Facebook Page for My Blogs

Yesterday I decided to create a Facebook page on which to post updates for all of my blogs. I post links to my blog entries on my personal Facebook Timeline/profile anyway, but not everyone can see that (even though the blog links are usually always set to “Public”) so as I was feeling in the mood for creating another pretty, shiny webpage (and had a mountain of housework to avoid doing, hehe) I set up the Facebook page.

Some people prefer to comment on my blogs on Facebook while others leave comments on the actual blogs …I don’t mind which. You can also “Like” them on Facebook or use the WordPress “Like” button or both. I just see the “Like” buttons as a way of acknowledging that you’ve read it, even if you have nothing to say about it, or if perhaps you have difficulty putting your opinions in writing without spending too much time obsessing over whether or not it sounds ok …”Like” buttons alleviate a whole lot of stress for some people (me included at times when trying to think of what to write on other peoples blogs I read).

This same message will be going onto all of my blogs but I won’t post it multiple times on my new Facebook page as there’s already enough links there to my blogs for newcomers to the Facebook page to find them all, if they’re so inclined.

At this point I will also say a BIG THANK YOU to all those people who’ve “Liked” my new Facebook page so far and to all those who’ve “Liked” (via WordPress) my various blog posts in the past. Please click on the banner above-left to take a look at my Facebook page, if you haven’t already, and “Like” it. It’s so nice to know that I’m not just talking to myself all the time!

Now to head off on a slight tangent …have you ever noticed how words begin to sound strange when you say or read them over and over again? I’ve written the word “blog/s” 11 times, “Facebook” 11 times and “Like/d” 8 times in this one short post (including the title) and I’m thoroughly tired of hearing them in my head! I promise I will never do anything as irritating as this again! :D

Edit: 6/4/2012 ~ Facebook has changed their format again, and I’ve created a 6th blog, so here’s what my FB blog page header looks like now (a BIG improvement!)…

Edit: 6/1/2013 ~ For quite a while I’ve been toying with the idea of having another website which would serve as a portal to all my other sites, but I could never think of a name, until today. Although the name, cover and profile image on my Facebook page have changed…


…it’s really just the same lil’ ol’ page it always was, and will have updates from the same blogs as always. I just felt like starting something new and fresh, so this was a small step in that direction. I also decided to try out Blogger/Blogspot for the first time, which has improved a lot since I last looked so, without further ado, here is my new pretty… http://thedragonswood.blogspot.com.au/ …and I later made another one at http://thedragonswood.wordpress.com/ …hee hee :D