A heartfelt thank you…

…to the Dragons, the Morrigan and Hecate for the protection and safe return of a friend’s much loved canine friend who was missing for nearly 3 days …for assistance and partnership in spellwork to help make it happen …and for prayers answered.


Dragons of East before me
Dragons of West behind me
Dragons of North to the left of me
Dragons of South to the right of me
Dragons of Light above me
Dragons of Darkness below me
Great Dragon of Spirit within me.
Mighty Dragons, I thank thee!


Hail Hecate!
Goddess of the Crossroads,
Protector of those who might stray,
Goddess of the Wild Places,
Lady of the Dogs.
I give thanks
that by the Light of Your Torch
the little one lost was seen in the night
to be sought in the day then found
and guided to safety once more.
Hail Hecate!


Hail the Morrigan!
Goddess of Death and Change
Keeper of Sacred Laws and Defender of Truth
Queen of the Night!
Thank you for weaving your magic,
for wielding the sword of freedom
allowing the the little one to escape
unlawful captivity and those who would do her harm,
for giving her the strength and courage
to confront all challenges in the battle to be free
so that even against overwhelming odds
she could be returned safely to her home.
Hail the Great Morrigan!