Evoking The Dragon’s Flame

by James Lloyd George

Three Woulds into the cauldron go, but, this, the wise remembers:
First the Dragon’s Breath evoke – the spell is in the embers!
The first of Woulds to taste her flames is: “I would love her Mysteries!”
To let my witch-blood dance with those who shared her troubled histories.

The second Would to join the first is: “I would love her names!”
To hear my lips espousing passions of poets who lit her flames.
The final Would to make them three is: “I would love her kin!”
To bless the mortals, nymphs and fey; and all who love our Queen.

A quickening blaze! A sensual feast! See the Woulds impassioned!
Behold the Dragon’s tongue at work to weave the words I’ve fashioned!
Flaming roar devouring all that holds me to my weakness.
Phoenix-blood aglow and dancing; embers, raw and fearless!

Desire rich with ecstasy, now draws me closer still;
I step into the Dragon’s maw and harken to her will.
Untouched by fear, I lay me down, upon the vital embers
while metamorphosis of old, prompts my soul: “Remember!”

“If thou wouldst love my Mysteries, my Sacred Names and Kin;
thy soul must pierce the Veil of Death to hear my summoning!
Now gather, child, unto my fires, imbibed with cunning stealth;
and know my Sacred Mysteries resides within thyself!

Written by James Lloyd George ~ 13th August, 2012 ~ in Honour of Her Day
Copyright © 2012 James Lloyd George
Published in “Dragon Dreaming” with kind permission of James Lloyd George.
About James: Freelance artist & writer from Suffolk, United Kingdom. Lover, devotee and Wordsmith of the Sacred Feminine Mystique. Walker between Worlds of the living and the dead. Wading in the Hekatean Current of the Primordial Witch-flame. Sleeping with the Dragon and the Dark Rose. See more of his poetry at Wounded Healer and on his Facebook page and view his Artwork Portfolio. He also has a new website called The Dark Rose & the Serpent.