Messages from the Dragon Realm


25th March 2013

This afternoon I randomly Googled a few search terms for info about Dragons, as I sometimes do. I came across a website called Cosmic Consciousness Online at:

…which contained some interesting information presented as a video here. Near the beginning of this video the speaker introduced another website for a book about Dragons:

…which is in need of funding and therefore the editor is asking for pre-orders to help pay for the publication of this new book.

I decided that I’d share the link to the website via a blog here but “life” intervened and I had to leave my computer before I had a chance to write anything about it. I came back to it a couple of hours later, intending to write this blog, and had another look at the website for Messages from the Dragon Realm and decided to click on their Facebook “Like” link for their webpage. I then noticed I had a Facebook notification so I checked that and to my surprise, I found that about an hour before I had liked the Messages from the Dragon Realm page the editor of the book, Russell Chen, had left a message on my Dragonswood FB page asking if I would be interested in sharing his website with my readers. Wow! …talk about a TZM! (Twilight Zone Moment, lol) I guess the Dragons really want this book to be published and were prompting me to get on with posting the link! 😀

Please read through all the information on the Messages from the Dragon Realm website (including the info about their recent failed IndieGoGo crowd funding attempt) to decide if you are willing to pre-order a copy of the book, and if so, click on the “Pre-order” link at the top right of that site.

Well, I’ve done my bit by posting the link here to help spread the word, and it seems I’m the first to have pre-ordered via their website 😀 so now I just have to trust that enough others (at least 1000 people) are willing to pay $60 each to allow this project to go ahead so that hopefully we’ll all eventually receive a beautifully illustrated “coffee table” version of the book. 😀

MessagesFromTheDragonRealms4UPDATE: 8th October 2013

Facebook Messages from the Dragon Realm

Me: “Hi Russell, any news on the progress of the book? I see the preorders on the website total only $620 and this FB page hasn’t been updated after 6 months so I was just wondering what’s going to happen.” 😀  (6th October)

Russell Chen: “Hi Topaz, I’m at the initial stages of discussion with a literary agent to help pitch the book to several mainstream houses. It’ll be a slow process on the publishing journey though. Wish me luck!” (8th October)

Me: Good luck! …very much looking forward to this book! 😀 (8th October)

UPDATE: 23rd May 2014

The only action on the Facebook page since my message above is a New Year’s greeting on January 2nd and a spam message about learning Japanese. 😦 At least the main website shows that one more person has pre-ordered a book as the amount of money raised has risen from $620 to $680 …slow progress :::sigh:::

UPDATE: 24th October 2014

I’ve written another blog about this book and linked to an interview with Russell Chen about it HERE. 😀

UPDATE: 4th October 2016

Still hoping to see this book happen, I added a post to my Topaz Drachen Facebook page about it so it would be also shared on the book’s FB page in the “Visitor Posts” section. I’d also added a couple of other replies to older comment threads on the book’s FB page but I’ll only copy my main message and the relevant replies here. 😀

Topaz Drachen: “Just sharing this here to hopefully spark some action on a Facebook page that hasn’t been touched for 2 years and a project that appears to have been abandoned. I came across the Messages from the Dragon Realm website – – over 3 years ago and wrote about it on my Dragon Dreaming blog in 2013 (and again in 2014) plus I pre-ordered the book in the hope that it would someday be published. So far it hasn’t happened. 😥 Even an ebook would be better than nothing at all, though for my $60 I would rather have a real book to hold and enjoy, but anything is better than nothing! Pleeeeease, please, please Dragons help this book get published! 😀 “

Messages from the Dragon Realm: “My apologies for the lack of updates and to those who have been waiting patiently for what seems like ages to see this book come to life. While the project may appear to have been abandoned as suggested by some comments, I’d like to reassure everyone that nothing could be further from the truth. Obviously it would not be difficult to release an ebook version as soon as next week without the artwork, but this would not be consistent with the spirit of the book as it was intended to be.

There have been consistent information of a similar theme with regards to the nature of the delay from various dragons which I’m not ready to share at this moment. Suffice to say, it is not artwork related. On a brighter note, they have promised to step in to infuse a little bit of their magic when the time is ripe to help speed things along.

So the plan now is to have the book illustrated in black and white which will drastically lower the original cost we were aiming for by two thirds. There is no specific schedule as yet, since the bulk of the illustration cost will be self funded. I realize this will pose a bit of a dilemma for some of the contributors who will have to put up with further delays. If anyone would like to request a refund, please drop me a private message and I’d be happy to arrange it.

A big thanks to all those who are helping us on our journey. We can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and look forward to posting further updates.” (6th October)

Topaz Drachen: “Wonderful to hear that the project hasn’t been abandoned!! 🙂

I really think it would help a lot if you copied your reply here as a status update to the main part of your FB page so that visitors to your page will see a recent update rather than one posted 2 years ago, as most people coming to the page for the first time probably don’t bother to read the “Visitor Posts” section with all its replies and therefore wouldn’t see this information.

Maybe a new title and message put on the Pre-order page on your main website would be helpful too, perhaps with a 2016 date included and removing the part about the $60,000.00 needed. I know the $680 raised so far doesn’t pay for very much but if interested people who’ve maybe been checking the Pre-order page every so often were to see an updated message it may inspire enough confidence for some people to make a small donation …one can always hope! 🙂 And if the amount does rise, even if only by $10 each time, that does at least show some progress and more people might donate or pre-order …just a thought. 🙂

I’m still very much looking forward to eventually seeing this book so I won’t be asking for a refund, but thanks for letting me know that option exists. In the meantime please try to post something to your FB page every couple of months or whatever, just so your contributors know that this project is still ongoing, and maybe more will come. 😀 ” (6th October)

Woohoo!!!! It’s still happening! 😀 ❤ I guess the Dragons work on a different time scale and we just have to be patient.

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