Dragon Time

This morning when I woke up I had a strange sense of melancholic “knowing”, and the feeling that I was on the precipice of some significant event in my life.  I thought of the upcoming eclipse and the Dragon Awakening it would supposedly bring about (see Dragon Awakening & Eclipses) and then suddenly thought of  an obscure little book I had purchased some years ago but still haven’t read, called Dragontime, as I realised I was actually entering my own “Dragon Time” again, and that this time would be my last. Before I go any further, here’s some info about the book from a website called “Dragon Energy” http://www.draken-energie.nl.

This is about the power of a woman’s blood. It’s based on the book of Luisa Francia: “Drachenzeit”, also translated in English by Sasha Daucus and illustrations by Susun Weed: “Dragontime”

“The dragon symbolizes the collective power of menstruating women, a power which we can consciously direct to the healing of ourselves and others, a power which helps us align ourselves with the natural changes of our planet. Now is the time for Dragontime.”  (Mary Greer, author, teacher)

Dragons are part of the magic, like elves and other elementals. The flames of the dragon are pure love. Dragons like to sweep their tails and set everything upside down: they make a safe, relaxed and balanced space in mankind’s narrow mind-set of reality.

Dragons are connected to magic and mystery – and so are women during menses.

Dragons just want to be understood. They have been misunderstood for such a long, long time… All that people saw of them was there destructive side, but dragons can be very constructive. Women have not been allowed to be mysterious during the time of the patriarchal and the masculine energy. Nowadays, the feminine/masculine energies are coming into balance, so these days open us up for a lot of old things to be released and understood. We may discover our feminine energy again, we may discover ourselves, we may discover our own dragon-power. It’s DRAGONTIME!

As I said, I purchased this book ages ago from a local secondhand bookshop, along with a couple of other books about magic which were all in a heap together (including a good quality copy of the revised edition Raymond Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft or “Big Blue” – a lucky find!). Once I got the books home and looked at Dragontime more carefully I realised that it was not really a book about dragons, in the sense that I thought when originally purchasing it, so I put it away and still haven’t actually read it. For some reason I thought of this book this morning and decided I should pull it out of my bookshelf and leave it on my bedside table where I’d see it and remember to read it some time soon.

Only time will tell of course if my weird mood is at all precognizant – it’s been 6 months since my last menstrual period, and prior to that was a 4 month break – menopause is well and truly kicking in. Except for those times when I was actively trying to conceive a child I’ve always felt that menstruation has been an unnecessary inconvenience and often a source of pain which I would be much happier not having to endure, but now it’s coming to an end I suddenly feel a strange sense of loss and mourning. Maybe it’s just hormones screwing around with my brain, but something about this morning felt very special – like an ending, yet at the same time a rebirth into a new phase of my life – which I guess is appropriate given the eclipse and the new moon is a time for endings and new beginnings …Cronehood approaches!

I realised the synchronicity of the situation after I flicked through my copy of Dragontime and found this section on “New Moon Menstruation”…

The new moon is the hidden moon, the dark and mysterious power of the deep. The new moon is the pull inwards. The void sucks energy in and, at the same time, gives all power. During this time, anxieties, memories and experiences may rise up, eager to be dealt with. Midnight: darkness at its fullest, a velvet ocean, watery womb of life, the moon is new. The moon breathes in; the belly breathes out.

The energy of new moon bleeding is inwards, self-nourishing, into the cauldron of the woman, the belly, the witches’ cauldron, the holy grail. New moon menstruation is a strong time of healing and its element is water. It’s a good time to take stock, to read old diaries, to look through old photo albums, and to draw conclusions from them. What is built up on the full moon is dissolved on the new moon; that includes binding and releasing spells.

The animal of the new moon menstruation is the toad, with all her knowledge, her slipperiness, her ability to be quite alone, and her untouchable (poisonous) exterior. The goddess of this time is Hecate, the woman at the joining of three roads [also called tri-via], the guardian of mysteries and knowledge, the reaper, the dark one, the crone.

Tonight I also attended our Dark Moon Circle, where the ritual we performed involved inner exploration and what was essentially an initiation and dedication to our own Dragons, which also ties in with the energies of this Dark Moon and Solar Eclipse. With the eclipse taking place in Cancer, which is in the 3rd house of my natal chart, the main issues for me to deal with involve: communications, early childhood, early education, immediate environment, learning, mental activity, mental aptitudes, short journeys and siblings. Because this eclipse is on the Dragon’s Tail, it will involve moving from the issues just listed and moving into those of the 9th house (the Dragon’s Head in my chart) which are: awareness, expanded horizons, foreign countries, higher learning, higher mind, journeys, law, mental exploration, philosophy, publishing, religion, travel and quests.

I have no planets in the 3rd house, and the only planet in my 9th house is Venus…

Venus represents the part of you that seeks love, harmony and appreciation of beauty. It represents your aesthetic values; what you cherish; your taste in colours, shape and sound (what you love); and in relationships (who you love). If you fail to recognize and express your own sense of values, than you may lack serenity and sincerity, and become self-indulgent, overly passive, and overly fond of luxury and comfort. The Sign and the House position of your Venus describes the process you go through to find the things and the people you love; where your love and appreciation comes from; and the context of what life experiences you find it. Here you seek comfort and harmony.

…and some information about the eclipse…

This is a time of letting go of old emotional habit patterns and letting go of the people that you have  become dependent on.  A Solar eclipse is about planting new seeds, new projects and reaching out for new  experiences. Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day-to-day functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demand all of our conscious attention and focus. They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses.

All this information certainly rings true for me at the moment and the influence of Venus makes sense when applied to the other issues involved. There are many things and habits I do need to let go of to be able to start afresh in various areas of my life to enable me to bring a sense of order and harmony to my life and those closest to me. Even the oracle card drawn for our group early this morning ties in with the current cosmic energies and sums this up nicely…

Card drawn from the The Animal Guides of Avalon Oracle ~ The Frog says that it’s time to clean house and get rid of the clutter in your environment, your head, and your heart. Move out any objects, thoughts, or relationships that hold you back. It’s time to get rid of anything that clutters your life or your space with unwanted burdensome energy, or anything that weighs heavily on your heart.

Look around you and take stock of what surrounds you. Does what you see hold positive and supportive energy? If not, it’s time to throw it away and release it so that it, in turn, will release you from its influence. When the Frog appears, it’s always spring and time for cleaning your house so you can allow new and fresh energy to enter your world.

The Frog says, “It’s time to release all things no longer appropriate to bring on your journey. Then you can hop to the next lily pad, light and free.”

In my meditation tonight I met a large black dragon who’s never actually come to me before. He told me his name, which I cannot tell anyone, apart from the abbreviation of “Stan”. 😀 He looked very much like a dragon in an artwork I’ve seen online many times, so that’s the one I’ve included below.

He walked the circle with me and confirmed that I am to follow my current path and see where it takes me. Later  on, as the group gathered around the central altar after walking the circle in meditation, I felt a large pair of wings sprout from my own back and protectively encircle the rest of the people in the group. It felt quite natural for me to have wings, and it’s not the first time it’s happened. It was a very strange night in many ways, and as always the Dragons knew who they wanted to attend and who was perhaps not yet ready for this initiation. A couple of regular Dark Moon members were not able to come (and had missed a previous significant Dragon attunement in January this year as well), and somebody else who had left our Dark Moon group some time ago turned up unexpectedly, late at night while the ritual was in progress, and was allowed to enter the circle and take part in the ritual. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. The night’s proceedings also lasted much longer than usual and we finally left after midnight.

So many odd little synchronicities are thrown together here; toads and frogs, even the oracle card I drew at circle tonight  – The Water Fairy (feelings and emotions) – all connect within a bigger picture of what is unfolding for me at the moment. I definitely feel like I’m on he brink of something big in my life. If it is the ‘official’ onset of becoming a Crone, I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to reflect upon it in a spiritual sense, making it something special, rather than just seeing it as the cessation of a particular bodily function.

Well, it’s after 3am and I’ve stayed up far too late to write this, but I felt too “hyped up” after the ritual tonight to go to bed straight away. No doubt I’ll pay for this lost sleep tomorrow (er… later today). Goodnight all. 😀

6 comments on “Dragon Time

  1. Foxy says:

    It will be interesting to see where this synchronicity takes you and what your path shall be.


  2. Cahira says:

    How interesting! I knew that the Moon and Eclipses had something to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle, –on a more Magickal level, of course, although one could very easily adjust to the Moon’s cycles as well–, but this just blew me away! I’ll definately have to look further into this… ;} And as for this Dragon, “Stan”, of your’s… Very intrigueing indeed. I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw the picture you put up of his representation, because it looks just like MY Dragon! =D Well, not EXACTLY like him… but pretty close. Aeton’s his name, healin’s his game. ;D But I digress… As a fellow Dragon lover and enthusiast, I would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind…

    Do Dragons actually plunge into heated Battle, as I have seen Aeton do?

    ‘Cause once, when in meditation, I litterally just crossed through the veil and into his own plane of existence, when instead of the ussual endless ocean of wispy clouds and mountain tops, a Battle feild roiled far below, and much to my surprise, not only was Aeton clad in armor, I was too! Needless to say, it was actually kinda cool for the first few moments; Riding on a War Dragon’s back, all suited up in decked out armor. But what really got me, was how it looked… oddly enough. My own armor was more like the tradition, old styled Medeival armor brave knights would wear in Fairy Tales, but what Aeton had, was even MORE astounding.
    The very metal seemed to almost be crafted out of strands finer than human hair, twisting and curling into Celtic knots that made even larger images of LIVING creatures (Such as plunging and rearing of a unicorns…yes, unicorns… Centuars, and various other mystical beings), so as to seem completely formed of the swirly designs, yet just as solid as forged metal, all at the same time! And the strangest part; the armor wasn’t strapped onto him like one would assume; but rather FUSED to his skin! It protrude from his flesh, –a part of his own being–, yet completely seperate and staying attatched by some kind ‘super glue’, all at the same time!

    But I digress…

    My point being, as soon as I realized what was really going on, he did a little Hawk Dive (with me screaming like a little girl, embaressingly… I’m 15, going on 16, I shouldn’t be screaming…) and to both more horror and amazment, released a flaming torch of wrath upon the roiling sea of…things… swooping up and back into the air only a moment before crashing into the rocky ground. Now, much to my surprise, when all of this ended (The scariest and most heart-pounding 5 seconds of my life…), I couldn’t help but feel that it was a normal as plunking down on the couch to watch Doctor Who, or as natural as skiing down Goat’s Eye Mountain. Strange, no? I thought so too. But what was even more odd, is that I started to join in! Needless to say, — and I do admit, I feel quite arrogent in telling you all this…–, I have had past experience with archery, but never before have I come close to the level of mastery that I (Or what felt like ME) began to demonstrate. Eerily enough, I had actually managed to shoot a demon through the throat… yeesh… but what horrified me the most, was that it felt GOOD (1 down, 10,000 more to go…). Not to kill, of course, but it was like, uhm… how to put this… It was like being some ancient warrior in some kind of History/Fantasy movie, obligated by honour. To do something honourable, would bring honour to both myself, my family, and my Clan… correct? This is not to say that I’m proud to have committed such a thing… far from it. I merely seek your guidance as to what all of this might mean, if there is any, or if what I had experienced had TRULY taken place on some higher plane of existence, what should I do?

    And my last and final question…

    Is it possible to have more thanone Dragon? Not all as a Totem, or Spirit, of course… but some form of connection. ‘Cause not only do I have Aeton, there are 3 other Dragons I am familiar with; A blue Dragon who came across as very much female, and revealed her name to be Anaiia, I think… wasn’t very clear…

    A red Dragon, very much resembling the red Dragon in the picture from Anne Stokes’ “Lunar Magic”, included in your post about the Draconic Code of Honour, and I do admit, he’s extremely agressive… wise, but agressive… and finally, the Gold Dragon.

    A being resembling your stereo typical Gold Dragon of lore; heavily armoured Gold scales and possessing extreme power, able to breathe fire and dwarfs even the largest Dragon by comparison. I’m not sure what his name is (Once again, this one, too, came across as Male…), but I often find my self reffering to him as “The Divine”. Although, if speaking of the Oriental ‘Divine’ or ‘imperial’ Dragons, shouldn’t he be more serpentine and have antlers, rather than a heavy set build and golden head spikes? ^.^; Once again, I don’t know what to make of this…

    Would you mind helping me to figure all of this out? I know you’re very busy, but your aid would be very much appreciated right now. =}

    I wish you clear skies and wind beneath your wings!



    • TopazDragon says:

      Hi Cahira,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and meditations — and what fantastic experiences they are! 🙂

      I can really only speak from my own personal experiences of Dragons so I’m not sure that I can adequately answer your questions. While I have ridden on the back of a dragon in a meditation and in others I have sprouted wings of my own and flown I have never actually experienced battle such as you describe. I can only assume that as the Dragons have shown you these images that perhaps they do engage in such battles.

      However, from my own meditations I get the impression that Dragons make use of metaphors and riddles to show us things we need to know, so perhaps the battles you fought and the demon you killed are symbolic of aspects of your mundane life that need your attention. There may be ‘things’ in your life that you need to get rid of (represented by the sea of ‘things’ your dragon Aeton torched) but to do so could be quite a challenge for you (shown by the fear you experienced in your meditation even though you felt that ‘screaming like a little girl’ was not something you should be doing at your age). The pride and honour you felt after killing the demon could indicate there is a very important issue in your life that you are apprehensive about but need to deal with in order to move on in your life and experience that same sense of self satisfaction. Taking this step could also please your family or friends and make them feel proud of you for your achievement …whatever that might be, only you can know. I feel this is probably the more likely explanation of your battle, rather than the killing of an actual demon on a higher plane of existence, but I may be wrong. Like I said, I only have my own experience to go on.

      I believe it is possible to have more than one Dragon — I have 3 who have presented themselves as ‘my’ dragons so far. They told me I cannot reveal their real names to anyone but I can tell you the ‘common’ names they gave me. ‘Robin’ was my first dragon who had been with me for a while before introducing himself formally — he’s a large pewter/grey coloured Earth Dragon. Next came ‘Horace’ another Earth Dragon but dark brown in colour and only about 1 metre tall, followed by ‘Stan’ mentioned in my blog post above.

      As for your Golden Dragon, “The Divine”, he is what he is. However he looks is the form in which he has chosen to reveal himself to you. He doesn’t need to conform to any particular stereotypical appearance or type of dragon, so just ‘go with the flow’ so to speak and enjoy the journey.

      One thing I do know, is that you can’t choose your dragons, they will choose you. 😀



  3. greywolf7890 says:

    I am new to Dragons and just connected with one, but I am not female. Two nights ago though my dragon came to me and took me to a dimension I have never been too before. It was a world with three moons and all the people live in villages of the old days when kings ruled. High on a mountain was was a castle,my dragon took me to the castle and inside, sitting upon one of the thrones was a sea blue female dragon wearing a crown, my dragon approached the throne and bowed to the queen dragon. She said something to him and a man approached me and said you are his new student, your lucky because he normally doesn’t come to people who summons a dragon, he only picks those who have suffered wrong in their life. Then I looked back and my dragon was sitting on the other throne with a crown on his head. But what amazed me about my dragon is his color. He is completely Gold except his tail which was multicolored like that of what you would see on the tail of a peacock, he was majestic in natural and stature, and his eyes was turquoise in color. After what seemed like two days he brought me back, when I woke up only 30 minutes had gone by.
    This is my question. Do you believe that dragons can come from other demision or was i just going crazy?
    Bright Blessings in love and light,


    • I believe that Dragons have moved into the spiritual or astral realm and can only be sensed on an energetic or psychic level. They come and go from the astral plane as they please. So yes, they do come from another dimension.


  4. Lynette says:

    This looks like my ‘moon dragon’!.
    But it is a very powerful, lovingly nurturing FEMALE, Dragon.
    Whom I love dearly, and feel blessed that she is in my life.

    ❤❤❤🐲🐲🐲. Xxx.

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