I awoke this morning to find a “Farewell” email explaining that the online Dragon Magick community I had been part of for the last 3 years has suddenly been shut down, along with another Pagan community discussion website run by the same person. My first reaction was WTF?!?!? 😡

The New Dawn Dragon Magick Clan (TND) and the Alchemist’s Passage (AP) are no more. 😦 I know there had been a few “issues” behind the scenes with differing opinions on how the TND site should be run and what the overall focus and ideals were, which led to one of the founding members leaving a couple of weeks ago, but $&!%!!! …shutting it all down was a bit drastic! After all the hard work and dedication put in by many different members of the TND site, especially by the Council, surely the remaining administrator could have asked for help, or offered to hand over the administration of the site to someone else rather than resorting to the drastic and hasty measure of shutting it down! I guess some people just don’t see online communities as being “real” and think it’s ok to pull the rug out from under 140+ other people. Feeling upset as I do I could go on and on, whinging, bitching and casting aspersions left, right and centre, but I won’t bother. I’m sure the reasoning behind this shock move made perfect sense at the time or seemed like the only course of action …but, really???? I’ve now, regretfully, removed all the images and links to TND and AP that I proudly displayed on this website. 😥

However, this cloud does have a silver lining as not all change is bad …as a certain person said to me recently. 😉 From the ashes of TND a new clan is arising — Drachen Magie Vermachtnis Clan — an earlier incarnation of which was the original parent of TND, way back when…  At the moment it’s just a Facebook page and the basic beginnings of a website, but it will grow …and life goes on. 😀

Edit: 6 months later — Changes, continued…


6 comments on “Changes…

  1. LOL was quite the shock, damn near shot the computer lol


  2. Giff says:

    It is quite sad that TND shut down, as I had only recently joined and was looking forward to discussion there. 😦


  3. Seraphiel says:

    Topaz! 😉 Sad to hear about TND (slightly late on the news), yet it is what it is. I’m having no luck with the dmv ucoz site also, is there anything that remains?


    • TopazDragon says:

      Hi Seraphiel! 😀 Unfortunately it seems quite a few people are having trouble with accessing the uCoz site, which is a shame after all the hard work we’ve put into building it. 😦 Just curious to know you actually see when you go to as I’ve never had any problems with accessing uCoz at all.

      Draggy (aka Andern Drachen) has registered the domain name and was going to arrange paid hosting and set up a new CMS (probably Drupal as it has all the features we need) and then we’d go through the tedious process of transferring all the info from the uCoz site onto the new site, which would then hopefully be our new forever home. I guess Draggy’s been too busy with work and other ‘real life’ stuff as nothing has happened yet …oh well, all in good time …I hope. 😉 In the meantime we do have the Facebook page but nothing much happens on that either (Draggy is the only Admin there) and we also have a secret/closed Facebook group. Friend me on FB and PM me so I know who you are (I assume you’re under a different name on FB?) and I can add you to the FB group. At least that way we can all keep in contact while we wait for a new website to get underway.

      Topaz 🙂


  4. Seraphiel says:

    Slightly late to reply! lol
    Thanks for the update, site seems to be working now. I’ll look more into it in the new year, just thought I’d say thanks for the update even though I forgot all about it till now.
    Cheers Topaz and happy holidays!



  5. TopazDragon says:

    You’re welcome Seraph, and happy holidays to you too! 😀 A lot has happened since my last comment here and we now have the new site up and running. More info about how this came to pass is at Changes, continued…

    Dragon Blessings,
    Topaz 🙂


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