My Fire Dragon Mask

On Friday October 21 to Sunday 23, 2011 I attended a Beltane weekend workshop where we made masks to represent the Dragons of Fire. I’ve included photos here so you can see the evolution of my mask from its very basic beginning to the final result shown in the image at the left (click image to enlarge).

It started out as a plain white paper mache mask bought from a craft shop and gradually transformed into a red, copper, bronze, gold and silver creation adorned with “jewels”. 🙂 I made the horns, fins, spikes and eyebrow ridges with thick paper/card and plastic drinking straws, and taped everything together with masking tape. I then applied one layer of paper mache using thin pink tissue paper and home-made glue (flour and water). Once this dried it was covered inside and out with several coats of red acrylic paint to help bind and strengthen it, followed by metallic coloured acrylic paint for the highlights. The actual colour is not quite the same as shown the photos (the red is a cooler shade with less orange in it and the metallic paints look shinier). All this work was done at home, in the days leading up to the workshop. I knew that what I envisioned couldn’t be done over only 2 days.

The small glass “jewels” are glued on with tacky craft glue and the large ones in the centre needed hot glue (glue gun) to secure them. This was the work I did at the workshop and because it was so fiddly it took all the time allotted for mask making.

We all wore our masks at our Fire Dragon Ceremony on the Saturday night.

The two photos at the end show all the masks I’ve made, displayed on the wall above my altar. L to R: Green = Spring Goddess, Purple = Goddess, Black = Raven, Red = Fire Dragon, Brown/White = Fox.

(To enlarge the photos click on the first image below then proceed via the arrows that appear at the right and left.)