The Dragon Way

Going through strange times at the moment with all the hype about 21st December 2012 (which is tomorrow) so of course I’ve been browsing the internet looking for “interesting stuff” about Dragons. I can’t remember the exact sequence of search terms or which links I followed to another and another but I eventually came across a website called The Dragon Mystery School. They have a book called “The Dragon Way: Opening the Door to Spiritual Mastery Book One – The Preparation” by Jean Eilerman and Christin Kostoff, which looked interesting, so I decided to buy it. I probably buy way too many books — I still have many waiting to be read — but I figured one more couldn’t hurt. 😉 Here’s a small excerpt from the introduction…

dragon_way_book_coverThe Dragons told us that they are Spiritual Masters who, like the Angels, were given a specific mission. Their mission has to do with energy. They know about embodied energy and that the destiny of all energy is to awaken to reach its goal, union with the Divine or Enlightenment. They are aware that all forms of creation are energy that move toward awakening. Once the energy of any form of creation is awakened, it begins to move in its naturally and Divinely-ordained path.

The pattern that energy takes in the embodied universe resembles the physical form of the Dragon (and its related forms of serpent and snake.) That pattern is a serpentine/spiral one. If we look at the cosmos with its spiral galaxies or at the shape of the brain, we see the pattern clearly.

The spiral pattern of energy also represents the cyclical nature of embodied life. For example, the cycle of life in the universe involves birth, maturity, death, new life. We also live in the spiral cycles of nature like night and day or the changing of the seasons.

The Dragons are eminently suited to teach us about this path to enlightenment because they are the Masters of the embodied energy that we are.

When we look back through history, we see that all early cultures throughout the world made reference to Dragons and respected their power and place. However, in the West, Dragons were spoken of as fantasy creatures who represented evil. This was because Dragons taught about embodied life and stressed inner wisdom and the sacredness of creation. These were arenas that the patriarchy associated with the “feminine.” When these “feminine” teachings and beliefs began to threaten the patriarchal structures and authority, persecution began. “Feminine” power and knowledge, and all things associated with them, were labeled as evil and oppressed.

You can also download a 12 page PDF and Read a FREE excerpt of the book.

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