Dragon Incense Burner

One of my Xmas gifts this year was a beautiful terracotta Dragon Incense Burner which Son2 had bought from Berry Markets a few weeks ago. There was one left of this particular dragon, which was also the only one of a suitable size to go on my altar, but unfortunately it was damaged and didn’t work properly. The vendor was going to throw it away but Son2 asked if he could have it anyway for a substantially reduced price, with 2 boxes of incense cones thrown in as well.

Son2 brought it home (unknown to me at the time) and secretly set to work carefully drilling out the clay blockage in the dragon’s throat which was obstructing the flow of smoke from the incense cone which is placed under the hollow base of the dragon, then employed his well-honed model-painting skills (he’s been a Warhammer enthusiast for many years) and carefully painted over the apparently crudely painted exterior of the dragon, turning it into a work of art. Unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice, but each tiny scale is individually hand-painted, along with the shading on each individual ventral scale (dragon’s tummy and under tail area). The eyes, claws, teeth, horns and sword have all been highlighted in different colours and he’s also dry-brushed the wings and other parts of the dragon to give more depth and texture to the colours and has brought life to what was going to be a discarded piece of junk. All up I’m very happy with my new addition to my ‘dragon family’. 😀

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4 comments on “Dragon Incense Burner

  1. Gabriel Vaz says:

    I want One . . . . . . . . . . . .


  2. Angel says:

    Oh, my Ariel would love to have this! Ok, I would too. 🙂


  3. TopazDragon says:

    It is rather impressive isn’t it 😀 …my boy chose well, and his painting on it is perfection!


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