A Message from the White Light Dragons

Another channelled Dragon message to add to the collection here…

A Message from the White Light Dragons

Written by Amanda Godfrey
Monday, 13 December 2010

This message when it was first coming through I thought was for myself and Noelene about our work at Mystical Dragon. But very quickly I discovered that it was for more than just us, but rather a message for all of the wider spiritual community. I wasn’t even exactly sure who was speaking to me as I typed. I could feel a great sense of a group of energies, rather than one in particular having stepped forward to speak. And there was no strong masculine or feminine energy, just a powerful feeling of knowing and Universal connection as I worked. I hope that you find some comfort in these words, as I did:

“What a beautiful place you have here. What a brilliant and lively community you have helped to create, at the Mystical Dragon. Those of us in spirit here, wish to commend you for your efforts across the last 6 years. Efforts which not only work on a business but also have a much wider and deeper impact; on the Earth Mother and on people’s lives. A place to help facilitate the next step for people’s evolution and healing.

We know that these last few years have been very challenging for you, and for many in your divine community, but we wanted to congratulate you on how you have kept the faith, even when all has seemed bleak and black. Your reward, as is the reward for those who this message is shared with, is a renewal beginning in 2011.

These final few weeks of December 2010 will assist all of you in shedding the last of the  old dead weight of the past so that in January you can feel the energy shift that is, even now, being prepared. For 2011 is a time of great movement and joy.

Those who are open to the spiritual path will feel lighter as the year carries forward. They will find doors opening as they continue to trust the small quiet voice within, and they share the joy that their path brings with others. This in turn will have a ripple effect which will wash into the lives of those around them. There is not a great deal that you really need to do, other than smile and share your light. Do not force anything onto another, dictating as to what they might need or should in fact do, but rather lead by example. Speak of the changes you are making and the impact it is having for you. Smile often and focus on the positive in your life – for where you put your thoughts, actions and deeds, is what you grow for yourself.

Bring your life back to a simple state of being. Too many of you over-complicate your lives with an over-abundance of commitments. Slow down. Take time out for you and the wonders within your world which surround you, but you can become blinded to. And in these moments of time-out, disconnect yourself from the technological world awhile. All of this constant technology is not good for you – you become detached from your own emotional state of being. Then when you do manage to reconnect, for those brief moments, the emotions you do feel become overwhelming to you and you can’t comprehend why. It is simply that you spend so much time engaged in the things that keep you disconnected from yourself.

We are not telling you to abandon your technology. Only reminding you that all needs to be done in balance.

Regular time in nature is important for you on many levels. It mends and recharges your physical body, clears your auric body and uplifts your spirit. Particularly the more sensitive of you will find yourself getting sick when you do not take time to regularly sit or walk amongst the green of the Earth. And there are more and more of your world who would be classed as “more sensitive”, which is good to see. It is you who will direct the people of your planet into a time of peace and love.

We are easy to call in on the times that you feel you need divine guidance and healing, and there is no one that gets ignored or forgotten. The easiest way to hear our words and feel us close is to be quiet, still and open. Shower yourself in gold, silver and white light to remove debris blocking our connection to you and to lift your vibrations. We send many blessings and much joy to each of you. We are known as  the Ancient Keepers of Time, the White Light Dragons. Brightly blessed are thee.”

Channelled by Amanda Godfrey, founder and teacher at Mystical Dragon.
© Copyright to Amanda Godfrey but this article may be reproduced and distributed as long as the author is acknowledged.

From mysticaldragon.com.au

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