Thank you, thank you, thank you Dragons!!!!

Woohoo!!! Doing happy dance as I’ve just experienced another TZM (“Twilight Zone Moment” or synchronicity or whatever you want to call it) where I kept telling myself to have faith that the Dragons would really make it happen, and they did!!!!  I’ve been experiencing a few stuff-ups (to put it mildly) caused by other people’s incompetence and I desperately needed help to resolve one issue in particular, preferably without any trouble (legal or otherwise) so last night I asked the Dragons for their help in this matter. I don’t try to drag them into every little annoyance in my life — that would be highly disrespectful to them. However, this matter, if not resolved, was already beginning to affect the emotional wellbeing of one of my sons (same son whose problems a couple of years ago were the impetus for me making a very solemn promise to the Dragons in exchange for their help at that time, for which I have been doing my very best to uphold my end of the bargain ever since) so I felt it was urgent enough to ask them to intervene. Part of my request included the need to receive a phonecall from the other party at 9am today to arrange resolution or correction of the issue by no later than this coming Friday morning. Well, at 8:57am I received the phonecall, and it’s all going to be fixed this afternoon! Woohoo!!!!! THANK YOU DRAGONS! 😀

One comment on “Thank you, thank you, thank you Dragons!!!!

  1. Yes…the most powerful energetics beings are Dragons…Thank you for this blog…I finally know that I am not lonely for my intuitive feelings about The Energy Kingdom of Dragons. There was a sentence given to me- search message of dragons – and I found your blog.
    And, that is that. Thank you Dragons.

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