A Dream of Dragons

Last night I had a dream about seeing real dragons flying high over my house. It was so exciting! In the dream I was outside in the driveway with my youngest son and we were packing stuff into the back of the car to go somewhere. I suddenly looked up as I became aware of movement in the sky and saw a green/grey dragon with darker coloured wings doing rolls and dives right above my house. It flew almost vertically, then curled over and tucked its wings in to dive down again, then slowed and levelled its descent by stretching out its wings and gliding around in large, sweeping circles. The dragon probably had a wingspan of about 4 to 5 metres …it wasn’t huge by dragon standards but it was certainly larger than any bird! My son was still busy chatting to me and hadn’t noticed the dragon but I told him to be quiet and pointed upward so he could see it too.

While the dragon was circling overhead another dragon appeared nearby. This one was very slightly smaller and had a black body with shimmering transparent wings, although the bone structure of the wings stood out clearly as a black silhouette against the bright sky. My son and I both stared up at the dragons, “gob-smacked”, as they swooped and glided around each other. This lasted for only a minute or so, but it seemed much longer, before the black dragon flew upwards and disappeared from view. Then a strange thing happened — as if this wasn’t already strange enough! The green/grey dragon flew closer to my house and as it did so it became much smaller, less dragon-like in its appearance and transformed into a large wingless, chameleon-like lizard which somehow stayed suspended in the air, as if to give me a clearer view of it, before it too simply vanished.

The dream was so intense and I remember the feeling of elation when I looked up and saw the dragons, knowing that they are real and they were showing themselves to both me and my youngest son to prove it! Perhaps the one that changed into a chameleon was giving me a message too, about hiding in plain sight? Hmm… many things to ponder upon. 😀

4 comments on “A Dream of Dragons

  1. hiramash says:

    Great vision, completely coherent with the dragon’s nests idea. A friend of mine told me once that dragons could build their nest just above houses, in the air… 🙂

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  2. Oh! I loved the intensity and excitement while reading about your dream.

    It is so funny this morning, before I saw your post, I thought that I really needed to write a poem or finish the story I started last summer (I believe) about a dragon and a girl.

    Ariel has gone into a dragon drawing marathon again and it has had me wanting to think upon dragons. Maybe I should get busy writing about that dragon. 🙂

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  3. TopazDragon says:

    Yep, definitely sounds like you should finish that dragon story! Love to read it when it’s finished. 😀


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