we should definitely try again to add me as an admin on the account – maybe we can get that to finally work as well.

Why is nothing ever as simple as it should be?! 😡


One comment on “All happy again now!

  1. Edgar Junior says:

    Welcome back!


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