A Dragon’s Tale

By Michelle Gardner

I can tell you a tale, a myth you might say.
That speaks of why dragons, all ran away.
They learned that the man thing cannot curb his desire
To kill dragon heart – control dragon fire.
But before such a story you can absorb,
I will relay how dragons came to this orb.
The part they have played in the universal fight.
The role they adopted in the dark and now the light.
Lor is my name. I helped create earth.
Holding forgetting – to Gaia gave birth.
I came here first in time before she.
Where my heart would be lonely and my will would be free.
I lay in the space waiting to forget,
That I was loved. A thing I regret.
With tail in my mouth created a void.
Black heart of possibility, forsaken, destroyed.

Through the ages of earth, I have manifest.
Sleepy and sullen – at God’s request.
At the dawn of man-time
I was allowed
To prowl in the physical.
Silent and proud.
Man was around then but erratic and dense.
His history starts now and trails out hence.

I watched him with interest with nothing to learn.
His existence was simple.
Born to craving. Born to yearn.
Then starts his-story of blindness to light.
Of man’s self-rejection,
His symbolic plight.

I remember the first past when the energies fell.
Dark ages of man –
A vibrational hell.
Whilst fearing the reflection,
of himself in muddy air.
He labeled us demons,
A bloody affair.
“Slay him” cried the church man,
“the devil restored”
“Dragons must be murdered,”
Peaceful history ignored.
“They’ll gobble up your children,
swallow up your soul”
“Kill the dragons. Recognise their fiery satanic role.”

Bloody times ensued for us
On the physical plain.
Forsaken by our lord once more to represent your pain.

We do not expect your sympathy, or acknowl-edge-ment.
I offer a chance of empathy to indicate repent.
By shedding a tear wholesome and pure, remembered and deployed.
To release into the universe
the dragons you once destroyed.

Gaia was sent, a savior of souls.
To allow for Draco’s retreat.
The message was clear it was time to abort.
Our physical presence delete.
Dark angel she is she came in the night
And slipped into earthly core.
She rescued the dragons. Aided their plight.
Persecuted to be no more.

Her presence alone, made music of dreams.
A heavenly melody, she split the night.
Hypnotised by a sleeping spell.
All dragons on earth took flight.
While the humans snored in their dark, dark caves.
A pilgrimage we did prepare.
Flights of dragons, not slaves
To solidarity that caused their despair.

The cells of the body,
When the music ceased.
Fell to the ground as dust.
Whichever of the elements they had fallen upon
Is where they promised to rest.

“You cannot leave yet” said Gaia – new queen.
“I need you, as does the Lord”
To hold the magic an-ces-tor-al
“Trust us – t’will not be ignored”

“But for now my dear creatures,
you exist in my womb.
Magic and silent but whole.
Volcano and wind and ley lines – entombed,
By the presence of you fabled souls.
“Rest my sweet darlings
Sl-e-e-p in myth.
You’ll find it a much safer place,
With the faeries, the trolls and the nymphs.
Learn-ed in tricks on this human race.

They’ll see you some times when caught unawares
As they rest in the woods by the trickling streams,
Or stare at the lake and lose all their cares
You reach in their minds, penetrate their dreams.

But you will be safe now.
Not trapped or perused.
Dance in the energy you find
In the wind, in the sea, in the veins of the earth.
In the hearts of some human kind.

From http://www.alloya.com/texts/Beings%20Index.pdf

One comment on “A Dragon’s Tale

  1. Okay…freaking out. WAY 2 many coincidences in names, astral travel and dreams. Who wrote this!?


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