Feeling sad & annoyed…

I went to the Drachen Magie Vermachtnis Clan website today (dmvclan.com) only to be greeted with the message, “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 29/09/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion.” BUGGER!!!!! 😡 Our clan, in its various incarnations, has been plagued by various problems for what seems like forever! (See  Changes… and Changes, continued…) Our HP was under the impression that he’d paid for 2 years hosting, not just 1, yet the hosting company seems to think otherwise and our beautiful website I put so much time and effort into creating is now down. 😥

Perhaps there was some sort of mix up or miscommunication about the 2 year thing — maybe the hosting was for 2 years but the domain name registration was only for 1 year??? This can all be remedied and the site put back online as long as our HP (who owns the site) has received the payment reminders and actually pays the bill VERY SOON, which I am more than happy to contribute to. I tried logging into the account myself this morning, thinking I could pay the bill and get the site back up, but it’s been locked, and I can’t really make any inquiries myself as technically I’m not the owner. POOP!!!

It’s been a long slow process of getting our new “home” established after the shock shutdown of our previous online home, but we were finally getting somewhere, with applications for promotion from “Dedicant” to “Clan Initiate” coming in, and although very slow, we were at last making some real progress …and now this! Oh well, hopefully it’s only a temporary setback. 🙂

As well as our main website we do also have a public Facebook page (www.facebook.com/dmvclan) and a secret FB group for DMV Clan, but our forums and main website have always been the preferred method of contact for general discussion and teaching.

So, I’ve messaged our HP to let him know what’s happened (in case for some reason he never received the reminders that were supposed to be sent by the hosting company) and now I just have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, if you are already a member on our temporarily disabled DMV Clan website and you would like to keep in contact via the secret DMV Clan Facebook group, send me a friend request and let me know who you are and I can add you to the group.

Topaz Drachen

4 comments on “Feeling sad & annoyed…

  1. Hopefully,

    An offsite backup is available, just in case!

    I have never seen nor heard of this site until now. So you’ll have to pardon me for seeming a little “ignorant” of the scene.

    I wish you all good luck in getting your site back on-line. This is why it is always a good idea to have a one or more additional folks delegated to helping maintain the website. Only one person doing it, usually spells trouble down the road.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


    • Thanks Rev. Dragon’s Eye. Thankfully we’re back online again now. What should have been a simple process turned out to be ridiculously convoluted due to admin login information not working even when it *was* correct, but we eventually got it sorted out with the hosting company so all is good for another 12 months at least. 🙂 We had previously tried to get a second person added to the admin list when the site was originally set up but for some reason that process didn’t work. After the particular problems we’ve had we’re seriously considering a new domain name provider in the future, though that also creates its own new set of problems. For now though we’re happy the site is back up and running again. 😀


      • I’ve done particularly well with hostgator.com. I liked their prices and LOVED what I could do with my account. templeoftheancientdragons.org (and .com and .net) have been hosted there for over a year and a half now. Plus, I am only paying about $60.00(US) every six months for my hosting, and the usual annual $15.00(US) per domain name.

        I’ve been really happy about it so far.


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