Meditative insight …and confusion


During a meditation last night, which was part of a ritual hosted by my Dark Moon Group, I received an interesting insight about the nature of Dragons and Draconic energy that I’ve not consciously thought about before.

The God and Goddess evoked in this ritual were Apollo and Diana and the ritual meditation took us to meet these 2 deities to learn what they might have to teach each of us about our individual lives or circumstances. Somewhere along the way I lost track of them and drifted off somewhere else.

Dragons suddenly popped into my mind and told me that all gods and goddesses are Dragons and all Dragons are gods or goddesses. In fact all deities are manifestations of Draconic energy which is the essence of everything and at the heart of everything. As an aid to human understanding the human characteristics and forms of the gods/goddesses were taken on by Dragons  to put the conveyance of certain knowledge and actions in a form that people could relate to — anthropomorphism in reverse. Then again, if Draconic energy is at the heart of everything, doesn’t that mean that we humans are made of the same stuff?  If so, why do we feel we are separate from the Draconic stream? What happened? I’m confused.

Not sure exactly where this blog and train of thought was going, or even if it makes any sense, but just thought I’d put it out there. 🙂

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