Confusing Musing


The clear fountain is there, at the top of my head, infinity accessed through random impulse. Go with the flow, let the connection begin and remain as long as possible. No thinking, only feeling. Follow the lead and trust. Obtain that which is unattainable, logic doesn’t apply, only trust and “knowing” …a fleeting glimpse of the future that is now, yet past already. Are “they” real, sentient and separate entities …personified, anthropomorphized? Or are “they” me, tapping into the primal flow of information that is there, always available for everyone if they only knew how? Perhaps talking to “them” and asking for “their” assistance is my mental cue to connect to the flow, to open to the earth, the universe …to experience apparent miracles and synchronicity that surely must originate from something far greater than mortal man? Perhaps “they” do not exist? But I think they do. At least that is what I choose to hold onto …feeling, experiencing, but not knowing. Are they what I make them, or am I what they make me? Go with the flow, the flashes of insight, the apparent randomness that all comes together to create a neverending stream of thoughts and ideas. They are immortal, they are me, I am them, we are one. Go with the flow. Crystal thoughts, precious yet fragile shards splintering off into oblivion …creating a multitude of clear fountains flowing from the one and into the one …a neverending ouroboros of thoughts and dreams that never were yet always will be. Go with the flow and trust …be open, listening with the heart and seeing with the inner eye what is really there. Be one with the Dragon.

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2 comments on “Confusing Musing

  1. hiramash says:

    Great, great vision…Did you use any “specific tool” to experiment such a feeling of oneness ?
    It reminds me of a similar psychic state just after “Draco’s enlightening” 🙂


    • TopazDragon says:

      Thank you, and no I didn’t use anything other than just “going with the flow”. I had a few thoughts and ideas mulling around in my mind so I just sat at the keyboard and let the words flow, trying not to “think” too hard about what I was typing, until I felt it was “done” then I went through it and tidied up some grammar and punctuation to make it more readable. Sometimes this method works for me, other times not so much, but it is an interesting exercise for anyone to try. 😀


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