Tailed by a Dragon?

While walking the dog tonight I got the distinct impression we were being followed by a small dragon that had jumped down out of a palm tree full of squawking birds. When we first walked past the tree I assumed it was just the normal sound of small birds settling down for the night, but maybe they were squawking and twittering due to the presence of a dragon in their tree? The dragon was only small — not much larger than my dog (a very large Border Collie) — and was a brownish green in colour and seemed to think it a great game to follow us on our walk. I could definitely feel a presence walking behind us, and even my dog kept turning to look behind us, but there was nobody there. Yet when we walked on I kept getting images of this playful little dragon in my mind and I could “see” it toddling along, happily tailing us. 😀

2 comments on “Tailed by a Dragon?

  1. Stef says:

    Hello, your blog is really interesting, i learned some things that i was curious about =)
    One of my guardian angels is a dragon (not very big but i have the feeling that he/she can be bigger than wht he/she looks now) and he/she arrived at the very beginning of this year i can feel his/her energy and i am still very surprised as i never been really interested in dragons that’s why i am so curious about them and your blog is very good to learn =)
    Thank you =)

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  2. Fyrus says:

    That is so awesome! Personally, if that happened to me, I’d try to catch the litte fella at his own game by reaching out with my mind towards him/her. I have had tons of practice at doing so, and already I have met several Dragons this way. I can reach out to any Dragon and usually make a connection with him/her if they let me, even if I have only just heard about him/her, and can do so almost instantly. I have made friends with many Dragons in doing so. Anyway, the little critter might be startled at that, but it’d be something I’d be tempted to do, just to see his reaction, keeping a light and playful attitude. Or maybe I wouldn’t, and instead I’d let a smug smile play on my face, knowing he was there. I may be new to most things about Dragon Magick, but communicating with them is not one of them.

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