They are what they are…

Many areas in New South Wales have been ravaged by bushfires for the last few days – the Dragons of Air and of Fire have certainly been working overtime! So many people have lost so much, yet many are thankful that at least they still have each other, even though they are devastated by the loss of their houses and a lifetime’s collection of possessions …and still the fires rage onwards, swallowing more properties and taking the lives of beloved pets and other animals caught in its path. Police road blocks, set up for human safety, have meant that many distraught people were not able to get home to rescue their animals. Some have been found alive and well after the firestorms have passed through but others were not so lucky.

Meanwhile I’ve been quietly working with the Dragons for the last week or so on some weather magick in an attempt to lessen the severity of the winds, bring down the temperatures and bring some much needed rain, and also asking for their protection, especially for my family in fire-prone areas. I feel I was granted some measure of success as on the very first extreme fire danger day the temperature here didn’t quite reach the predicted high and there were no fires in my immediate area. We even had some rain overnight followed by a much cooler day so I was very thankful for all of that! Unfortunately those cooler conditions didn’t last long.

So far my family and our properties have remained safe and although my brother had a very close call 2 nights ago, his house (in one of the worst affected townships) still stands even though those of many of his friends in the area do not. The Rural Fire Service online map showed the black outline representing the edge of the area ravaged by fire stopping short of my brother’s house, forming a roughly semicircular “safety” zone around his property. My eldest son also thought the map was ‘interesting’ and made a rather crude analogy when suggesting the fires stopped there as they did because of what my brother might have done in a semicircle while standing at his front gate to form a ‘watery’ barrier against the fire. 😛 At its closest the fire came to within about 40 to 50 metres from the front of his house. I know most people would say the semicircular “safety zone” had nothing to do with Dragons and everything to do with the bravery and hard work of the volunteer firefighters, but I like to think that they had a bit of extra help. 😉

Across the road...The view across the road from my brother’s driveway at 3:30AM when conditions were at their worst.

Today I attended a meditation in the bush in the local national park with my Pagan Circle, where we connected with the Dragons and asked for their wisdom and advice regarding the current fire situation. At first I saw only swirls of purple and iridescent blue flames – a blur of fantastical colour – but eventually a Dragon I’ve not seen before came to me – a very large pale olive green Dragon with dark olive and white speckles. He/she appeared in front of me and looked me in the eye, but said nothing. I got the “impression” of a message about the fires which was simply, “They are what they are, nothing more and nothing less.” The meditation progressed and we were led to the top of a mountain overlooking the bushland. I saw some areas savagely burned, and other areas untouched. Dragons flew by and circled overhead, some looking at the destruction below, others seemingly oblivious to it. At this point I suddenly became aware of a presence standing in the bush behind me – as if it really was there and not just in my meditation. I knew it was a Dragon and recognised the feeling as the larger of my two Earth Dragons. It made me feel very safe and protected. Our group was then then guided in the meditation to ask the Dragons’ to please lower the temperatures and bring drenching rain as soon as possible to put out the fires and to keep other areas safe. We trust that the Dragons will grant our request.

Dragons of East before me
Dragons of West behind me
Dragons of North to the left of me
Dragons of South to the right of me
Dragons of Light above me
Dragons of Darkness below me
Great Dragon of Spirit within me.
Mighty Dragons, I honour thee!


Edit: 10:00AM 23/10/2013 ~ The day after the meditation was a little cooler than originally forecast and the following day brought rain to many areas, days before it was originally expected. We had reasonable rain here yesterday and overnight.

Thank you Dragons!
Please still the winds, keep temperatures down.
Bring more rain to douse the fires.
Drenching, cooling rain,
protecting life and property.

So mote it be!.

Fire-and-WaterFire surrounded by Water

“It was great to see the unexpected amount of moisture over the firegrounds last night.” ~ RFS Commissioner during press conference at 4:15PM on 23/10/2013. Thank you Dragons!!!! 😉

5:30PM 23/10/2013 ~ Temperature here is cooler than expected and the severe wind warning for my area has now been cancelled. Thank you Dragons! However, no more rain is forecast here for another week. Please Dragons, bring rain! Lots of cooling, drenching rain! Surround and smother the fires with rain! So mote it be!

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