Another Beautiful Dragon’s Eye

10428476_10152449675948908_1786514612633326189_n“Water Dragon” & “Protector of the Golden Realm” glass pendants by Marcel Rensmaag

MR-Golden-Blue(Photos by M.Rensmaag)

24th June 2014

I saw the two Dragon eye pendants shown above (beautifully handcrafted by Marcel Rensmaag) almost 2 weeks ago but couldn’t decide which one I liked the best. For a brief moment I considered buying both but then thought maybe that wasn’t the way to go.  If I bought one it would be my second Dragon eye pendant made by Marcel …I wrote about my first Dragon’s Eye pendant here.  I was sort of leaning towards the golden one but still not certain — other family members said they liked the blue/green one best — so I decided to leave it up to the Dragons to decide if I was meant to have one at all and if so, to choose the right one for me.

Well, today I saw on Facebook that my friend Adriana had just received the blue/green one, so now with only the Golden Dragon left I quickly messaged Marcel to see if it was still available …and it was! Woohoo!!! …a “topaz” coloured dragon for Topaz Drachen …YAY! Now I wait for it to arrive. 🙂

10413347_10152448361493908_8577932740693802423_n“Protector of the Golden Realm” …coming to live with me very soon in Sydney, Australia! 🙂

When I shared Marcel’s photos on my Facebook page Adriana commented, “As soon as I saw them I knew the blue/green was mine! …and yesterday when I got it I was wondering if he sold the gold one! I’m glad you got it. :)” So, it looks like I was meant to have the Golden Dragon after all. I’m also very pleased that it is Adriana who has its “sibling”, the Water Dragon. 🙂

10446724_10152448361468908_4584625616029446819_n“Water Dragon” born in the Netherlands and now living in Florida, USA

I can’t wait for my new “Protector of the Golden Realm” Dragon’s eye pendant to arrive! …hopefully by the end of next week. 😀


4th July 2014

Woohoo!!! …my beautiful golden Dragon’s eye arrived today! 🙂 Naturally I love this one too! It has a “lighter” energy lurking within than my other Dragon’s eye. This one feels more “elemental” (as in nature spirits of air, fire, water, earth) — quite airy in fact —  images of flying high over mountain tops, through light fluffy clouds and the feel of the wind under my wings comes to mind when I look at this eye. It feels “playful” and I get the impression of a feminine energy within.

I made a beaded necklace for my first Dragon’s eye (see here) but after playing around with various styles of beads in my collection as well as different silver chains I decided this Dragons’ eye looked best on a simple black leather necklace.

Below are some photos I took of “her” out in my garden now she’s come to live with me. 🙂





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