Black Obsidian Dragon Skull

Today the newest edition to my family of Dragon statues and figurines arrived …a beautiful black obsidian hand-carved dragon’s skull. The US-based website I bought it from said this about it: “This dragon’s head was hand-carved by a master stone carver in China from a block of natural obsidian rough that was mined in Mexico.”

I first saw one of these carved skulls at a local crystal shop and fell in love with it, but couldn’t afford the asking price, so I decided to have a look around on the internet. I found they are quite readily available, especially on a site called which I believe is the Chinese equivalent of eBay. However, no prices are listed on Alibaba — you have to contact the seller to get the latest prices and as I didn’t feel confident about doing that I continued my search.

I found another site here that had a marvelous selection of dragon skulls made from a variety of different crystals, with prices similar  to (and some much higher than) what was being asked at my local store. So, I kept looking and finally found the dragon skull that was meant for me, on another US-based site which had one last black obsidian dragon skull for a much cheaper price. I figured it may have been “old stock” which they were trying to get rid of, or perhaps it was damaged in some way, as it’s approximately the same size yet so much cheaper than the one in the local crystal shop. But, I was willing to take a chance even though it seemed too good to be true. Including postage and the international transaction fee on my credit card, it only cost 45.5% of the price of the skull in the local shop. After careful scrutiny I eventually noticed that it does have one tiny fault — a minute piece missing off the tip of his right eyebrow — which I am ok with. Even the one in the local shop wasn’t perfect as it had the tiniest little circular mark on one side of its forehead.

Woohoo! …I have my beautiful, shiny black obsidian dragon skull! …and of course this means that the dragon skull at the local shop is still available to go to the person he is meant to be with. 🙂

He is 11 cm long, 5 cm tall, 5.5 cm wide and feels so wonderfully smooth and shiny to hold. He has a very calming, soothing and protective energy about him and now happily sits on my altar and quietly watches. 🙂

Edit: 19/11/2014 ~ Black Obsidian is a stone of psychic protection, a psychic vacuum clearer. It is excellent for grounding, seals the aura, removes energy attachments and creates a protective shield around you. It works on root and earth star chakras and connects to Earth and Fire elements. It helps release negativity and clear one’s shadow aspects of self. It holds the energies of new creation, which it anchors in a grounded fashion into your inner being. (From


2 thoughts on “Black Obsidian Dragon Skull

  1. I Love your new Dragon!!!
    I have one in clear Quartz i bought from China..i wanted it to wear and i do only during ritual otherwise he is just too big..but he sits on my alter like your!!


  2. sweetest_venom May 29, 2012 — 11:47 pm

    Wow, So strange, I dreamed of your dragon skull last night and then accidentally came across your website today. That image has been burning into my mind all day!


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