A Slighty Different Look

I decided it was time to update the appearance of my blog …just a little. I didn’t want to go away from the “antique” look so I decided to put in a new background. After playing around with different looks (and doing a lot of Photoshopping) I finally decided on this split dragon heart wallpaper which I found and modified for my blog. The original was a free wallpaper which looked like this…

(Click to enlarge)

…until I modified it to achieve the look I wanted. I can only hope the aspect ratio and the tiling looks ok on larger PC screens because at the moment I can only see it on my MacBook, which  is a little smaller. 🙂

Edit: 8/4/2011 ~ I tweaked the image a little more, switched off the tiling and added a background colour to match the edges of the image. Now it looks much better on bigger screens. Yay, all happy now, lol. 😀