Dragon Realms – Channelled Messages

I’m intrigued by channelled messages and I found a few more to add to the collection. The 8 messages on this page are all channelled by Karen Doonan.

Dragon Realms message for 1st August 2011

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

We come to guide and support ALL across the planet earth at this time. We are the dragon realms and we come to show you our support as ALL realms work to support ALL across the planet. We have not channelled publicly through our channel before and we ask for your patience and trust as we try to put into human words how we can help and support at this time. Many of you will be familiar with our energies and understand that your language is not something that we are perfect in and that our energies and FEELings are how we work.

There are many different dragon energies and many of you may have connected to different levels of dragon energy. By that we mean that some of our kin are more adapt at conversing with humans than others. If you have connected to some of our kin who are warriors you may have found the experience very overwhelming. We have had to learn to temper our energies when first connecting with humans as many times the energies have left the human connected to overwhelmed and exhausted.

Many of you may be unaware of how we work and this is another reason for our connection to you at this time. The power of the dragon realms is immense and for some this means that connecting to a dragon energy immediately instils fear in the human. YOU have nothing to fear, any of you, we do not come here to harm humans we come to reconnect for many have worked with us for life times. We give much love and respect to all humankind for many are now awakening to the TRUTH of our existence and how we can help. We are protectors of humankind and our ability to protect and clear obstacles from the human are immense.

Many of you will be aware of the illusion and how it has bent the dragon energies for its own will. Many humans believe us the enemy and much folklore is built up around humans slaying dragons, we ask you to detach from this illusion and its teaching. We are no more out to harm humans than you are to harm those around you. Although we realise that many humans do wish harm on others, but you must realise that if this is the case they are bound in illusion.

For aeons we have been bound between the worlds, unable to come to the aide of many due to being locked between realms. Many humans have sought to clear the portals to enable us to come through to help and we send much love to these humans. It is through the actions of these humans across the planet that mankind now has a powerful energy to protect them. ALL realms stand ready to help and support ALL humans at this time and it is important that the veils are taken down and the TRUTH is revealed to ALL across the planet. Many have experienced our energies but have been unaware what it is they have experienced. We are around ALL of you who are at a vibration to connect to us. We do not usually channel in the way that other realms will channel through a human. For many perhaps this will be the first written word channelling of a dragon energy that you will have read. Many will dispute its authenticity due to this but the energies across the planet are changing and ALL humans must now begin to awaken to TRUTH.

Too many humans are in illusion. We are here to offer our energies to help you move out of illusion. We have energies that can be used for protection and support. Many call on the dragon energies at times where they need that extra boost of energy, where they feel threatened. Know that when you call on Dragon energy the appropriate Dragon will answer your call. We are FELT dear ones, for the energies of the dragon realms are strong and many humans will FEEL us near. Many are able to see the wisps of smoke that we leave as evidence that we are around you. Once more we ask the human race not to rely purely on their eyes and ears. We are around you when you FEEL and SENSE us. That is how your new world works, if you only see and hear the world using your limited range of senses as taught through illusion you will not be able to connect to us.

Many humans across the planet have been taught to fear us. We have been described as beasts that need slain and we ask you to challenge this image. Why would we be described as such to you? As our energies are so vast and so powerful why would illusion seek to have you believe that we need destroyed? We have worked with humans for life times, our role is protector of humans why would we be of danger to you?

We wish to let you understand that our energies are available at all times for ALL humans who wish to connect across the planet. We wish to break down the walls of the illusion, to allow the humans across planet earth to realise that ALL ARE ONE. We stand alongside the angelic realms, the faerie realms, the tree realms, the animal kingdom, the star systems, ALL ARE ONE. Many humans reject our energy for fear of falling off the path of TRUTH, we are here to guide that as ALL ARE ONE then ANY energy can be connected to. The illusion will teach that certain realms are more accessible than others and we are here to strongly challenge this teaching. ALL realms can be accessed by ALL.

Much fear is seeded within the human race and for many humans we will not reveal ourselves to you for this reason. We have no reason to cause more fear, dragons are not what you have been taught to believe. For many our true form would cause some distaste such is the teaching of the illusion around form and what it means. We ask that humans who connect to us allow us to show our true selves in the time frame that we believe is correct. We will always answer the call of a human, we are here to protect and to serve as ALL serve the light and the LOVE that IS. ALL walk in light , in service to ALL. We do not say this to lower who we are for in TRUTH all who are awake serve the light. Walk in service to LOVE at all times and you will be walking in TRUTH.

The changes taking place across the planet have many humans lowering vibration due to fear, we ask that when you FEEL that fear spread within that you call upon the dragon realms to help you with that FEAR. Our energies work to protect and also to clear out that which you may find no longer serves you. YOU will KNOW when to access our realms, you will FEEL us near, we wished to make contact with you at this time to quell any FEAR that YOU may have had at the depth of energy that you connect to. Know that it is impossible to misuse energy when it is directed from the heart. We work in light, for light and are of light, our energies are pure light, KNOW THIS, absorb this and call on us when you need to connect to us.

Humans have powerful light within and it is this light that you work with to reveal more TRUTH to your very BEing. We ask you to step into the light that YOU are and connect with ALL realms, for in TRUTH ALL realms are YOU. We are the dragon realms and we stand ready to protect ALL humans across the planet. Do not allow illusion to fool you into the emotion of FEAR for in TRUTH there is nothing to be in fear of. We step back now but may channel through others at different times. KNOW that YOU may connect to our energies at any time. We bid you eternal blessings and stand ready to serve in LIGHT.

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Dragon Realms message for 8th August 2011

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

We come to speak for the Dragon realms and we wish to further communicate with all across the planet that we stand ready to help and assist. Our communication and use of the human language can be limited and we acknowledge our channel in her writing of our words. Ours is a strong energy and we also acknowledge that this can hold fear within the human race as they may experience our energy and immediately begin to panic. It is to this end that we wish to communicate and to reassure that all is well.

Many humans across the planet have fallen into illusion with regard to Dragon energy and we are here to communicate with you to help you move through and out of illusion. We have never worked against mankind, there is much illusion about our role in your planets history and we communicate with you now that much of it is deliberate to keep you from the power that is the Dragon realms. At times on your human life journey there is a need to connect to an energy that is strong and protective and it is our Dragon energy that can provide this for you. Many associate us with other cultures and we ask that you detach from this illusion. The Dragon realms are here with all humans at this time to help humans to uncover the TRUTH and to lift the veils of illusion.

Many of your race have never heard of us and to them we introduce ourselves and our energies. Dragon energy can be intense, we are aware of this and if after experiencing our energies any humans find it too intense then communicate with us and we can work to balance the energies for you. Communication is a 2-way tool and we ask that you tell us if you find it uncomfortable for you, we have no wish to further illusion and the fear that it teaches. Many humans have no idea how to connect to us and we communicate to these humans that there are no rules, if you wish to experience Dragon energy then simply hold the thought in your mind and we will answer. There is nothing to fear from our realms, we stand in light and service to all of humankind at this time.

The illusion in parts of the planet is strong and many humans war with others as to the energies that we hold and the use of these energies. We wish to communicate our thanks and our love and appreciation of those humans who helped to free us from between realms so that we can once again stand shoulder to shoulder with the human race. We have a power that can cut through illusion, if you find yourself in a situation which requires protection and TRUTH unveiling then call on the Dragon realms. The appropriate Dragon will answer your call. When dealing with human emotion it may be helpful for you to call on the Water Dragons. Their powerful energies will help to shift stuck emotion and free the heart so that it may show TRUTH.

There are many ways to work with our energies and we ask that you connect to us at this time. Dragons are not the fearful creatures that illusion would have you believe, we ask that you take this information into your heart and process TRUTH. Dragons have long been misunderstood and this is deliberate to keep you separate from the TRUTH and separate from the energies that we carry. Many dragons find it difficult to communicate with humans in human language and this must be borne in mind when communicating with our realms, if the need for language is uppermost then please hold this in your thoughts when communicating and the appropriate dragon will step forward. We have many who are versed in communication with humans.

Dragons have fought to help free the human race for eons, it was for this reason that we were held between realms to prolong the illusions hold over the planet, now all realms stand shoulder to shoulder in TRUTH and light to help free the human race. That freedom is found through the heart and we wish to communicate most strongly that the TRUTH of your life experience is not found anywhere else. Many humans still refer to books and tales and we would ask the question why? Illusion abounds in these tales and history books, all illusion, all done to keep the energies apart. The only TRUTH about Dragons is to be found in your hearts, we communicate that the heart is the only way for humans to discern TRUTH as illusion begins to weaken and break down across the planet.

Much confusion will arise within you if you do not follow your heart for the mind is not capable of processing emotion. Our energies work with emotion, the intensity of our energy has to be FELT to be connected to, many who are still living from their minds try to connect and fail and so fall into the illusion of separation. ALL ARE ONE, we cannot communicate this strongly enough. All realms are now communicating with the human race to show their UNITY and their love and support, we Dragons are no different. We have the disadvantage as it were of having to hide ourselves to prevent more fear from entering the human.

Working with dragon energy will show you that there is nothing to fear, much of the fear is spread from those asleep who have not communicated with us. We may sound fearsome but we work in a different way to humans. We do not need language for language separates as many humans have found. Humans have been fed the illusion of “beauty” and have been led to believe that looks have a bearing on TRUTH, it is to this end that dragons when connected to may shun viewing by humans. We have no intention to further induce fear by revealing our outer selves on first meeting. We will reveal to humans slowly so that they may become used to us. It should be noted that many humans across the planet connect to our energies and accept us for who we are with no thoughts of fear. We note our channel and her faith and trust in us and we acknowledge her part in this message.

For those who harbour fears about our energies and our part in human history we ask you to question all that is laid before you as TRUTH. Why would we not work with you? Why do humans see so many enemies in front of them when in TRUTH there is only one? That enemy is illusion, it comes in many guises and many humans are in illusion when they state that all are separate. ALL ARE ONE, our energies are ONE, we are part of you and you are part of us. It can be no other way. UNITY is a difficult concept to understand and as a race who has experienced the illusion of separation for so long it will take some time for this TRUTH to be digested. It will not be digested whilst you are in fear and illusion. The way to digest TRUTH is to be in your hearts and we communicate that the heart is the bearer of TRUTH always.

We can help you through illusion, we can lift many layers of the veils at one time and perhaps that is what creates the fear amongst your race. That lifting of veils can be too strong from many humans to work with. If you wish us to connect to you and to help you then you have to have trust and faith in YOU. For it is the spark of TRUTH that is within YOU that leads you to your TRUTH. ALL realms stand with you, we are aware that the easiest route for many humans is that which they feel less intimidated by. That is to be expected, we wish to announce our presence and to show that humans have no reason to be intimidated by us. We protect you all at all times regardless of whether you are aware of us or not.

Once more we communicate that there is nothing to fear and the question of fear should be explored. Illusion seeks to separate we seek to unite. ALL ARE ONE. We are from the Dragon realms and we ask any human who wishes to communicate with us directly.

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Dragon Realms message for 9th August 2011

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

We are around you, we are next to you, we stand shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you. We are the Dragon realms and once more we come to guide and support EACH one of you across the planet earth. Illusion has taken hold of many humans across the planet as it steps up its teachings of fear and panic. Many realms came forward to warn of the events that have now started to take place and many humans have not absorbed the information that was given.

The Dragon realms are here to help those who wish to be protected and safe at this time, this is not safety and protection in illusions teaching which is to shut out all around and to concentrate on self, this is protection of ALL. The dramas that are unfolding in your media are designed to lower the human vibration, they are designed to grow the fear that was planted within each human and we are here to help ALL to detach from this. Use the power of the Dragon realms to unveil the levels of illusion that have you caught in its trap.

Many humans have descended into illusion, many have separated themselves from those who take part in the events and see themselves as somehow above them. Please look at this way of BEing and realise that this is illusion. Separation is always involved in the teachings of illusion. ALL ARE ONE. Many humans across the planet are deeply asleep and we ask that you be aware of this. Those asleep are under the teachings of illusion and walk a different path in a different world to those who are awake or awakening. They CANNOT see what you see, they cannot FEEL what you feel for illusion is wrapped so tightly around them that they can barely breathe.

We are here to help ALL, we ask that you step back into your hearts and out of your minds. Logic will not help you move through the coming days and weeks as illusion pulls out all stops in a bid to lower human vibration across the planet. Only by holding the space for those humans who are asleep will you be able to move forward and to help them and therefore help yourselves. This is not “them” and “us” , this is ALL. No one is separate in what is happening. Those who are asleep play the role well and are there to help those who are awake to move through the layers of illusion. For without them you would not be able to clearly recognise illusion and its tricks.

The media plays its part well and many are falling into the trap of reading and reacting along with the media. We ask that you look at the part you are playing in this drama. Do you hold the light that shines brightly? Do you beam out the LOVE that IS through your very BEing to help hold the space for those asleep? Or do you react as the illusion expects you to by spreading the fear and illusion to the rest of the humans in your environment? Many have started to criticise those who take part in these events and we ask you to question why you would criticise someone you know nothing about. You do not walk the life path of those involved and have no idea what is going on in their minds. Many who have awoken have no idea of the depth of illusion that those asleep wade through with every waking moment.

Many who are awake complain of various symptoms and then realise that it is part of the process of elevating their vibration. They have lost sight of the nightmare that is being deeply asleep within illusion. Your brothers and sisters across the planet are deep in illusion, they live a waking nightmare with no end in sight, they have no idea that all realms stand by them, they have no idea of the power they have deep within their BEing, they sleepwalk through their life experience. THAT is why all realms stand with the lightworkers and those awake, together we hold the space for those asleep to lessen the nightmare, to try to wake up those who have made the decision to wake up and to help those who are never going to wake up. The Dragon realms watch as humans do battle with humans unaware that there is in reality no battle. Illusion is directing this drama and we ask that you be aware and detach fully from it.

Spreading more fear in the guise of help or information is the tool used by illusion to spread its teaching. You will not help your fellow humans by bowing to illusion. Pour the LOVE that IS through all of the drama that unfolds across your planet. Call on the realms that are closest to you to help you hold the space at this time. This is illusion, this is not the end, this is merely a tantrum by illusion to prove that is has the power that it craves but it does not possess. For there is only ONE power and that is LOVE.

We are here to move you personally through the veils of illusion. If the drama is triggering you then there is fear within your BEing, allow us to help remove that fear and allow yourself to view the TRUTH. Stand tall in the power of the LOVE that IS and reach out to your fellow humans who now flounder in illusion. Awakening and ascension is not just for the chosen few for all play their part in this process. Many who are awakened turn their backs on those who are asleep believing they are separate , this is Illusion. There is no separation, for ALL ARE ONE.

We are the Dragon realms and we stand shoulder to shoulder with you. As the dramas unfold and illusion throws out what illusion does best DETACH from it all. Hold the light that is within you and beam it brightly across the planet. Hold each of your fellow humans in love and compassion and realise that many do not understand TRUTH in the way that YOU do. Many will never awaken and this makes them even more in need of the love and compassion that is their birthright. EACH one of you makes a difference, choose to make that difference in LIGHT and not in illusion.

We step back to allow the absorption of our words. ALL REALMS stand ready to help ALL humans through these dramas. Whether it be the angelic realms, the dragon realms, the faerie realms, ASK for the help and it will be given. All is illusion, be aware of it and hold the space for all changes at this time. Major energy flushes are flowing across the planet, this is affecting those who are asleep and thus feeding illusion as those asleep have no way of understanding or absorbing these energies on their own. Use this energy to shine the LOVE that IS brightly across the planet, shine light on darkness and allow all to be illuminated. You are each here as LIGHTworkers, that involves shining your light at all times. We are the Dragon realms. ALL ARE ONE.

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Dragon Realms message for 17th August 2011

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

We come from the Dragon Realms to connect with ALL at this time of vast energy changes and upgrades. Know that we walk alongside of you at all times. Connecting to our energy is to be encouraged and we note that many are able to do this at this time. For others the connection to us may be slowed as the human tries to control residual fear that may have been planted within the illusion of what we are and how we relate to humankind.

Many tales are told of the Dragon Realms and much is illusion, to keep human BEings in ignorance of the power that we have and the power that is created when human energy joins with Dragon energy. We ask at this time for ALL to process information relating to the Dragon Realms with the heart and FEEL if the information presented to them resonates deeply with them, for many human have worked lifetimes with the Dragon Realms. We stand now ready to support and guide ALL as ALL ARE ONE.

Many of you still live in the fear that the illusion planted within and we guide you to detach from the teachings of illusion. If you have fear around our energies then YOU have fear around YOUr energy for ALL ARE ONE. That is a TRUTH that illusion has tried to hide within the tales that it spins around our peoples. There are many different aspects of Dragon Realm culture than human kind are not privy to and we ask patience for those ready to work with us. Much fear has been created throughout the teachings of illusion and we must reveal ourselves slowly to allow humans to absorb and process our energies.

Dragon energy can be intense and we ask that if you have connected and have experienced intense energy that provoked fear within your BEing that this is a clue as to where the seeds of fear that were planted reside. We guide you to go within and to weed out that fear, for it has no place in the new. ALL realms work alongside humans for ALL humans are reaching more and more levels of TRUTH. As these levels deepen then more realms will step out and speak the TRUTH that all will find within their hearts. These TRUTHS were hidden within to allow for the lifting of the veils of illusion. To have a fully awakened human who had not stepped out of illusion would have created more chaos as that human would not be able to absorb the TRUTH within their BEing.

That is the reason of the importance of the heart and from living and process ALL human life experience from the heart, for Dragon energy is FELT, if you use your mind then you will not FEEL us as around you. For many the image of dragons as portrayed by illusion already instils the fear that was planted so long ago. We guide you to go within and to detach from the teachings. Follow your hearts and it will ALWAYS lead to you the TRUTH.

Many humans across the planet now struggle, even those who have awakened are finding the depth of illusion frustrating. We fully acknowledge this and we stand ready tos serve in the process of lifting the veils of illusion. Know that when you have deep levels of illusion to move through that Dragon energy can and will help you. We are multi dimensional as ALL realms are and can access parts of YOU that may be just out of reach, know that working with us will CLEAR that which no longer serves. The process of Ascension for many humans across the planet has reached levels that have never been experienced before. Reach out to ALL who stand ready to guide and support you, know that you are never lost and never alone.

I speak for ALL Dragon Realms, of which there are many when I guide that we are with you as you walk this path. You will know when we are around you, when you are connecting to us for the first time then please know that you are safe, protected and no harm will come to you. If any of these fleeting thoughts pass through the mind then know that you have uncovered a level of fear and that needs to be weeded out and released. The angelic realms may help with this as required.

Much illusion surrounds ALL realms and once more we guide that ALL ARE ONE. It is perfectly possible to connect to Dragon energy and invoke the Archangels at the same time, how much energy that you can hold within your BEing is determined by your level of vibration, know that many humans walk the planet who are able to anchor more and more energy within their BEing.

We come through this channel to show our UNITY to ALL, as ALL ARE ONE. This is a phrase that will be used more and more as humans begin to absorb and process the TRUTH of who they are.

We watch over you, we guide and protect ALL as do ALL realms. The levels of fear are related to the veils of illusion that have been placed over your eyes. To weed out a level of fear sees a veil fall and you are left with a deeper level of TRUTH. That TRUTH is found always within your hearts.

We are the Dragon Realms and we stand in UNITY for ALL ARE ONE.

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Dragon Realms message for 19th October 2011

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

We are the Dragon Realms and we stand forward at this time to help support and move energies for those humans who are finding the step out of illusion to be painful and more difficult than they had imagined. Many are stuck in behaviours borne of lifetimes of karma and we are here to help YOU dissolve these patterns. Illusion has taught over aeons and many humans have had the same teachings over and over, lifetime after lifetime and this can cause a deep anchoring of untruth in their very BEing.

We are here to blend with YOUr energy to enable YOU to free YOUrself from patterns that no longer serve. Many are now realising that we are REAL, that we are HERE, and that we come to ASSIST. Our energies are such that we can traverse the different dimensions, we come as shape shifters to help those who are unable to access the various dimensions but within whom illusion has anchored untruth. Use our energies to move that which no longer serves, so that YOU may taste the freedom that is YOUr birthright.

Many realms have guided on the various levels of teaching of illusion and we are here to further guide and support on this topic. When YOU are in human form and have lived lifetimes on planet earth in human form YOU have integrated illusion into YOUr very DNA. It is this we seek to help YOU move for nothing is too much for the blended energies of ALL working together in HARMONY.

Many are still wary of our energies and to those humans we ask why? If illusion has taught that we are something to fear then ask the question why, for we are YOU and YOU are we. Many are now finding the dragons appearing in their life experience and we guide YOU to follow our symbols and our signs. For those who have worked closely with us in other lifetimes this is now the time to remember and reawaken the memories to help YOU to reveal the knowledge that is within. For ALL is within, all is seeded within the core of YOUr BEing.

We note that many are still walking in the illusion of disinformation that is available and we guide ALL to detach. Process ALL communication from whichever realm stands forward through the heart, this is the ONLY way to discern TRUTH and much has been guided around this topic. The blending of energies is a way forward for the human race; those who have attempted and remained in faith and trust are now beginning to master this skill. This is a process where YOU in human form blend with the energies that YOU wish to help YOU co-create in this human life experience.

We note the many teachings over the planet of the hierarchy of other realms, of how the angelic realms, how the faerie realms and other realms are somehow to be bowed down to and we guide ALL to detach from these teachings. These are teachings borne out of distortion within the teachings of illusion. FOR ALL ARE EQUAL. NO realm stands higher than any other and YOU as a human BEIng are equal to ALL REALMS.

The co-creation of the human life experience will come into BEing for many across the planet, we work WITH our channel at all times and she is slowly remembering how to do this. ALL REALMS stand with the human race, not ABOVE, but BESIDE the human race. Call on our energies when YOU need support and ask for the blending to begin, for ALL ARE ONE.

Many will trigger at our words and we guide ALL who are triggered to go within, to go into the heart and process our guidance. ALL ARE ONE. FULLY absorb that phrase and all that it entails, for illusion teaches within the ascension process and even now pulls many away from the power that is them. The power is within EACH AND EVERY human BEing alive on the planet. To blend with the energies of the realms that stand forward to help is to further detach from illusion. The higher vibration YOU carry within YOUr BEing the more YOU will be able to blend and the faster the process of detaching from illusion becomes.

Whilst we guide at ALL times not to rush the process there are many humans who have come here at this time to do precisely that. To move forward into unchartered territory so that they may become the shining beacons that propel others to follow suit. Do not stand back and allow illusion to separate YOU from YOU, for ALL ARE ONE. This is now the beginning of the remembering, who YOU are, why YOU are here and what YOU have come here to do.

We stand forward and ask ALL humans who resonate with our words to join us in the etheric. For we have much to teach and much to help YOU remember. YOU will KNOW if YOU are called for YOU will remember us.

This is a time of remembering the knowledge that is long forgotten. The human race walks in illusion if it thinks it knows all there is to know, for many have forgotten that they need to remember. It will come back and if YOU are ready we stand forward to work WITH YOU. FOR ALL ARE ONE.

We have the energies to move through dimensions and timeframes, become the shape shifters that YOU always were and dart in and out of the dimensions that YOU reside within. For illusion seeks not only to teach in this dimension. When YOU have rooted out ALL teachings in every dimension YOU reside in, YOU will taste freedom. That freedom has been denied for aeons. We give much love and thanks to those humans who already work with us and who are working to spread our message of love across the planet. To help the human race remember that we stood side by side for aeons and that ALL ARE ONE.

The human race now needs to step into the power that IS. To reclaim the power of LOVE that resides within each and every one of YOU. The time to remember is NOW, the time to blend in NOW. Illusion can only teach where there is fear, dismiss the fear and remember YOU are a magnificent BEing of light. ALL ARE ONE.

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The Dragon Realms message for 21st December 2011

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

We come to guide and support as all continues to change and to move into place. That which was in place in the “old” world is now dissolving and breaking down. We note how many humans still feed into the “old” energies and we come to guide you to detach from this, pouring lower energies into the old will allow the old to hang on where it can easily dissolve. The hanging on to the old world is done through the fear of the new, for illusion has taught the human race to fear everything it has not experienced before. Such is the depth of teaching across the planet that many are walking in the illusion of fear of the new.

Many humans will state they have no fear and we guide them to look below the behaviours that they are exhibiting for many across the planet are speaking love but behaving in fear. The vibrations of the new are such that actions will bring to you that which you act, we guide this to alert you to be aware of where you pour your emotions and how you act. To act out lower vibrational actions and to pour condemnation on a world that is breaking down will allow that world to hang on where it should dissolve. Many are not making this connection.

To be in fear of your fellow humans is to be in FEAR. To be in fear of the information that will allow you to walk out of illusion is to be in FEAR. To be in fear of the workings of your world is to be in FEAR. For many walk amongst you to show you what has been done to your planet, the reaction is more fear. That will not take your race out of the lower dimensions it will keep you locked within the lower dimensions. The route to the new energies being anchored on and within your planet is LOVE for only LOVE is what pulls the universe together.

We are the dragon realms and we come to guide and support and to show the way forward, for many humans the way forward is muggy, it is not illuminated due to the billowing veils of illusion, for many do not allow the “old” energies to dissolve and look to the new, many are perpetuating the old by pouring energy and fear into it. That will not allow you to move higher in vibration as the energy signature that you have when you do this will resonate with the lower frequencies, such is the way with energy and many are not understanding this concept.

Many believe that to fight is to move forward yet you were trained to fight from the old energies, the energies that taught you that to live is to survive and only the fittest survive. That is not the energies of the new and not what is supported. As you battle to live and you battle to bring in the new energies you give energy to the old, not the new. So strange is the concept of peace and harmony to your race that you fall into the patters that you were trained to be within. Do you see our analogy? Do you understand it?

The prolonging of the nightmare for many across planet earth is in relation to that which they are unwilling to give up. Are you ready to give up the fighting and to embrace LOVE? For LOVE will dissolve everything that is not TRUTH yet many are too frightened to give up the battles for they have allowed the battles to define them. For to live in a world at peace for many seems a dream that will never happen. We come to guide that whilst you believe that peace is not achievable that is what you will create. FOR YOU create, each one of you feeds into the energy pattern of the planet earth. Each of you has an energy signature that interacts with all the other energy signatures that exist on the planet. Do you understand how the teachings of illusion alter that energy pattern? Do you understand how they alter that pattern whether you are awake or asleep?

Many who are awake are now walking in the illusion of physical change and to those we ask why? The world is not real in the sense of what you believe, so why would physical actions take you closer to that which you dream? For the dreaming will bring the creation into the physical such is the way the universe works. To detach from the physical and to pour the energies into the dreaming and the creation of your new world takes the new energies and wraps them around you, it pours them through you and these energies will purify that which has been seeded within you. For not only were you seeded with TRUTH upon incarnation on to the planet earth, humans were seeded with distrust and other teachings of illusion. Which are you allowing to grow within?

Whilst you see good and bad, light and dark, who do you walk with? For there is no light and dark, good and bad, there just is. Which filter do you apply to the creation of your life here on planet earth? For each one of you uses different filters depending on which teachings you have absorbed. Many teachings of illusion are so deep they are never looked at, taken for granted and used moment to moment. This leads to deep frustration within humans who can see the way forward but are unable to work out how to move forward. It is a matter of trust and faith in self and that is the way to unravel that which has been wrapped around you. For each person on the planet is powerful beyond measure yet were educated that they were insignificant. That teaching is alive and well across the planet as more and more humans bend to the fear of the old not breaking down. It IS breaking down and the new is now building below the old that is dissolving but this is not something that is very obvious as of yet, it can be FELT and many are ignoring or not able to FEEL as they are so wrapped up in the teachings of DOING.

Whilst you pour angst and sorrow through that which is arising to show you just what has been done to your race you allow the old to survive. The old knows this and is hanging on by appearing to be stronger than it is. Many races has stepped forward to announce that the new is here and is unfolding yet many of the human race are blinded and deafened by the smoke and mirrors of the old energies. They do not concede as if small children, they are no longer in charge, the old is dissolving yet humans do not accept this. Such is the depth of teaching of illusion around fear that many have gone into fear without realising why or understanding why.

Fear will not take you out of illusion it will wrap you in more illusion. For humans have been taught that planet earth is not a safe place and they are not safe. How many of you question this teaching? How many of you look at this teaching and root it out? For many are now aware of their energy systems and how they work yet the root to all of this is how you feel and what you anchor within that energy system. Illusion taught you to anchor fear, if fear is anchored then nothing that you do nor think will convince you that you are safe as the programme that runs at the core of your being is fear. Do you understand our words? It does not come from what is shown to you in this reality it comes from within. If you have fear rooted within you it will colour ALL that you create and all you experience within this your human life time. You will see fear written where LOVE is painted if the teachings are strong enough, the filter you will use is fear.

Safety is here, it was always here, your race has inhabited this planet for aeons yet fear has reached new heights and many do not question why. They are blind to the programme that they allow to run. Fear is not dissolved by mass demonstrations or by doing, fear is dissolved by rooting out the programming, the teachings, from within. For only then can you create without the filter, the distortion. For your life experience will be distorted if created from an energy system that is rooted in fear.

To work within the new energies humans must realise their energy signatures and how they interact and colour their human life experience. For all interact with each other whether they are aware and awake or not. Each human being then interacts with all other races through this energy system, it is how you are able to distinguish whether you interact with someone you know or someone you do not. Many humans note they do not like another human, they will say they have a “feeling”, what they experience is the other humans energy signature. That is what is resonating at a frequency that is not harmonising with the person they do not like. This is what occurs all over the planet. Many are now aware of energy and of energy signatures but ignore the teachings they have absorbed that are not TRUTH.

Your energy signature is your key to the different levels of dimensions, to access other dimensions you simply have to resonate at the same frequency. We watch as many humans fall into deep frustration at not being able to hear the realms around them whilst falling to the illusion of “same”. If you believe the world looks the same and is the same then you will not hear us for we operate at a different frequency than the fear frequency the human race has as a default setting.

Many humans are now beginning to walk in the role that they came here to play, to hold the space for those who are unaware that their actions keep them in a routine of “same” and lower energy signatures. These are the humans who hold the space for their fellow humans to see that all is different and all can and will change. For many are able to anchor LOVE in their energy signature and that is now spreading and moving throughout your race.

LOVE is the way forward this is not taught to you under illusion for illusion needed the lower energy signatures to survive. It still survives in many forms fed by the fear of many humans who are not able to embrace the changes across the world. For all have been taught that change is to be feared, we are here to guide that change is to be embraced. Humans have lived in fear for aeons and we guide that we are fully aware of how difficult it may be for many to let go of this teaching but to form the new world fear must be detached from. Safety is from within it is not found in consuming or separating into groups against groups for that breeds more fear. To find safety and peace you must go within. Root out the programming and illusion teaching that runs at the core of your energy signature and pour love and compassion through it all.

For the new is here and the new is unfolding. It will be magnified by those who have embraced the new and who have anchored LOVE within their being. Trust is something that is missing for to fear you must mistrust, trust walks hand in hand with LOVE. Do you trust yourself? Do you love yourself? We ask for you to ask the questions and listen to the answers, for only you have the answers stored within you. If you do not trust, have faith and love in self then you are in illusion for that is your true default setting. For you were seeded with LOVE on incarnation. All that was absorbed from your first breath was illusion. To embrace the new you need simply to pour love through your being and all around you. For LOVE is the new energy that is being anchored on the planet earth.

We are from the dragon realms and we work with all of humanity to move them through this the end days of the old and into the new. For the new unfolds with each breath and we are here to support and guide as the illusion breaks down and is replaced with the TRUTH that was always here. TRUTH was shielded from you by the smoke and mirrors of illusion, it is YOU, for you are a being of pure light and infinite power. Do not allow illusion to persuade you that you are insignificant or that nothing will change. For change starts from within and radiates out. We are the dragon realms and all are one.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Article may not be reproduced unless in its entirety with authorship and author’s website clearly stated.

Dragon Realms message 25th December 2011

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

Dear ones we are with you as you celebrate this time of family and of loved ones. We will not break into your day of celebrating other than this message to show our love and support to you. We are the Dragon Realms and we come to show our support for all of humankind across the planet.

Today for many of you may be a time where old memories begin to surface as you begin to remember those who are no longer in the physical. We are here to guide you to allow these to go, for in letting go you allow the energies that were your relatives in human form to take a step closer to you. For ALL ARE ONE. Much will change and shift over the festive period, we come through many channels to advise of these massive shifts in consciousness and we come once more to guide this. This is not done to alert you to anything that should be worried about, the energies of worry and anxiety are now behind you if you chose them to be. For much of the teachings of illusion continue to run within many human Beings.

We are here to support and to guide all who wish to reach out to us. You may now be getting “snapshots” of other lives and these may appear frighteningly real to you, vivid dreams may have you awaken into a life that you had forgotten, allow it all to go. Call on us dear ones and we will protect you as you move between the dimensions to unravel that which was called Karma and is now no longer needed. For much as you are supported and guided by all realms the freeing of SELF is done by SELF. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand the importance of SELF?

This festive season is the time where the veils are thin for many of you have done a lot of work on SELF and may be finding it difficult to relate to the festive season in the way you may have done in previous years. We note how difficult it is for many humans to accept change and to allow change to unfold without reservations. Do not attach to the consumerism that has flooded your planet, take the festive season as a time out to catch up vibrationally with SELF, for to allow the release of past festive seasons, to bless it all and release and allow it all to heal will see your vibration soar.

If thoughts of those no longer here in the physical begin to arise do not push them away, for the fear resides in the memory, humans are taught memories hurt, they do not hurt dear ones it is the unreleased emotions associated with memory that hurts. The two are completely different vibrations. Soon you will be able to recall all past memories in the context they should be in and not wrapped in layers of pain. For that is what you move to each breath and each step of the way. Do not fall to the illusion teachings that state that everyone across planet earth is merry and full of joy at this time for that is not TRUTH, for many are walking in the pain of the past. Allow us to light your way and allow us to burn the bridges to the pain, for the pain can be transmuted by fire or by water. Allow what many of you term the violet flame to permeate through the memories and all that will be left will be LOVE and TRUTH. Know this.

We ask our channel to post these words so that those who are wandering lost amongst the glitter and the glitz that illusion teaches is the festive season may find them and know that they are not alone. For no human walks alone. The layers may thicken, the eyes may cloud over and the ears may dull but you never walk alone dear ones. Use the time over the next few days to allow TRUTH to dissolve that which no longer serves and move through the layers of illusion. For this festive period is one of peace, what better peace than the peace found within, for that is where it dwells. It does not dwell in fancy gifts and parties full of people who are intoxicated for that is not TRUTH. That is the sheen that is swept over the pain so that those who are part of it can ignore the deep parts of self.

There is new energy anchored on planet earth and its name is TRUTH. Allow it to find you, allow the heart to open and LOVE to flood into each part of your being. For this is the festive season and that festivity is for YOU. It is the aligning of selves with SELF and the finding that peace and serenity are at your core. For in TRUTH they are but illusion seeks to shade your view of this.

When it all begins to get too much and you feel frustration and perhaps tears well up inside of you take a moment to sit quietly. Lengthen the breath and close the eyes. Allow the realms that are here to guide and support to gather round you and then reach out to them. To do this simply open your heart and breathe. Feel us around you, pouring LOVE and compassion through YOU, around YOU and within YOU. That is all you need do dear ones, nothing else.

Then allow that which is trying to arise within you to arise and allow us to transmute it all, allow it to go, for we can transmute it but we must have your permission to do this, such is the free will that is the birthright of the human race. Have TRUST and FAITH in YOU this festive period dear ones for you walk a path into a year which has illuminated for many of you. The new is here, the new is around you, within you and through you but you must allow it access.

We step back now to allow our words to be absorbed. The new energies will bring many surprises to planet earth over the coming days. Much will be revealed and the new will start to make more sense to many, many more humans. We are the Dragon Realms and we send our love and compassion to each and every one of you. We are with YOU for we are YOU and YOU are we. ALL ARE ONE.

Copyright Karen Doonan, All rights reserved
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated.

Water Dragons message for 17th April 2012

Channelled by Karen Doonan,

We come to guide and support as the new is ever anchored deeper and deeper. The rains that are sweeping the human energy system working to clear and cleanse the traumas and nightmares of aeons. We ask for you to work with the rain, to allow the rainclouds to burst and to pour the healing energies around you and through you, for through the rain is the new and all that we ask is that you allow SELF to cleanse.

We are the dragon realms and we work closely with the element of water. The water a long ago myth for all humans, we watch as the human race recoils in fear of water and ask ALL to remember a time when they flowed with the water, when they danced in the water and when they allowed the cleansing and clearing to take place.

That which is for YOU dear ones will come to you, the worry, the anxiety all working to try to convince YOU that YOU are not the powerful BEing of light that YOU ARE. We work between dimensions freeing the parts of SELF encased in shadow and we ask that you begin to learn to swim, for the tides are turning and the onslaught of emotion is but an ocean to sail. We ask All to realise that they CAN swim, that drowning is not an option and that swimming to the depths will reveal treasure that cannot be seen from above the ocean.

We ask for you to swim the tides with us, know that YOU are safe and protected at all times and all that is cleansed is that which no longer serves. It is not possible to walk in a newly cleansed world with the energies of the old pouring around you and through you. The muddy footprints would leave the scars on the earth that are once more beginning to heal. We ask for you to see your role in the cleansing of mother earth and we ask that you leave clear footprints of LOVE upon mother earth.

YOUr mother hears YOU, she feels your pain yet she knows that the pain will be soothed by the cleansing clearing waters that are now pouring through your BEing, for in the waterfall of LOVE that is now cleansing you will find SELF. A SELF long forgotten but always on the edge of your vision. We ask for those who are now walking through the cleansing rains to reach out and to show those who dare not enter the cleansing process the joy of release. For it is only in releasing that you can remember and can embrace. It is not possible to fill an already full vessel with LOVE, we ask you allow the rains of the cleansing to pour through you to empty the you that you have been taught you are to allow the remembering of the YOU that YOU ARE. Do you understand our guidance and our words?

We are the water dragons, we work with human emotions and we now swim with all who are now allowing SELF to be revealed. The water dragons work with the rainbow dragons for once the rain has been and cleansed the rainbows appear. There are rainbows walking the planet earth and we guide for you to look with eyes that are clear to see the rainbows. They are the stardust that has fallen from the heavens and they work to move the human race into the new for the new is unfolding yet many are holding on, too afraid to let go, to BE and to surrender. For only in the surrendering to human emotion can you navigate the oceans of emotion. For too long those who sought to contain and suppress have kept you imprisoned within your emotions. The road to freedom is the shoreline that stands in front of you. It is the emotions that lap gently at your feet calling you to remember. Do you remember how to swim children of the earth?

The cleansing and clearing process is the journey to SELF, it is voyage taken alone yet with ALL, do you understand our guidance and our words? For in the swimming is the strengthening, too long the human race taught it is weak and it is lacking, TRUTH will show you the splendour of your BEing, the swim revealing the strength of SELF that lives within. We ask you to step out from the shore and swim with us, through the dimensional portals of SELF to the realms and the dimensions and timelines where you have stored parts of SELF, for the journey to wholeness is the collecting and embracing of SELF. Do you understand our guidance and our words?

We ask that you now attempt to swim in a ocean that looks deep yet sparkles, for beneath the waves live the realms that are waiting to show you the joy that YOU ARE. We ask for you to breathe deeply and to plunge into the depths for there YOU reside, for YOU are ALL and ALL are YOU.

The ocean glistens and sparkles and we ask that you swim in FAITH and TRUST of SELF, the magic is within, will you let it out to play? We walk with you always for we are in your heart, for we are YOU and YOU are we. We are the water dragons and we invite you into the depths of SELF to reveal TRUTH. Simply call to us from the shoreline and we will escort you to the depths below, we will sparkle and show YOU the magic that is YOU.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated.

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