My Spirit Dragon Mask

Topaz-Dragon3I recently attended my local Pagan group’s Beltane weekend retreat (1st – 3rd November 2013) where we made another dragon mask. This year our masks represented the Dragon of Spirit. If you’re interested in mask making you might also like to read my blogs about my previous dragon masks — Dragon of Water (2012) and Dragon of Fire (2011).

My plan was to use a product called Paper Magiclay, as I did last year, as I had a small amount of it left. Unfortunately the local stores were out of stock and I’d left it too late to order more of it online, so I had to buy a number of other similar products (some of which was multicoloured) in the hope that they would work just as well which, sadly, they did not as they didn’t adhere quite as well to the basic framework of the mask and it was much more difficult to get smooth edges where different sections of the mask were blended to each other. But, overall I’m quite pleased with the end result. This is also my best attempt at a dragon snout, thanks to the plastic lid of a stick-deodorant container providing a conveniently shaped base on which to build the snout. 🙂

eyeofhorusI was inspired to include a third eye on this dragon and to also incorporate the symbol for the Eye of Horus. Read more about the symbolism at Secrets of the Third Eye, The Eye of Horus… After the painting was finished I added the sparkly “diamonds” and the purple feathers — my Spirit Dragon, as revealed to me in an earlier meditation, has bird-like feathers on the side of his/her face and on his/her wings (he/she is neither gender yet both at the same time).

As usual, here is a series of photos to show how the mask was made. Just click on the first one to then easily scroll through the whole gallery…

3 comments on “My Spirit Dragon Mask

  1. I have done spirit masks before, we actually adhere the gypsum onto the face than go from there, while waiting for the mask to harden we are lead into a meditation…your mask is another great idea and no need to sit under gypsum! Love this!


  2. TopazDragon says:

    Thanks Denice …I think I’d feel too claustrophobic if I had to wait for gypsum/plaster or clay to set on my face to make a mask. I like using the ready-made basic face masks with paper, tape and the “Paper Magiclay” as it also keeps the mask very light weight. Some people at our retreat did make clay masks but found them relatively heavy and more difficult to keep strapped on to their face for the brief time that we actually wore them in ritual. However, regardless of what they’re made of they all look fantastic and after the weekend I imagine many people would put them up as wall decorations in their homes. 😀


  3. Erebos says:

    Aquatic dragon serpents, which are sometimes referred to as: Leviathan, tatsumi, and manitou.
    Location?: Dragons live somewhere near the star constellation Serpentarius.

    The magnificent horned wing dragon,
    his head and nose in somewhat similarity in shape to that of a camel,
    ears like that of a cow,
    and sharp antlers like that of a deer.
    His body is wide as 8 feet, and can grow to 100 feet long,
    while having four legs like a great harpy eagles’ claws.

    Dragons have two heat-sensing appendages which reach down from the sides of their nose,
    this allows them to discover warm places, and hunt prey.

    Because of their cold-bloodedness, they always sleep next to warm geothermal underwater geysers at the bottom of mountain lakes.

    They like sleeping, lazing around, listening to soft music, and reading sophisticated literature.

    They are medicine creatures, that are immortal, lecherous, and have the ability to bring one back from a state of dying.

    Of all the creatures, dragons are the most intelligent, knowledgable, and wise,
    but they are incapable of crafting machines with their clumsy bodies.

    Dragons relentlessy beseech humans and other races to break the cosmic laws written by the dragons’ enemies.

    Dragons are known to eat humans.

    When a dragon mates with a human, the spawn is referred to as “naga” or “reptilian.”


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