A Strange Morning

I attended another group meditation with friends in a bushland setting this morning. There were definitely some strange energies lurking in the background today, which made it difficult for me to concentrate properly on the guided meditation.

However, I was eventually able to get into the swing of things and make some connection with the Earth and the Elemental beings around me, although I went off in a totally different direction to the guided part of the meditation.

There were colours swirling all around me — blues, greens and bright pinks. The bush seemed alive with movement and I felt certain there were Elementals and other beings moving around the periphery of our meditation circle. A raven flew overhead, cawing loudly as it approached from a long way off in the south, the sound getting louder then finally trailing off as it flew out of hearing range — a distraction which caused me to break out of the meditation momentarily. Finally I got back into it again.

Not long afterward a small brown Dragon popped his head over my right shoulder to peer into the centre of our circle. He seemed to be just over one metre tall, quite friendly and inquisitive, and rather cute with his elongated snout and large dark eyes. He was different to any Dragon I’d seen before though, as he had a large bony extension sticking out from the back of his head, exactly like a Parasaurolophus dinosaur. The little brown Dragon pulled back and then stuck his head over my left shoulder before stepping back behind me, folding his wings and merging with me through the middle of my back. It was quite an odd sensation as I could feel his wings sprouting out of my back as if they were mine. Then they too dissolved and merged into my body to become a hidden part of my being.

All too soon it seemed, we were being called out of the meditation, back to ‘reality’.

Above is my rendition of the little Dragon I saw in this morning’s meditation (Photoshopped from drawings of a Dragon and a Parasaurolophus (dinosaur) found online and added to my own photograph). Click image to enlarge.

As usual, the others in the group had also experienced many things in common, including seeing many bright colours and being aware of the presence of Elemental beings and even seeing them. As one person later said, “It was good to ground ourselves and tap into nature and the Elementals. It was amazing that a few of us experienced a similar nature spirit in our meditation.” 😀

6 comments on “A Strange Morning

  1. Angel says:

    Hi Topaz!

    I had a strange experience the other night with a dragon, I am going to link to my description of it — you are the only one I know who will not think me loony. 🙂 I found it so odd; I am not able to meditate and she appeared. I know it takes discipline to meditate, but I confess I have none! Hee hee Anyway I thought I would share maybe you know of this beautiful dragon I saw.

    Your brown dragon looks very familiar to me, and he has quite a “feel good” vibe to me. That is the best way I can describe it. 🙂



  2. TopazDragon says:

    Your dragon is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Sorry to say though I haven’t seen her at all, although it would be nice to meet her. 🙂


  3. Bob Cole says:

    What a nice vision!

    Reminds me of a time that I sat with a group of men in a forest beside a beach near Santa Cruz, California. I too was leading a guided meditation while I felt something plop in my lap. Briefly I cracked open one eye just in time to see a black snake slither off my lap and into the rough. Thank God I was in an alpha state, or I might have freaked! Later a friend suggested that I had been visited by the Kundalini which was consistent with the meditation vision of a feminine angel that I was having. Thanks for your sharing!


  4. TopazDragon says:

    Thanks for commenting. I’m happy to say I haven’t had any encounters with snakes while meditating, only Dragons. A couple of times we’ve had Eastern Water Dragons (Physignathus lesueurii) and Lace Monitors (Varanus varius) and some other type of very large Goanna turn up to one side of our meditation area — always consistent with the meditation we were doing at the time, as if they were the physical manifestation of the Dragons in our thoughts. I love the synchronicity in that, and of your snake turning up when it did. After a meditation one day I did see a deadly Red-bellied Black Snake up ahead, so we waited for it to move along before we continued. I certainly wouldn’t want one of those plopping into my lap! 😀


  5. musicgrl21 says:

    i had a vision of my dragon today as well. i had a dream of her the first time i saw her. she i larg and a light purple with the most beautiful scales that shine when the sun hits them and two long bone like hornes that follow the contours of the back of her neck. i asked around and found that her colour is of the spiritual dragon. in my meditation today i kept feeling anxous and nervous and i had never felt this way in meditation befor next thing i know was riding on her back into a cloud of black smoke and she asked me if i remembered how to cast my sheild and i said yes and as i had said that i tried to cast it around the both of us as we became closer to the smoke she told me to hurry and with two more attemps i cast the sheild around both of us and we entered the black smoke but were protected by the sheild i had cast and we hit the ground but we were unharmed by the whole event. this was the first time i had seen her outside of a guided meditation. they are beautiful creatures.


  6. TopazDragon says:

    Thanks for sharing …your Dragon sounds beautiful!


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