What kind of Dragon are you?

I did this quiz over a year ago (on my other blog) and only this morning somebody left a stupid comment on it, which  I decided to “trash” rather than “approve”.  I decided to waste a bit of time redoing the quiz, and subsequently got the same result, lol. 😀

Water Dragon

You are the wisest and the most intelligent dragon. Your lifespan is usually much longer than any other dragon’s. You prefer not to fight, but to resolve problems peacefully, however you are very skilled in ancient magic, that helps you protect yourself. You sometimes share your knowledge with humans or other dragons.

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2 comments on “What kind of Dragon are you?

  1. Oshree Barak says:

    i think im more of a water dragon than a shadow dragon. at least ur quiz was somewhat correct.


  2. Angelo says:

    I’m surprised that I’m a water dragon . I’m okay with it because water relates to ice.


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