Glastonbury Dragon

Randomly browsing the internet late at night can turn up some interesting finds, such as this photo of a dragon taken at Glastonbury. It is from and the information supplied with the photo is:

This photo of a dragon was was taken by Andrew Gilham over Glastonbury – where Avalon used to be – after he saw its silent shadow pass across the road.

Dragon above Glastonbury ~ photo by Andrew Gilham (Click image to enlarge)

Dragon above Glastonbury ~ photo by Andrew Gilham (Click image to enlarge)

I have no idea as to the authenticity of this photo, or when it was taken, but if it’s genuine and the photographer thought it was a dragon I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it. Of course there is always the possibility that he was mistaken and it’s just a photo of a raven or other large black bird in mid-glide, but I like the dragon scenario better, so I’ll stick with that. 😀

A friend once told me she had seen a dragon flying high in the sky and the experience left her feeling quite shaken and overwhelmed, but also very happy and excited. She said that at first she thought that maybe it was a bird or a bat, but something didn’t look quite right. She then realised that it was at a substantially higher altitude and therefore much, much larger than any bird or bat, and it had a long tail. It swooped and rolled then suddenly turned and flew almost vertically at high speed and disappeared, looking as if it had flown through a portal to another dimension which slammed shut behind it. I wonder if it looked anything like the one in the photo above?

I’d love to see a dragon like that too!

2 comments on “Glastonbury Dragon

  1. Takeshi says:

    I remember one night I couldn’t go to sleep, at all. At 10:27p.m. I heard a load roar. It got me really excited, but in a good way; the next day I told my friends about it, one of them said that they heard it, too. The weird thing is, when I had woken up I saw that it started snowing. Note, that I heard this in May! It was a really cool thing to hear. 🙂
    The weirdest part of it was that it actually snowed in May. After that I had this weird dream where a female voice was talking to me, but all I saw was plain white. I don’t remember anything she said, though. I really wish I did, and hope I will one day. 😀

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  2. Susan says:

    Might have been a buzzard


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