Re-organisation is complete!

Finally I’ve finished re-organising this website/blog, and hopefully it’ll be easier to find articles on various topics now …although I did have a hard time deciding what the categories would be and which category to put some things in, so some posts and pages are (or could have been) listed in two categories. Until trying to re-organise all the pages and posts I didn’t realise just how much stuff was here!

The Book of Dragon provides an overall view of everything on the site. It is divided into 2 main categories — the non-magickal and the magickal — with each of those having a number of subcategories — the brown headings in bold-type — which are also shown in the main menu to the right. These subcategories have links to individual articles/posts/pages listed underneath. Each of these main subcategories also has their own page which, in addition to the list of articles/posts/pages, shows brief descriptions of each article/post/page …hope that makes sense.

Anyway, the best way to understand what I’m rambling on about is to click the links in the menu and the BOD and see where they lead you. 😀

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