Barking at Dragons

The edge of the storm, over my house. I can see 3 dragons ...can you? (Click to enlarge)

Some grey, rainy days feel more “dragonish” than others, and today is such a day. As usual I invited my dog Shelby to come inside to have his first meal of the day and settle down for some relaxing “inside time” snoozing on the rug in front of my altar. However, that was not to be …as soon as he finished gulping down his food he heard the first rumblings of the Dragons in the distance and started to growl then bark, trotting from room to room in an agitated manner, fiercely protecting his home from the perceived intruders. I tried in vain to get him to stop barking …he’s a big dog and has a BIG bark which is quite an unpleasant aural assault within the confines of my home.

The Dragons got closer and louder, as did Shelby, so I had to take him outside again where he did a couple of circuits of the backyard, barking at the sky, then returned to the verandah and settled down in his kennel. I think he thinks he has to put on a show of bravado whenever we’re with him, either in the house or out in the backyard …he seems much happier alone in his kennel when there’s a thunderstorm and just lies there all snug and quiet, and for the most part not at all worried. Once the Dragons have stopped roaring I’ll invite him back inside again.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying the sense of mystery and wonder that this kind of weather inspires. As I look outside at the greyness, slowly getting darker even though it’s only 2:30pm, I can feel the presence of Dragon energy. The rain is getting heavier and the rumbling in the distance persists, occasionally sounding very close, just to remind me that “they” are here. It’s exciting and exhilarating and inspires a sense of longing for …something! …an epiphany perhaps …that elusive confirmation or “proof” that it’s not all just my imagination. Just once I would really love to truly see a dragon with my physical eyes instead of my mind’s eye. I know they’re out there somewhere! I can hear them (although most would say it’s only a thunderstorm) and feel them. Their energy feels quite “buzzy” today (and yes I know others will say that’s just the environmental changes that accompany a storm, which dogs and some people are sensitive to — changes in barometric pressure, or the static charge that builds up before and during a thunderstorm).

Actually I already have all the “proof” I need in the many synchronicities that occur in my life, especially when I specifically request assistance from the Dragons and choose to do magickal work with them. Even so, it’d be really cool to actually see a Dragon manifest in the physical form, although I’d probably have a major freak out if I did! 😉 Maybe that’s why they don’t show themselves to us that way anymore …they know we couldn’t handle it! 😀

Meanwhile, my darling dog has been coming out of his kennel to occasionally bark at the Dragons, then heading back in out of the rain to rest before his next foray into the wilds of the backyard. The Dragons are still roaring, though not so loud or as often, and the rain is now falling gently. The salt lamp and the candles burning on my altar give that corner of the room a soft eerie glow which complements the view of the grey clouds and rain through the large window beside it …definitely a Dragon kind of day.

My altar and the rainy day outside.

Shelby ...allowed back inside after the storm.