A Beacon for Strength & Hope

Honouring the Morrighan and the Dragons and sending love and prayers of protection to brothers in need, with Dragon Blessings.


Charge of the Morrighan

Be still and listen.
Enchantment…is my name.
Hear my voice in the wind, the sea, the land?
Reach out and embrace me and I will speak.
My familiar is the carrion crow,
Knower of the dead, attendee of battles.
I am of the land, the moon, and the sea.
I am the cow of fertility,
the hunting wolf, and the eel of electricity.
I am wise, sly, and daring.
I am the Queen, the Oracle, the Warrior, and the Witch.
I am the Sorceress that will not be ruled,
the Weaver of Time, the Teacher of Mysteries.

I am kin to the Badb and Macha,
for together we are the Sacred Three.

Come walk with me near the sea’s kiss,
let me show you the Old Ways and your innate power.

Come join me under the moonlight and learn
the Ways of the Warrior and the Queen.
Let me show you all that’s in between.
My ways are dangerous and difficult,
but my gifts are true and blessed.

Swallow your fear and come to me,
and you will discover true beauty, strength, and courage.

Will you take the risks and learn my lessons?
Or will you hide from me and all I have to give you?
Ponder, now, what will you choose?


Spirit of the Ocean Wolf

A Hymn to the Morrighan

Hail and bless the great Morrighan,
Hail and greetings to the Crone,
Hail and Greetings to the Queen of the Night,
Hail and all praise to the Old and Ancient One,
Hail and praise to She who is Magick.

She is the fear that coils around the heart,
She is the nightmare to those who do wrong,
The haunting of those who dare to do harm.
She is the prophetess of fates
She is the Queen of fairies and of Witches
She is death, and a poet’s inspiration

Hail and salute the Great Phantom Queen
Hail and salute the Morrighan
She who is three yet One
She is the fury of battle
She is the sword of freedom
She is the Crow and Raven who flies over head
Hail and bless the Great Morrighan!



Ode to the Morrigan

In olden days she gathered
On battlefields of mist

Chanting, offering golden charms
Granting her champions victory

So they say, so they say

Her shape a crow or raven
Her shield, trickery

She guards the gift of magic
Medicine, wisdom, fertility

Who are you O Morrigan?
What face in modern times?

Your face shows now its fullness
Not mere War but quiet strength

You gird your women to take their place
A tide of matriarchy

Cleanse time, cleanse space
Bring balance to our human race


Morrigan by Laura Cameron

Hail the Great Morrigan!
Allow those silently named to listen
and hear your voice above the chaos.
Let justice and the light of truth prevail.
Bring peace to their hearts and minds
and understanding of how to heal.
Give them the strength and courage to go on,
to connect to the spark within
that guides and sustains them on their journey.

So Mote it Be!



Mighty Dragons please lend, to those silently named,
your wisdom, strength and love
so that they might see the light and know
there is always hope and always another choice.
The darkness will lift.

So Mote It Be!




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