A Different Dragon Dreaming

It was not until after I decided on the name for this blog (in October 2009) that I discovered there were other websites called Dragon Dreaming. I thought I was being quite original when I came up with the name but after doing a quick Google search I realised my name was anything but original. Oh well, maybe I was tapping into the same stream of the “Collective Unconscious”, as other people might have been, when I “thought” of the name for my website. 🙂


Aside from my website, Dragon Dreaming is the name of a four day music, arts and lifestyle festival held annually near Canberra, Australia. You can check out their website at www.dragondreaming.net.


Dragon Dreaming is also the title of a section of a website called Light Wave Evolution which can be found at lightwaveevolution.org/Dragon_Dreaming.html.

“Dragons are a nonphysical presence representing the truth of spirit expressed in the physical.  Dragons resound through humans and natural world wonders that are pristine. Dragon Dreamers:  Dragon spirited dreamers are those who host attributes of self that know how to consciously aspire to dream weaving theory.”


Then there’s somebody’s personal/family website at www.dragondreaming.com which is very new (looks like it was started in April 2012).


Another website called Dragon Dreaming which I came across soon after inadvertently choosing the same name for my blog, can be found at www.dragondreaming.de and www.dragondreaming.info, along with related websites and blogs, also using Dragon Dreaming in their names, providing links to and information about the Dragon Dreaming training methodology. The Gaia Foundation (started in 1987) created the Dragon Dreaming methods in Perth, Western Australia. John Croft is the principal creator of this internationally recognised approach to running successful small community based projects, that make people’s dreams come true.

“Dragon Dreaming is a training methodology based upon the principles of personal and group empowerment. Drawing upon the insights and experience of Living Systems Theory, Deep Ecology, Transpersonal Psychology, group dynamics, and organizational development, and from indigenous Third and Fourth World cultures and applying them to government agencies, business enterprises, local or personal projects and not for profit community organizations, Dragon Dreaming uncovers the blockages that limit the effectiveness of groups of people who may be working together to achieve a common task.” (dragondreaming.wikia.com)

At first glance I didn’t think there was anything of interest to me on this Dragon Dreaming website, but on closer (and more recent) inspection it does appear to have some interesting articles which can be found here. I found navigating the websites a little confusing with the “.info” and the “.de” domains as they look very similar. I’d found both via Google but after flipping back and forth I couldn’t remember which site I’d seen certain information on. In my opinion it would be much better to have everything on the one website. I think perhaps that “.info” is an earlier version of the “.de” with new information being added to the latter (also referred to as the project database) and not the former …but I might be wrong as both sites seem to have slightly different content. Whatever the case with the two domains, there are a lot of very interesting and informative articles to read and now I have the links sorted out and recorded here I can go back to them at any time. 🙂

Anyway, the reason I decided to write this post is that I was recently contacted by John Croft via my Facebook page. He wrote:


My name is John Croft, and I am an Australian living and working in Germany, but running workshops all around the world. If you Google “Dragon Dreaming” you will come upon my work.

I found your page and was very impressed by what you are doing, and would like to

1. Share the name “Dragon Dreaming”
2. Reference your website from all my work
3. See if you would be interested in referencing my work on your web pages too.

My passion is the work of the Gaia Foundation which created the Dragon Dreaming methods in Perth, Western Australia.

Are you interested?

Warm regards and congratulations


So I decided yes, I would be happy to put links to his work here on my blog. 😀

I also find it interesting that I chose an Ouroboros as the “logo” for my blog too as I’d not yet discovered this other Dragon Dreaming website before I designed the appearance of my own. Hmm… back to the “Collective Unconscious” again, or maybe I tapped into the dreams of Dragons? 😉

Edit: 11/04/2012

Ok, now there’s a third website for this particular Dragon Dreaming at dragondreaming.org. This shiny new website has only just been revealed to the world and will eventually integrate the German and English content from the “.de” and “.info” sites mentioned above.

What is Dragon Dreaming?

Dragon Dreaming is a holistic method for the implementation of creative, collaborative, sustainable projects. 

The dream of a peaceful world and the awareness of the global challenges in our society are diving us. Within, personal growth of every single person, community building and an active responsibility for our earth are same weighted in the focus.

Dragon Dreaming is for dreamers and pragmatists, for warriors and discouraged, for optimists and idealists, for philosophers and nature lovers, for spiritual people and seekers.

Dragon Dreaming wants to create awareness for the connection with all life – wants to live cooperation, responsibility, interconnection – for transformation towards a peaceful, safe and sound world.


Edit: 09/04/2012

As a result of a comment this blog entry received overnight (see below) I now have another website with a similar name to add here, thedreamdragon.blogspot.com, a dream sharing and interpretation site which also has an Ouroboros as its symbol or logo.

“A Dream Interpretation and dream sharing site that reinforces self-discovery through the meaning of dream symbols. The symbol of the Ouroboros is the symbol of the Dream Dragon, that which protects the treasure of your soul.”

After taking a look at it I realise I have seen it before and have spent quite some time browsing through it as I find dream interpretation an intriguing topic, but I’d forgotten about it and it didn’t show in the particular Google search I did yesterday before writing this blog. Anyway, I’m happy to have another site to add to the “collection” of similarly named websites. 😀


Edit: 17/06/2012

I just found this cute graphic…

Edit: 02/08/2012

…and today while Googling I found out that the graphic above belongs to the website of the same name: Dragon Dreams at  www.dragondreams.accra.ca so I’ve linked the image above to its website, which is about illustration, publishing and needlework. If you’re into needlework, especially cross stitch and needlepoint, you’ll find and extensive collection of excellent dragon patterns there.  🙂


PLEASE NOTE: My website — dragondreaming.wordpress.com — is not affiliated with “Dragon Dreaming Deep Ecology & Planning Workshops”, “Dragon Dreaming Project Design”, “The Dream Dragon” or any of the other websites mentioned on this page. Links to these sites are provided here as a courtesy and for informational purposes only and are not meant to imply or infer any connection or association with those websites.

2 comments on “A Different Dragon Dreaming

  1. Bob Cole says:

    Though not a Dragon Dreaming blog, I do have a Dream Dragon blog
    (www.thedreamdragon.blogspot.com) that also uses the Ouroboros as a logo, and from time to time have referenced your site from which I’ve gathered many insights. If it works for you, I’d like to reference your site as a permanent link.

    Though not an Australian, I was born there (Melbourne) and left with family in my early years. What is it with Aussies and dreams?

    Congratulations on your site and thank you for some good reads,


    Liked by 1 person

  2. TopazDragon says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your comment …glad you like my site. 🙂 I realise I have actually seen your site before and quite enjoyed browsing parts of it. I’ve added a link to it in my menu here, as well as editing my original blog post to add it there as well, and I’m more than happy for you to have a permanent link to my site on yours. If you want a pictorial link you can use the image at the very top of my right column …unless you think it might confuse people as I see you’ve also used the Ouroboros engraving by Lucas Jennis on your site …great minds think alike …hehe. 😉



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