The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook

…is the title of a new book, also mentioned here in the latest lot of information to be added to “Dragon Dreaming”. The book is due to be published in September 2011 and can be pre-ordered via the publisher, Llewellyn, as well as other online bookstores such as my favorite Aussie site – Booktopia. It looks like an interesting mix of fact and fantasy/fiction, although what some people take to be pure fantasy might be another person’s factual truth verified by their own experience. One can never be too sure where dragons are concerned. 😉

Click on the cover to look inside…


Here be Dragons. Not cute, whimsical critters from childhood fancies, but real Dragons—fierce, dangerous, wondrous, and wild. They do not require our belief; they never have.

With hard science, myth, metaphysics, and empirical wisdom, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook puts everything you need to know about Dragons at your fingertips. From disparate theories of Dragon evolution and the golden geometry of their form to modern conservation efforts and how to release a well-weaned orphan back into the wild, this book answers all your questions, even those you didn’t know to ask. From awe-inspiring Cosmic Creators to wee Pisuh„nds guarding hearth and home, journey through the habits and habitats of Dragons both familiar and rare.

The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook shows us how human and Dragon lives are bound together and why Dragons are now and ever-will-be relevant: In their wildness lie lessons for us all.

The author’s website  — Shawn MacKenzie’s Dragon’s Nest — has a few snippets of dragon information plus links to other sites about dragons …definitely worth a look.

4 comments on “The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook

  1. Thanks for the mention! BTW, I love your site.


  2. d says:

    Your site came to me at the right time in my life!! Thanks so much for posting all this info! I’ve had so many dreams of being a dragon and what not so thanks 🙂


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