The Dragon’s Maw

by James Lloyd George

Behold the shifting guise of our Queen!
Yews twist and turn to trace where she’s been.
for none can unravel her way in the night;
now by the road, now in the blight.

She stands on the tombs of the glorious dead.
Fearsome Devourer; blood for her bread.
All shall embrace mortality’s kiss
from her blood-stained lips that span the Abyss.

Descend! O descend, through the Dragon’s jaw.
Sweet, sensuous fangs sink in evermore.
The Witching Hour stirs a cauldron of bone;
rose-crested skulls engraved by our Crone.

Serpentine soil engulfs muddied tears.
I wake from my dream to suckle my fears.
Mystery of Mysteries turns in the earth;
unhinges my soul from its frivolous mirth.

Hekate! Hekate! Your eyes lay me bare;
peels away cracks in my skin as I tear.
Dismember my comatose limbs in your tomb.
Plant my surrendered soul in your womb.

They fear her – those blind to the Mysteries,
yet witches and strega have loved her for centuries.
She leads me unto beauty’s decay.
Now ever I dance on the Strega’s Way!

Copyright © 2011 James Lloyd George
Published in “Dragon Dreaming” with kind permission of James Lloyd George.
About James: Freelance artist & writer from Suffolk, United Kingdom. Lover, devotee and Wordsmith of the Sacred Feminine Mystique. Walker between Worlds of the living and the dead. Wading in the Hekatean Current of the Primordial Witch-flame. Sleeping with the Dragon and the Dark Rose. See more of his poetry at Wounded Healer and on his Facebook page and view his Artwork Portfolio.
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