A Simple Offering…

I felt compelled to light a candle tonight in honour of the Dragons. They showed me an image of a red candle, so that’s the colour I used in my simple offering of thanks and appreciation for their assistance today.

Red – Induces the power of Mars and can be used to influence Saturn. It is used when attuning with the God in his fiery aspect. Red is the colour of Vitality, Power, Strength and Courage and is Invigorating, Motivating and Passionate …a very appropriate colour for the Dragons to choose.

(By the way, the card in the background with the picture of the dog (not my dog but a magazine pic representative of him) is a “Moon Card” I made at the August Full Moon circle I attended. Moon Cards are meant to encapsulate all of your intent and energy and can be an integral part of a spell or ritual and serve as a constant reminder of your intended goals.)

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