Hey dumbass!!

Ah dear ol’ Facebook …the place where “friendships” can be made and broken in an instant without ever meeting anyone in person. I posted the following friendly message on a fellow Pagan’s wall (we had “met” online in a Dragon Magick forum)…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your dreams come true in 2012. 🙂

He “Liked” it then posted the following message after it…

Nothing cracks me up more than when your “Pagan” friends start blasting your wall with Happy New Year’s Day shit today…the response I can utter is “Hey dumbass!! Our New Year started November 1st.”

To the rest of you Happy New Year’s Day 😉

Another person then replied, talking about love and the need to acknowledge and respect different calendars etc which prompted an apology of sorts…

Sorry had to point it out to those “Pagan” friends that don’t live the “lifestyle” 24/7. Like I have no problem with Christians, but if its what you are then be it everyday, not just when it suits you.

Sheesh, what’s up with him? I really can’t see what all the fuss is about. I’d simply wished nice things for him. I understand his point but why does he have to be so damned rude (I’m pretty sure that calling someone dumbass in this context is not a term of endearment) and make assumptions about me and my “lifestyle” that simply aren’t true? My New Year’s greeting was also the only* one on his page, making it obvious that his comments were directed at me …a “friend”, not “friends”. So, feeling more than a little miffed I decided to reply in kind and risk being blocked or unfriended, hehe …

Hmmph… I guess your delightful comment is aimed at me as it looks like I’m the only “Pagan” who’s defiled your wall with any Happy New Year’s Day shit. I’m so glad you found it entertaining, even if not for the reasons I intended. I wasn’t even thinking of it being the “Christian” new year as the Gregorian calendar is the de facto international standard and internationally accepted CIVIL calendar. Anyway, what’s wrong with celebrating more than one “new year”? My message was sent in the spirit of friendship but after reading your comments I’m kinda sorry I bothered. 😦 Stupid me thought you’d like the pretty dragons 😉 and the reference to 2012 being the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar …but I guess that’s not relevant either. By the way, YOUR new year might have started on November 1st but MINE and that of many other Pagans in the Southern Hemisphere started on May 1st, so “OUR new year” doesn’t even apply to all Pagans! …dumbass!! 😉

One more thing …don’t forget the many “Germanic” Pagans who celebrate their new year at Yule, not Samhain, and others who don’t use the eightfold Wheel of the Year at all …there’s more to paganism than just “Celtic” beliefs. In fact it’s probably more PC not to wish anybody a happy new year ever, in either hemisphere, as there’s sure to be someone who’ll find all those good wishes and kind thoughts to be offensive, stupid or misguided.

He didn’t like my reply and unfriended me, which I half expected, although a lively discussion about calendars and pagans etc would have been more fun. He also deleted my comments, so I deleted my New Years greeting from his page … tit for tat, LOL. Now he’s shown what a kind and considerate fellow he is I understand a whole lot more about the behind-the-scenes politics in the Dragon Magick group he’s no longer part of. Good one ‘X’!

Oh well, I’m feeling satisfied now I’ve had my little rant. 😀

* Even if there were New Years greetings from other Pagans that I couldn’t see on his page due to privacy settings, it still doesn’t make his comments any more acceptable.

Edit: 2 May 2012 ~ It’s four months later and the ‘dumbass’ of this story has since realised the error of his ways and tonight sent me a sincere apology, so I think it’s only fair to remove his name from the last line. 😀 He’s also rejoined the forum/online group where we ‘met’ and is busy rebuilding bridges with other people there as well, for a bright happy future. Yay! …warm fuzzy feelings again. 🙂

5 comments on “Hey dumbass!!

  1. He is even a bigger dumbass as the origins of January 1 as the start of the new year dates back to ancient Rome in 153 BCE, before Jesus was even a twinkle in Jehovah’s eye. Further, the Medieval Church shifted the beginning of the new year to March because January had continued to be celebrated like a Roman orgy. We have only been using the Gregorian calendar as a (nearly) universal calendar for a few hundred years and it has nothing to do with anything Christian at all that it begins when it does.
    Great blog! Love the design, very cool.
    Happy New Year! 🙂

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    • TopazDragon says:

      Thank you so much for your very informative comment …love it! Thanks also for liking my blog. Happy New Year to you too! 😀


      • TopazDragon says:

        There’s been quite a few comments about this on Facebook so I thought I’d add those here as well. A friend shared the link to my blog on his FB page so firstly, here are the comments (edited slightly for use here) that arose from that…

        G – i wanna know i wanna know I wanna know!!!!!


D – I had to comment. Thanks for the link.

        Topaz – Sorry G, it’s not someone you know, LOL. I did mention his online name at the end though. 🙂

        Topaz – Thanks for commenting on my blog D …made my day! 😀


D – I just posted a blog about the origins of New Year a couple of days ago so I was just showing off. 🙂


G – A Big Thanks to both of you for the articles on words – they have sparked-off deep self-reflection. As a very opinionated individual, I often forget that my words may be misinterpreted or simply not understood in their true context. This has re-occured throughout my life and reading these articles has prompted the need for carefull delivery.. 😉


M – I just love Topaz’s response to the dumbass 😀 its brilliant!

        G – it was like “Oh really, well here ya go then – eat shit and die Dumbass”

        D – well he was an unsociable dumbass so he deserved it. That’s what makes the internet great – calling a dumbass a dumbass. LOL.

        G – LOL!

        And secondly, here’s the comments from my own FB page…

        J – There are a few dumbasses on FB today, just been considering unfriending some one for their constant bitchy messages on the news feed. Why can’t people just be nice and respectful. Jeez

        Topaz – I know, it’s weird. Oh well, their loss, not ours! 😉

        S – Topaz….I get you. There always has to be SOMEONE who needs and wants to be right and more knowledgeable and will shoot down anyone with a different point of view. It starts off on one point and invariably ends up disrespecting another’s beliefs or bagging churches. I honestly thought that the majority of pagans were tolerant, but it looks to me that it is only the minority of people are tolerant (be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc etc) Most are also ill/misinformed and do not make sense when they spout.


M – The “dumbass” did you a favour by removing himself from your presence Topaz. He was not worthy of the goodwill or wisdom you shared with him.

        Topaz – Oh well, I like to look at the positive side of this experience …it inspired a good blog post and subsequent comments in various places on FB and the blog itself that have made my day! 😀 Poor “dumbass” …he’s missing out on all the fun, hehe. 😉

        T – Oh wow Topaz, isn’t that bizarre? I agree, there always seems to be one in the crowd who wants to appear smarter….in this case, ol’ dumbass just looks like a smart-arse! What a loser 😉


  2. moonlitcleric says:

    🙂 I have always found that those who are quick to criticise another’s belief, faith, practice, are ever so slow to empathise they can neither spell it or enunciate the word 🙂 I stumbled here with Dragons and Druids on my mind, what a wonderful refreshing relief it is to find your blogs etc 🙂 he probably has no idea what Awen means either. Keep flying high my Dragon Priestess, the veils are getting thinner between here and there and it will be he screaming and wetting his pants when ‘things’ he cannot understand or accept begin visiting :).
    light blessings

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