A Dragon Awakening

(For more background information regarding the following meditation experience please read my previous post.)

I used the dowsing rods to determine where the grid lines ran through our meditation space, then we all placed our crystals along a small section of those grid lines in the centre of our circle to enhance the energy.

Our ritual started with the casting of a circle together and calling on the Dragons, each in our own way and speaking whatever came from our hearts.  We then engaged in some toning (the elongation of a note or tone using breath and voice) until we all intuitively and unanimously felt the time was right to stop. The different harmonics that occurred during this process and the buzzing energy produced was quite intense and amazing! There was quite a bit more detail involved in this ritual than the process briefly described here, but it’s best not to share everything online …the Dragons prefer it that way. 😉

As we began to meditate I saw, in my mind’s eye, the dark silhouettes of many dragons forming a protective circle around us with the wings of each dragon overlapping the wings of the next dragon and their collective energy extending above and below us, forming an impenetrable spherical shield all around. I felt very protected.

My personal dragons of the elements were also present: “Aggie” in east/air, “Sam” in north/fire, “Ellie” & “Gale” in west/water, “Robin” & “Horace” in earth/south, “Dory” above/light and “Stan” below/darkness. The room was feeling a little chilly so “Sam” let loose a huge fireball into the centre of the circle making it much warmer and more comfortable.

Very soon I found myself flying high over mountains and trees, looking down on the landscape below from my perch on the back of a mighty silver/grey dragon. I became aware of the dragon’s wings taking on a slightly purple hue, and with this colour change I miraculously became the dragon, gliding with my wings outstretched.

Eventually I became my human self again, floating with outstretched limbs in a dark void-like space. From my right a huge metallic purple coloured dragon appeared, its lines rather elongated and delicate. The purple sheen of its scales also showed iridescent turquoise blue highlights, and it was only then that I noticed the scales looked more like metallic feathers than reptilian scales. The dragon’s eyes looked at me with an intensity that was alive with ultraviolet and indigo coloured flames surrounding the black slit-shaped pupils. The dragon was breathtakingly beautiful as I watched it gracefully soar and swoop above and around me.

Suddenly the dragon flew even higher then looped over and flew vertically downwards like a spear and headed straight for me. It entered my crown chakra nose first, with its wings tucked by its sides, then flew down my spinal column through all my other chakras. When it reached my base chakra it split into two dragons. A female silver dragon flew down through the inside of my left leg and out the bottom of my foot while a male purple dragon flew through my right leg and emerged through my right foot. Then both dragons looped back up towards me, entered my base chakra and spiraled back and forth around each other in a double helix as they flew up my spine, forming a vortex of colour around me, before bursting out of the top of my head in an explosion of overwhelming colour.

The multitude of colours — which transformed to mainly purple, indigo and turquoise with silvery white flashes — felt empowering! The energy was buzzing and electric! As they/it/he/she burst out of the top of my head the dragon told me its name (which of course I can’t share here) and it also told me that it was a Dragon of Spirit. Actually, this dragon has two names, one for each aspect, which go together to form the one name. I can reveal that its nickname is “Teke”. I now have quite a menagerie of dragons who have chosen to grace me with their presence and personal protection and guidance …feels good to be so loved. 😉

Soon we were being called out of the meditation, stretching our arms and legs and moving a little to help us “come back”. As I held my arms outstretched I could feel and “see” large wings attached to them, made of blue/purple/indigo dragon feathers.  I normally wouldn’t think of dragons having feathers, but even so, I knew these were dragon wings. I moved them back and forth a little, to feel the movement of air against them, then slowly they faded away as I returned to the mundane surroundings of the room more fully.

As usual we had a group discussion about our various meditation experiences and, also as usual, there were many synchronicities, even though this meditation was not guided and we were all free to go wherever our minds and our dragons took us. Some people also remarked on how the ritual space got quite warm, in spite of the room being rather chilly beforehand. Thank you “Sam”. 😀 The whole ritual experience was very intense and empowering for everyone involved.

7 comments on “A Dragon Awakening

  1. Hiramash says:


    Being a regular reader of your blog, I have been impressed by your present Draconic article.
    My own personal she-dragon pushed me through to ask you more “details” on your experiment, if you did not mind…
    If I gave you one of my personal email, would you contact me to have a talk onto this experiment ?


  2. That sounded like an awsome ritual! Thanx for sharing.

    ps….sometimes i really hate coming back from wherever, and it takes a while for me to accept my “human” form again, as if it feels wrong, and parts of my anatomy are missing. Any suggestions on an easier transition?


    • TopazDragon says:

      I know what you mean about not wanting to come back. The only thing I can suggest to help your transition is maybe have something to eat and drink straight afterwards as that will help you to ground yourself. Other than that, I don’t really know. 🙂


  3. Amanda says:


    I was writing because I cannot find another place to e-mail to ask for reproductive permission to use the Chakra picture I found on this blog. Could you please e-mail me back for further details on where I’m hoping to be able to use it.




    • TopazDragon says:

      Hi Amanda, thanks for asking but I am not the owner/creator of this image which appears on a multitude of websites. I’ve sent an email to you with link to a Google search showing this. 🙂


  4. Mahuida says:

    Very Nice dear Dragon,

    very interesting

    I am a montain Dragon friend

    please to meet you

    ys, mahuida


  5. Star Dragon says:

    My dad didn’t believe me when I said I had a personal dragon…. I should just find all of you guys and tell you to bring your dragons along.. see how much he believes me then…………………

    Liked by 1 person

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