By Air and by Fire…

I’ve seen questions on forums, and also here in comments on my blog, asking if it is possible to have more than one dragon.

Through my meditations and also from hearing what other people have had to say of their personal experiences I believe it certainly is possible to have more than one Dragon. Up until a recent Dragon Attunement (Air) workshop which I attended with other members of the Dark Moon Circle I am a member of, I had 3 who have presented themselves as ‘my’ dragons so far, but after the workshop I now have 5. As I’ve mentioned before, the Dragons have told me I cannot reveal their real names to anyone but I can tell you the ‘common’ names they gave me. ‘Robin’ was my first dragon who had been with me for a while before introducing himself formally — he’s a large pewter/grey coloured Earth Dragon. Next came ‘Horace’ another Earth Dragon but dark brown in colour and only about 1 metre tall, followed by ‘Stan’, a huge black dragon. Stan hasn’t identified what ‘type’ of dragon he is but I somehow feel he is connected to Chaos or The Void.

Before the workshop began the group sat outside in the sun, the idea being to anchor ourselves to the earth, then allow the sun’s energy to wash over us, feeling its warmth and rays burn away any residual gargbage that is in our auras. We then allowed the sun’s rays to penetrate our chakras, starting from the crown chakra, allowing the energy to clean out all the chakras in turn and move through all the meridians in our bodies. Once that was completed we were to observe the sky and the clouds, take note of the air, any breezes and the general energy and atmosphere of the environment. After that we called out from our heart centre, to the Dragons of Air. We called them to us to quieten our mind while we listened or felt for their response. We took note of any differences in the energy around us then called the Dragon of Air into ourselves and noted the difference within.

As I sat outside meditating and attempting to connect to the energies around me I became aware of a protective presence on the eastern horizon. This feeling gradually took on a shape and I saw in my mind’s eye a vision of a huge dragon hovering with wings outspread, spanning the sky from the north to the south on the eastern side of the park, just above the roof of the hall we were about to enter. She was a golden yellow colour, with dark brown highlights on the top edges of her wings which disintegrated into a band of tiny mottled brown spots which gradually thinned out and blended in with the golden yellow. The underside of her wings and belly and neck were a pearly white. Her neck was very long and slender, as was her tail, and her four legs were tipped with razor sharp silver talons. The two horns on her head were also silver and she had a row of small spikes extending down the back of her neck which were also highlighted with dark brown tips and a few small brown spots. At this stage I did not know her name.

We went inside the hall and began the workshop, with discussion on alchemical processes, awakenings and transformations. We then performed the Kabalistic Cross and the Middle Pillar Exercise which was a good way to practice circulating energy in preparation for the rest of the workshop, followed by a Calling in the Dragons Ceremony.

During the next meditation, on Death & Rebirth, a bright turquoise light filled me and radiated out from my heart chakra. I saw swirling purple skies that became like purple fog in a black void. As I ‘died’ the turquoise light subsided and I passed through space, beyond the planets and stars until I found myself in completely black space. A two-headed purple dragon appeared in front of me. She inspected me briefly, her long necks undulating gently as if in a light breeze, before passing me by and disappearing from view. I had the sense of floating and saw waves of energy coming in from the top right of my field of vision, where the dragon had come from, and flowing over me changing from black to purple as they flowed. Another dragon appeared — a golden yellow dragon — probably the same one I had ‘seen’ earlier outside the hall. She watched as the energy flowed into me. I heard ravens in the trees outside the hall calling to each other while the energy was flowing through me but it seemed somehow appropriate and connected to the meditation — ravens/black/air/floating/flight. I became aware of the presence of my ‘higher self’, although I was unable to get a sense of what my higher self looked like. There was so much happening in this meditation that it was difficult to recall everything afterward.

Warning: The Dragon Knowledge is secret knowledge and they are careful who they divulge their information to. Do not divulge their knowledge to anyone without their permission. There will be dire consequences if you do!

With the above warning in mind, there are certain details I won’t write about here for that very reason, but also because some of it is private to our Dark Moon Circle and shouldn’t really be discussed in public anyway.

One of the many things we talked about that I will mention here is the Dragon Path…

Dragons are a separate order. They are not angels, they are not beneath angels, they are in fact equal to angels. Like angels there are vast orders of dragons, all with particular functions within the universe. The Dragon is a celestial being that can take on a multitude of forms and energies and inhabits many dimensions throughout the cosmos. The Dragon represents the unknown and the hidden energy in nature and the cosmos.

To find the wisdom and knowledge of the Dragons one must search his/her inner aspects as well as the unknown. The dragon also represents the Kundalini, the force that is hidden inside man, which for the most part lies dormant waiting to be activated. The Dragon Path strives to make the unconscious force and knowledge conscious. The symbol of the dragon and the myths about it carries information about how the unconscious can become conscious and how one can evolve. When you embark on this path, you are on the threshold of a great journey. Let go of your restrictions and let the Dragons guide the way.

We did another meditation to meet our dragons. I grew wings on my back and flew high up into the sky. I called to the Dragons of Air and many dragons arrived. They were various shades of gold, yellow, orange, and white but one dragon stood out from the others. She was the same one I’d seen outside at the beginning of the workshop and she revealed her true name, which I am not allowed to tell you, and also her common name, that I can share, which is “Aggie”. Aggie let me know that I can call on her at any time.

Next I called out to the Dragons of Fire and another large group of dragons appeared. One dragon approached me — a very large maroon and bronze coloured dragon with very large, pointy horns and spikes down his back with silver highlights (Aggie was much ‘smoother’ in appearance).  He looked very much like my dragon statue/lamp which I have at home in the northern corner of my ritual area. He told me his true name, as well as his common name which is “Sam”.

So now I have 5 dragons who have revealed their true names to me. Now, whenever I cast circle, I can call on these dragons specifically to guard the quarters. I don’t yet have a Dragon of Water but I’m sure one (or more?) will reveal themselves to me when the time is right.

After the dragon meditation we used our personal serpentine crystals (from the previous attunement) while doing the Breathing of Fire Exercise & the Air Attunement. While doing this exercise I felt strangely sluggish and dizzy and had trouble standing upright for the time that was necessary. I drew fire up through each chakra then drew up the serpent. I felt very dry and desperately thirsty while breathing the fire, but I persevered as I wanted to complete this exercise which was preparation for the actual attunement. The attunement with the serpentine crystal was the most difficult part to complete as towards the end of the process I felt dizzy and light-headed again and had to sit down. My lower body felt very heavy and my lower back started to hurt. I felt a bit better after drinking some water. It was definitely a very strange experience, the effects of which surprised many of us in the group. It took me a couple of days after this to process the energies and feel ‘normal’ again.

One thing I do know, which was  reiterated in the workshop notes, is that Dragons choose you to work with rather than you choosing them.

Dragons attract like beings — the attraction to like beings occurs when your psychic signature approaches a state where your “inner fire” can serve as a spiritual beacon in the astral, and those intelligences will be drawn to communication with you.

The path of meeting up with the dragons is always seen as intense, challenging and dangerous, because it always involves confronting our passions as does dealing with the inner serpents. The raising of the inner fire is called an Attunement. The attunement is not an initiation although an initiation may follow. The attunement is akin to attuning yourself to a particular frequency, like you would if you were trying to find a particular channel on a radio.

Once attuned you won’t have to achieve such a lofty height to see the activity of dragons in your worlds. Though they abstain from manifestation these days, their ways haven’t really changed. They are in evidence in the “communication” between the regions of the world, as if the mother dragon’s knowledge and experience was carried on the winds. You can hear it yourself if you train yourself to listen.

So, this time last year I underwent a Dragon Attunement to Earth and this year was the Dragon Attunement to Air. Next year will see my Attunement to Fire, followed by Water, then Spirit in subsequent years. I look forward to the journey ahead.

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