Blue Dragon Antharus

I came across the following two articles at (and also on many other sites). They were originally from but those pages on that site no longer exist. The messages from Antharus the Blue Dragon were channelled through Aurelia Louise Jones (B.06/08/1940-1944 D.12/07/2009). So far I’ve never personally experienced anything that I would call a “channelled” message so I’m quite intrigued by the whole process. I find these messages to be very interesting and worthy of being added here to my collection of all things Dragon. 🙂

Blue Dragon Antharus (2003)
Through Aurelia Louise Jones

Antharus: Greetings my love, I am Antharus, the Blue Dragon. You and I have known each other for a very long time, and our former friendship has endured the test of time.

I have returned to Earth from the Pleiades about a year ago, to be closer to you and spend time at your side, once again, even though you are not yet able to see me with your present level of vision. Yes, I left your planet over 100,000 years ago when dragons became feared and hunted at a time a great number of the people on the planet lost their connection with their divine source. That era became the second phase of what you call “the fall” in consciousness, when humanity fell further into density and duality.

I want you to know that you and I are very good friends from a very distant past on this planet, when dragons were honored, loved and appreciated as guardians and protectors of your civilization, and the planet. Because of the quality of friendship you and I shared for a very long time in Lemuria. I have now returned to offer my deep friendship to you again and to bring my contribution to the transformation of your planet, in ways you could not yet understand. It is my intention to assist you create more magic and more fun in your life. Soon, my beloved, you will begin to understand what I am speaking of. I now ask you to allow yourself to access the memories and the remembrance of the wondrous times we used to have together, and how much fun we used to create.

As you would imagine, I am a Light being who has been living in the fifth dimensional consciousness for a very long time by now, thus not yet visible to those who have not their inner sights opened. I have maintained my 30 feet height in stature when standing tall, and when my wings are spread open, you would need a measuring tape of about 75 feet long to reach from the end of one tip to the other.

In the time of Lemuria, I was a leader of a group of dragons who faithfully and graciously guarded your palace and many wondrous temples. We, as dragons, enjoyed our service to life for hundreds of thousands of years in the glorious time of Lemuria when all of life was perfectly harmonious and fears was still an unknown vibration to Her people. In spite of our great size, people did not fear us, and children delighted to come and play with us. We often allowed them to sit in the safe place between our great wings, and took them for flying rides over the land.

You too, Aurelia, like the children, would enjoy sitting in the safe dent in the bone structure between my wings, where it felt safe; and together, we would fly great distances at great speed, soaring through the sky of the Motherland. Today, within the consciousness of your present society, even if I was totally third dimensional and physically solid, such fun would be considered quite dangerous and an unthinkable activity. Then was the time when fear did not exist on the planet, thus, when fear is absent, total safety exists. You often used my body and my flying abilities to transport yourself from one place to the other. One could say in your present day language that you sort of used me often as a private taxi service. But in those days, there was no such concept. It was my total willingness and pleasure to take you wherever and whenever you wanted to travel. Think of it as a mutual cooperation, as two friends taking off together for shared fun and enjoyment.

Also understand that in those glorious days before the fall in consciousness, people did not exist in such a dense world like you do today. Almost everyone, if not all, could raise and lower their level of vibrations at will between third and fifth dimensional frequency, according to the activities they wished to play with.

When you came flying with me through the skies of the Motherland, both of us would raise our frequencies to the fifth level, thus, becoming quite light in vibration. This is why there was no danger of falling, as we both had total control of our bodies. In view of the present density that human have integrated in their bodies in this time, flying through the skies on the wings of dragons would not be only dangerous, but also impossible. This is why flying, teleporting, levitating was common knowledge that everyone took for granted, and people never even considered how life could be like without those natural gifts that are truly natural to your divine nature and your birthright to enjoy for eternity.

In your lives, about that time of the flight of the dragons into other dimensions, humanity lost much of their ability for a life of ease and grace. What was natural then, would be considered magic today, and the grace with which people lived their lives then, gradually dwindled as a mere memory of the past. Today, unless we bring these truths to humanity again, your ancient memories are completely veiled under a thick curtain of fears and forgetfulness. Today you are yearning to know the way to manifest this magic again in your lives as you did in the ancient times, and for those choosing to embrace their full enlightenment and self-realization through ascension in this life; these gifts will be yours again to enjoy. The magic you once knew will return in your lives for you to enjoy in an even greater measure than ever before, because you have been deprived of this ability for so very long. And this time, dear one, those of humanity who will manifest again their divine gifts in their daily lives will never again take those gifts for granted and misuse them as it was done in the past. The price you, as a collective humanity, have had to pay for your outrageous choices of experiencing life by denying your divine nature has been too excruciatingly painful and difficult for too long a time.

I can read your thoughts, and your mind is racing one hundred miles an hour about what you can do and where you can go to have me materialize physically in front of you, and I feel your excitement. At least, you are not afraid as so many would be. This pleases me. Well my beloved, the time is not quite appropriate yet, but I know that eventually I will have the opportunity and permission to show myself to you quite tangibly, so that you can see me with your physical vision, and you will remember me. I made my abode at this time quite high on the south side of majestic Mount Shasta, in an area where it is quiet and where I can live undisturbed. As I am not visible to anyone in your world, all is very well and pleasant. Actually, where I live now is very close to the area I used enjoy spending much of my free time in the time of Lemuria The fourth dimensional aspect of the mountain is of exquisite beauty and comfort. Some day, when your inner sight opens more, you will see and enjoy it all. You will be living in two worlds, and eventually, in three worlds, and much more.

Aurelia: How did it come about that dragons had to leave this planet? What really happened?

Antharus: As dragons, we possess full mastery of the elemental realm. This means that we were, and still are equally at home in the air, on land, under water and even through fire.

If you were to look back upon Earth history, you would see that almost every culture makes various references to dragons, at least in stories or mythology. I wish to remain humble here, but I must state the facts. The beauty, the power and majesty of dragons were such that many humans, who had strayed from their connection with Love and their divine source, became envious and decided to bring us under the dominance of their arrogant spirit. Many thought that they could possess and control us, and use us as they pleased, attempting to take away our freedom and bring us into submission. Few beings on earth at the time could match the intelligence, compassion, strength and beauty of dragons, perhaps only the beautiful and gentle Unicorns. Dragons are great lovers of freedom, having attained, even then, a great level of spiritual mastery. There was no way that we would allow ourselves to be submitted to such enslavement, to the will of primitive humans. Yes, I say primitive, as this what is was to us.

Because dragons were masters of the elements, it was believed that they possessed a certain kind of magic, which we could transfer to others. Almost overnight, or very quickly, humans and dragons became adversaries, after hundreds of thousands of years of mutual love and cooperation. Of course, it was not all humans, and you, my beloved, seek with all your might to protect dragons as much as you could. You were one of those who secretly provided food, shelter, and sanctuary to many of us. (Dragons were vegetarians, contrary to popular mythological beliefs.) In exchange for sanctuary, the dragons offered great protection and kinship to their benefactors and companions. Because of your influential position at the time, you did all you could to stop the massacre and enslavement of dragons, but you surely were not able to stop the ignorance of the people and interfere with their free will. I remember how much grief this caused you at the time, and for a very long time after this.

At some point, humans decided that the dragons’ magic must emanate from our blood, as we had such great strength and longevity. And then, the hunt for our blood began. Adversaries now became real enemies as the race endeavored to slay every dragon they could find. Many dragons perished, while others sought sanctuary where they could, mostly in the farthest regions of the world in very remote places. This contributed to our being thought of as solitary creatures rather than the social beings we once were. The extreme temperatures of our new homes changed the color of our skin and its appearance. Eventually, the dragons that were left were invited by the galactic spiritual hierarchy of the time to be transported to the Pleiades, and this is when I choose to leave the Earth in search of a friendlier home planet. Many of the dragons who had not perished in one way or the other, chose to go to the Pleiades, and some to other hosting planets.

Originally, dragons were a greenish-gray color, with a skin texture similar to that of an elephant. Our ability to control the elements allowed us to evolve to the scalier, reptilian skin you have seen in illustrations. The color of our skin became associated with the geographical area of our new homes, and it was not uncommon to hear that a blue, green or even a red dragon had been sighted.

The dragons kept their distance from the human population, as they were no longer trusted. Their vast numbers dwindled to a precious few. Whenever there is a great loss like this in any world, it is felt throughout all the kingdoms, and this loss was no exception. The humans realized the error of their ways much too late.

There are many places where the Earth’s ley lines intersect. Some of these places allow one world to connect with another. You may have heard certain expressions that refer to the “lifting of veils or mists.” In certain places and at certain times, it is possible to do just that, to literally cross over into another, or parallel world. Most of the dragons who did not leave the earth made their way to these doorways and are now living at peace on Earth, but in upon another plane or dimension, unseen by the third dimension. There are still a few dragons upon your world. They live in remote caves, caverns, and pits. Those who have chosen to remain are patiently waiting for humanity to awaken to the truth that all beings and all species are part of a great brotherhood; one is not less or more than another. In the meantime their energy is very healing to the planet because it is so elementally balanced. Fortunately for them, few have been sighted and most stories are met with disbelief.

At this time, many dragons have returned to assist the planet and humanity to regain balance with the elements, not all in dragon bodies. Without this support and that balance, the earth, nor humanity, could make the necessary shift into the higher dimensions without great disturbances of the elemental planetary forces. Of course, many of us are here, very physical, but invisible to your sight, as we vibrate to the frequency of the Light Realms of the fifth dimension. This way, we can do our work in peace, undisturbed from the gaze of humans. We know that more than 99.9% of the people on the planet would get scared out of their skins if we would be suddenly seen, especially in large numbers. Also, we would once again become feared and hunted.

We know that there will come a time, and this time is not so far away, when humans on this planet will reconnect with the various aspects of their divine nature, and will reconsider to perceive again all sentient beings as various and equal aspects of Creation. We will once more become visible to all, as love and true brotherhood will reign among all those who will be living on this planet.

Aurelia: In my heart, I long very deeply for the time when Earth will become a “peaceful planet” again. I long to experience love and true brotherhood with all sentient beings as a natural way of living our daily lives. I long to see an end to human suffering and animal abuse. As I speak, there are millions upon millions of animals abandoned and abuse my insensitive humans, all over the planet. And this knowingness brings much pain to my heart.

Antharus: I know your love and I know your heart. I also know how much you love all sentient beings, all animals and those of the nature and elemental kingdoms. I also know that you will not be afraid when you see me, because your heart is open. This is why I will show myself to you as soon as you open your inner sight a little more. Though I will be at a higher frequency when you see me, I will be very physical in that frequency, and you will perceive me as physical. I will lower my vibrations enough that you will be able to see me clearly, and hopefully be able to feel me by touch.

Aurelia: I have in my mind a very special spot where I think it is where I will have the surprise of seeing you there someday when taking a walk. It would be quite safe place for us to meet; no one would ever see us or expect anything. What do you think?

Antharus: Yes, I read your mind and I know what place you are thinking about, and you go there quite often. I have occasionally accompanied you there, especially when you go alone. Though you are not aware of my presence, I send you love and protection. Have you noticed that you often fall asleep on the ground when you go there?

Aurelia: Yes.

Antharus: It is the magic, my love. As you are resting and sleeping, and your spirit leaves your body, we have a conscious etheric chat you and I. Adama and Ahnahmar also join us quite often, and we all work on the energy fields of your physical body while it is sleeping.

Aurelia: hemmmm……., I know that I usually feel quite good after I fall asleep there. I am aware that Adama and Ahnahmar come walking with me in the forest, but I did not know you are often present as well. So, you know them well?

Antharus: Of course, Adama and Ahnahmar were your family members in the time of Lemuria and they were my close friends also. I guarded all of you, including your children.

Aurelia: Did you go inside the mountain to Telos or did Adama and Ahnahmar meet you on the outside?

Antharus: Well, both. When I first returned to the mountain about a year ago, I made a point to communicate telepathically with Adama, and he came out with Ahnahmar and a few others to greet me and to welcome me back. Of course, this is done at the fifth dimensional level in our light bodies. We also met in the Pleiades from time to time. Adama goes there quite often. Adama knew that I would return, and he told me, while still in the Pleiades, that you had returned to the mountain again, and that they were working more consciously with you to bring their teachings to the surface, to prepare the way for their eventual emergence.

I was also invited to come inside the mountain, which I did. Since I do not have a human form and I am quite tall comparing to those in human forms, even to those living inside the mountain, who are much taller than those of you on the surface. There are places inside the mountain especially designed to receive Light Beings such as us, and some even taller, to meet with other beings of various bodily forms. Many of us, returning dragons, met with the Lemurians and members of a few other subterranean civilizations, as they invited us inside. They prepared very cordial reception to welcome us back to the Earth. It was very touching for all of us to receive such a heartfelt and warm welcome back. We have a great rapport with the Lemurians. You know, not all space brothers of Light have human forms like you do and know on the surface of your planet, but the inner Earth Beings are very familiar with all of this. The space brothers come in all shapes, forms, colors, some in insect like bodies, and most of them in types of bodies you no longer have any remembrance of, even in your wildest imaginings.

Aurelia: I am aware of this. I read some information on that kind of thing. I don’t think I would be afraid to meet a large insect like type of being of Light on the street, but I am not entirely sure, I must admit. I met a woman once, a few years ago, who told me that she met with a being from the stars that was about 12 feet tall, and had a body that resembles much the insect known as “praying mantis”. She told me that she would herself have been afraid to see and meet with such being, but she also said that the love vibration that was exuding from that being was so intense, that there was no space for fear. She was able to have a meeting with him without being afraid. It appears that she had a multidimensional connection with that being. Perhaps he is part of her soul family, she did not say.

Are you here to stay a long time on the earth, or will you be returning to the Pleiades?

Antharus: This is not yet determined. I have intentions to remain here at least for the main period of transition of the planet, which will be at least for my intention a couple hundred years, but most likely, I will remain here a very long time beyond that, and continue my service to life on this planet again.

Aurelia: A friend of mine who is clairvoyant told me the other day that she sees from time to time a very large blue dragon fly at tremendous speed, and quite elegantly, in the sky around the mountain, and that Archangel Raphael told her it was Aurelia’s dragon. I assume it is you. (laughing)

Antharus: Indeed it is me. I know her as well and I know that you are friends. This is why I show myself to her from time to time as I fly through the skies of this wondrous area. I am happy that she was able to confirm my presence to you. You know, when your inner sight opens a bit more, you will also see quite a few things in the sky around the mountain. I am only one of the many, many attractions you will be able to perceive. It will be quite interesting and wondrous. Your “I Am Presence” is kind of hesitant to open your inner sight at this time. There is a concern that you might become so fascinated with your “new toy” or new vision that it could compromise your mission. There is such a longing for you to enjoy the other dimensions, that once this is opened for you, you might want to spend all your time enjoying your new perceptions and its magnificence, and you would loose interest in the chores of your daily live and mission.

Aurelia:  You said that many of the dragons have returned. Will they be doing the same kind of service to the Earth and with humanity as they did before in the time of Lemuria, or will they be doing something else?

Antharus: You know, things have changed on the planet in the last 100,000 years and they will change quite drastically again soon. One can never go back, and as everything constantly changes, nothing can ever remain the same for long periods of time. Our service to life will be different this time, and it will be appropriate for the present level of evolution. It cannot be the same. I perceive that for the most part, at least for quite sometime, our service to life will be to assist your planet, your Earth mother and humanity to balance the four main elements within themselves, and then many others will be in need to be mastered. As each persons gains more mastery with the elements, it also assist the Earth and the Mother in that stabilization as well. Nothing is separate, and everything works together to attain perfect harmony again on your planet. You as a race have been quite destructive and inconsiderate of your planet, and of the Mother who is hosting your evolution. Your planet is approaching a time of great changes, and it is essential that all of the elements will be in balance for her safe passage into the higher realms.

Our service to the planet and to mankind has also to do with balance and protection. Though it is fundamentally the same as it was before, it will manifest itself in a more evolved way, with much greater unity, with greater love and understanding from all various aspects of life to live and work together in total harmony.

I leave you now with these thoughts and wish you good evening. I will meet you in your dream state. Call on me any time you need assistance. Know that I am never far from you, ready to assist you as I did in the past.

Aurelia: Thank you! It gives me a lot of comfort to know that you are around. I love you.


The Magic you once Knew – Blue Dragon
Through Aurelia Louise Jones

Antharus – Greetings my Beloved, I am so happy to reconnect with you again heart to heart. It is really time for us to have our little chat again for your book, isn’t it?

Aurelia Yes, and I am so happy also to do this again with you. You know, our first little talk published in Telos – Volume 2 made you very popular. You are now known in many countries of the world. You became very quickly very popular in the hearts of so many, and our little talk became one of the favorite chapters in volume 2. You have become almost as popular as Adama with that one little chapter! (laugh!)

Antharus – I rejoice that our little talk has brought back so much magic and hope for a more magical future in the heart of so many. I know that almost everyone who has read that chapter has really enjoyed it. The goal was to bring back into their consciousness a bit of perception of the magic that once was so real and so natural, as a way of life, for all of humanity before the fall in consciousness.

You very well know that in our dimension, there is no such thing as competition of any kind. Everyone rejoices with the success of everyone else, and since we do not live in the consciousness of duality, there is no such thing in our consciousness as better or lesser than. We never compare levels of popularity under any circumstances. In our state of Oneness, we thrive in the beauty and joy of what is. In your dimension, duality, the spirit of competition and judgments of such as “better and less than” and many more have brought to all of you a lot of suffering over the eons of time. And has never served any enlightened purposes either; all it did was keep you in separation and in pain. It is time for all of you to embrace again the spirit of Oneness and let go of the duality and drama completely, a true 100%.

Aurelia Yes, I miss that magic. I am fed up with separation and limitations. I miss being able to manifest the life of ease and grace that ascended civilizations enjoy and the full return of my spiritual gifts. My goal is to walk the Earth once again in the full magnificence, innocence and beauty of my Godhood. I know that this is coming for me. This is my whole reason for this incarnation, to balance and heal the thousands of incarnations I have had here for so very long. I yearn to come home to the land of love and light where the only kinds of tears that exists are tears of pure joy and ecstasy. My whole being is longing for home.

Antharus – How can I help you today or how can I help you dream more magic in your life? You know, conscious dreaming and the right use of the imagination are the first steps in manifestation.

AureliaI want to fly again on the wings of a dragon, your wings, if you may. I want to cross the oceans on the back of a winged horse, like Pegasus. I also want to explore all the magical kingdoms on the back of a unicorn and dance with the fairies and the gnomes in the magical forests. I also want to play with the lions and the tigers and gently pull their whiskers.

Antharus – My dear, your inner child, the child of innocence you once embodied, is now longing to play again. This is a good sign. It shows that you are now more ready than ever before to let go of the rigid structures of your dimension and start playing like a beloved child of the universe. Though in our realm we are responsible mature beings and always in the service of the Creator, there is always an aspect of us that maintains a playful nature. You have done all those things in the past that you are longing to do again, and you have done them for eons of time; and so have those who will read those lines.

It will surprise you to know that even as we speak, there is another aspect of you in the higher realms that delights herself in engaging and amusing herself to her heart’s contents in all the magical activities you have just mentioned. This is the innocent and impish child-like aspect of you that Adama and Ahnahmar love so very much, that knows only love and joy. Her time is spent nourishing and guiding with her love the beings of a great number of magical kingdoms. Everyone has such an aspect, not only you. And this is the aspect that you are longing to reconnect with more consciously. Know that you connect with that aspect very often in your dream state and those two aspects of you often go out at night on many great fantastic adventures.

When I mentioned before using the imagination, I am not kidding. Imagination is such a wondrous doorway. It is impossible to imagine something that does not exist somewhere outside your conscious mind. It is the heart and not the mind that knows it all, and holds all the keys. It is the heart that holds those wondrous memories. The human mind controlled by the human ego is very quick in denying all that magic side of each child of creation. If you can imagine something, know that that you are tapping into something that already exists and that you have experienced somewhere else in time and space in your many multidimensional aspects. Imagination, viewed as positive or negative, is always a reconnection of some past experience that is held within the cellular memory.

If you are longing to do those things again, it is that your heart is now ready to reconnect once again on a more conscious level with the aspect of you that embodies that level of love and pure innocence. Let me tell you even more. It is usually in Telos at night, during your sleep time, that you reconnect with that aspect of you. Quite often when Adama is looking for you at night, it is usually with the lions and tigers, the unicorns, the horses or the fairy godmothers that he finds you.

AureliaDoes it upset him to have to look for me when he wishes my presence?

Antharus – It is not only Adama who looks for you from time to time, but also your beloved Ahnahmar. They don’t get upset because they know how great your love is for those many kingdoms, and they also know how healing this is for your soul. Besides it is not constant that they need to look for you. You do spend a lot of time with them every night in your sleep time. When you get away to play with the beings of the magical kingdoms, it takes either one of them an instant to find you. In fact, they delight when they see you so happy.

Someday, life will be as happy on the surface as it is in Telos and in other subterranean cities. It is important that you start dreaming new lives for yourselves. Dream of new ways of being and living on this planet. Add much magic to the new lives you are dreaming about. Everything in creation always started with a thought and then a dream of the thought and an allowance to expand it into a new creation. Believe in yourselves and in your dreams and eventually, they will truly manifest in your daily lives. Have much fun dreaming or imagining; it does not cost anything and could even be quite lucrative in more ways than one.

AureliaTell me more about the way we can bring more magic in our lives.

Antharus – It all has to do with reconnecting with the wondrous aspect of you that embodies the pure child of love and innocence. You all have such as aspect, but not many of you are aware of this. Even among those who are, very few have taken the time or have had the interest to consciously get acquainted with it. This aspect of you is so wondrous and so beautiful! It holds the key for you to all the magnificence of the universe. All that you have ever wanted to be and to do, that aspect of you can assist you with it. It is another aspect of you in another dimension, but an aspect that lives hidden within the confines of your Sacred Heart and awaits your awakening to the reality of its wondrous presence, waiting for your readiness to allow this aspect of you to be born again within you, and to create with you all the magic you once knew.

This is an aspect of you that you have often abandoned, ignored and even forgotten about. This is the aspect of you that has always remained connected intimately to the totality of your divinity. This is the loving and playful aspect of you that you have scorned so many times in the rigidity of your 3rd dimension structures. This inner child is light, limitless and ecstatically joyous, and is also YOU.

In the early time of Lemuria, in the Land of Pan, you and this wondrous child were one. Life was wonderful and perfect for a very long time. There was only the magic of Love. There was not yet any separation. As you all eventually allowed yourselves to fall into greater and greater levels of separation from your Godhood and all the wonders that come with it, you gave birth to another child within, the one in pain and sorrow; the inner child that you all consciously know about, that so many books have been written about how to heal it.

You gave birth to the child of the ego mind that has kept you and your new child in separation and in pain for thousands of years. You have caged the second child in an ocean of negativity; you have neglected and abandoned that child and you have kept it in fear and prisoner of the many emotions resulting from all your choices in separation. That is the one that now is crying out to be healed, desiring to join the other one that lives in so much perfection and wonder.

Allow yourselves now, from a point of choice at every moment of your lives, to heal that child by loving yourselves and the child born out of the ego mind in separation so very much and with so much passion and compassion that all the traumas of the past will be peeled away layer by layer. And the child of the ego will gradually know that it is also a child of God and will be happy and free. And so will you. Be aware that these child aspects of you do also live within your Sacred Heart and they yearn to be united by your unconditional love of all aspects of your being.

When the two unite as one, through your love of self and embracing of your divinity, by the total acceptance of who you really are as a divine being in incarnated experience, this is when you will be “home”.

Like the prodigal son of your scriptures, you will be invited to return to the Father’s house again. This is “when and only then” that all the magic, all the wonders and the love that you once knew will be made available to you again. And it does not have to take eons of time.

The love and grace that is accorded by the Creator at this time can melt the barriers rather quickly if you ignite of fires of love from your heart with enough desire, enough passion, with enough determination and willingness to heal it all, knowing that it is not finished until completion. Also recognizing that the rewards at the end of the tunnel are the greatest love and joy and magic your present mind could ever imagine, and then add several thousand times more.

Aurelia This is wonderful Antharus. Thank you for this reminder. I must admit that on a conscious level I have neglected somewhat both the children of my heart. Thank you. Now can you tell us more of the magic that is awaiting us in the future?

Antharus – Keep in mind that the return of magical lives that you all are yearning to find again can only be the result of divine union, your level of Oneness with all of life. In the realms of light, you simply could not create for yourselves any type of magic lives unless you become totally unified with whatever you want to create. This means when you have become the embodiment of Love and Oneness, and you radiate only Love, all of life becomes connected with you as “One”. From this viewpoint, you can create anything at any time. You can have it all and do it all, whatever it is. All kingdoms unite also with you as One and all elements and the nature spirits are at your command every instant to assist you to fulfill your desires. It is their great joy and service to life.

This is my friends, the great partnership of love and brotherhood for all.

The animals become greater playmates than you could ever imagine at this present time; the flowers and plants replenish themselves instantly and perpetually for your pleasure, the grass is always alive, but never has to be mowed. You can transport yourself anywhere, at any time, instantly. You never again have to fill out IRS reports or pay for car or house insurance. Neither do you have to contemplate anymore a nearly bankrupt bank account to pay this month’s bills. Life is lavishly abundant everywhere you look. You will live in crystal palaces and never have to pay rent or make mortgage payments.

The unicorns hold the secrets to all the hidden mysteries of the many kingdoms, known and those still unknown to you at this time, and they will pleasure themselves in leading you to millions of wondrous magical discoveries. You will be wondering why you have taken so long to finally come home to the land of love and magic. This is, my friends, the life that is awaiting you in the fifth dimension. Nevertheless, you do not have to wait for this event to start creating for yourselves lives that are easier and more magical.

Start now and you will see how simple it can be. It is not the 3rd dimension that is limiting you, but your lack of willingness to recognize that you can have now, in this present time, a very pleasant life, full of wonders. If only you believed in yourself and opened yourselves to receive all the gifts that life is waiting to bestow upon all of you. Stop denying your goods. Your denials are the main reasons why so many of you go without the gifts that are now awaiting to be given to you. It is your denials that are blocking the way.

AureliaWhat all of this has to do with dragons?

Antharus – Those of us dragons who are beings of 5th dimension and above hold the keys to the four elements, and we have full mastery of them. This was explained in our last message. You have heard of the magic dragons, and it is that mastery of the elements that assists us in creating magic so easily. What it has to do with us dragons, is that we would like to offer all of you reading this material our assistance in mastering the elements, so that your manifestations may come with greater ease and grace.

This is our commitment to you. We may not be allowed to interfere with your free will choice and learning processes, but it will be our pleasure to whisper in your ears the keys to mastery of the elements as you learn to maintain greater level of love and harmony at all times. It will be our pleasure to monitor the progress of those who ask us, though we will not be the only ones doing this. With each level of progress you make in your spiritual journey towards your spiritual freedom through the ascension process, we commit ourselves to offer you the next key and the next one to assist your mastery of the element. Do you have another question?

Aurelia Yes, there is something I want to clarify for the readers. Lord Sananda told me a while ago that because you are a dragon and a being of Light and Love I can trust you. But he also mentioned that not all the dragons and reptilians can be trusted, as there are a great many that are still in separation and it could be risky to trust any dragon. He suggested that discernment must be used when encountering dragons or other reptilian beings. Can you comment on this?

Antharus – Unfortunately this is true. Although many of us dragons and many beings of the reptilian race have reached a fifth dimensional level of evolution, it is not the whole race that has. There are still a great number of reptilian beings that have incarnated as humans on your planet and many of them cannot be trusted. There are also many others functioning from the level of the astral plane that would trick you and you must be careful.

It is also this way with the human race. Some are ascended to radiate only Love and Light and many humans on your surface are still in separation and would exploit you. All galactic races have most of their people functioning in the Light and Love, but they also have a certain number of renegades still functioning in separation from the level of the astral plane. One must always be vigilant on your plane.

It is not likely that many dragons will come to trick you; they have other things to do. But like with any being in the universe that would come to you, some will be Masters of Light, while others may be impostors pausing as Masters of Light. It is always wise to use your discernment and check your guidance. Check it with the feelings from the heart, not at the level of the ego mind or mental level. You must do this with any being from the other side of the veil that may come to you. It is an important protection.

There are imposters mimicking each master and each group of light beings. Each ascended being that you know about has also to deal with a large number of imposters from the astral plane trying to divert you or mislead you in some way from your true and most direct spiritual pathway. You cannot yet be careful enough as to what voice you are listening to. Even the best meaning people can easily be deceived by a very astute astral entity. Until you have attained the maturity of your full consciousness, you always need to be careful. Not all channeled material comes from the masters of light and wisdom. The imposters are usually very vigilant in finding those who are looking for phenomena or whose ego desires to become a channel at all cost, even when they have not yet reached the level of initiation that is required to be invited by a Master of Light to become their channel.

Until this planet is fully in the light, comfortably nestled in the comfort of the fifth dimension, you must always remain vigilant and in discernment in order to avoid the many pitfalls of the ascension process. Those who want to deter you from your pathway and your ascension usually come as impostors in the disguise of a master of light and wisdom to offer teachings containing subtle and not always so subtle distortions.

Go in peace, my love, and know that I watch over you, always ready and willing to comfort you and to bring to you assistance and magic!

9 comments on “Blue Dragon Antharus

  1. Takeshi says:

    Wait, so the dragons are soon gonna be coming here again?
    Is that it, cause of what I’m reading, it sounds like that. I hope it’s soon. I’d really like to be friends with dragons. I’ve always like dragons, ever since I was a kid. I remember some dreams about dragons as a kid, it’s the only dreams I remember. 🙂

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  2. Alen G says:

    Today i just saw my dragon in my dreams. It felt so real when i touched him. It was blue with red wings and it was a baby dragon (his weight was around 30 kilograms). Is dark (brown or black maybe) nice shaped ears, soft and sharp skin and then when he looked me into my eyes i woke up. I saw these dreams for the first time. Maybe that’s why i like dragon rings, necklaces? I am starting to remember?


    • Carole Lortie says:

      I had the same dream but he was big..he was gentle and soft and blue..and really looked at was so real..


  3. Alen G says:

    His dark eyes (brown or black maybe), nice shaped ears,….***


  4. Christine says:

    Can you tell me what a yellow dragon represents as I have been told I am connected to yellow dragon.


  5. Beau says:

    I had a lucid dream of a blue dragon many nights ago and the thoughts of this dream will not leave me. It was more real than any dream I have ever had and he was tired as if he had traveled a long way to show himself to me in my dream for a short period of time. There was no dialog or action in this dream, but as I walked up to him I could see his body move with ever breath and I could see the exhaustion in his face. I told my girlfriend about the dream as she is very aware of the dreams in her own life, and I told her I should name him so maybe that would put more reality to him and he would come back to complete the message that this dream was trying to give me. I named him paladius. When we got home, she told me to look things up to see if other people had insight and I found this page. I find it very interesting that I named him paladius and he is from Pleiades so if you have any thoughts feel free to email me. Thank you

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  6. I had a dream where I was having a demonic epileptic episode for whatever reason, I was in a huge warehouse with ceilings that didn’t seem to have any end, and the warehouse front was just all glass so I could see my reflection in the glass, that’s how I noticed myself twitching and shaking my head crazily; I could see my reflection in the glass! Anyhow, in hind-set I believe it was a symbol for me repenting and releasing all toxic energy and demonic entity attachment or harassment from my vessel! Just to add my reflection also had a contorted face, it didn’t resemble myself as I would see in the mirror! The energy I felt as I was experiencing the contortion episode was pure evil and negative energy to a high degree; though I felt the entity known as evil at a much deeper and sinister situation at a few different times! Once it was a dream, where either a very powerful demon or maybe Satan himself had suckered me from leaving this room of light and venture ignorantly into a dark hallway; once I went down it, its like the hallway appeared automatically stretched to the 10th degree. So all I did was walk into this hallway a few feet and I was somehow like 20 ft. down the hallway. As I pressed further, the hallway became so pitch black you couldn’t see your own hand if you waved it in front of your face. I’m taking about a darkness that permeates, darker than anything I’ve experience here on Earth! Even though it was pitch black, for some reason I know where a light switch that always worked 100% of the time was located in the end of the stretched hallway of darkness was a room! Once I entered the room, I flipped the light switch up, but for a very odd reason; when I hit the switch, It became even darker. That seemed impossible, but it got so dark it felt like it was engulfing my very being! And almost exactly on the second I hit the switch and it didn’t work, a dark being who was in the room was trying to possess me! Some evil being was gripping me and breathing down my neck! And with the most evil super loud growl and roar so frightening and out of this world; I’ve yet to see any horror or scary film that even came close at portraying or resembling something as truly sinister that true growl/roar of hell! I was frozen and couldn’t move, than probably my guardian angel grabbed me from my shirt collar and with a very fast act, ripped me out of the room so fast, I basically flew in mid air being pulled backwards by my savior, this flying being of light, pulled /snatched me and flew me out of that room so fast and with so much demeanor, that I believe I was in true danger! When the angel pulled me back into the room of light my back slammed into the wall and I immediately awoke! When I awoke I was soaked as if I just jumped in a pool or showered with my blanket, but it was my cold sweats, so I was shivering freezing cold! Very scary situation; scariest dream I’ve ever had, typing the story doesn’t do it any justice! Anyhow, to quickly wrap up the first dream of the warehouse after seeing my weird reflection; almost within a some seconds or so I was flying on top of a huge blue dragon! This dragon and I were connected as well! The blue dragon symbiology may be the actual dragon in the astral realm; but symbolically I believe it resembled my ascension into the 5-D realm! Weird thing is, it was the only dream I’ve ever recall of flying on any type of dragon!

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