Dragon Awakening & Eclipses

The following information comes from Evenstar Creations by Soluntra King, in the “Cosmic Events” section of her website http://www.evenstarcreations.com

THE ENERGIES IN BETWEEN ECLIPSES CAN BE VERY INTENSE. From 26th June Partial Lunar Eclipse to July 12th Total Solar Eclipse. If possible spend time at a vortex and just be with the Earth and multi-dimensional energies in a state of allowing and peace.


The Dragon people, our ancestors and Ancient Ones who established the Earth as a livable space for us and many other Star beings and Star seeded lineages to play in and grow have held the energy and been the Guardians of Earth. They love being in the volcanoes and mountains around Earth, as well as the waterways and jungles, the landscape in some places can be full of them. They are wise and loving and are dimensional aspects of our self.

Now as we move out of the fear based old paradigm where the Dragons stayed hidden to but a few who understood and resonated with the dimensional worlds, to now where almost every child knows and loves Dragons, and every adult has heard of them whether they believe in them or not is of no matter to the Dragons. To some of us they have and still mean a great deal as our dear friends, guardians and wisdom keepers of the landscape and Earth as well as doorways to the Stars. The Dragons are multi–dimensional and have existed in the Inner Earth higher dimensional space.

As we make this great shift in consciousness and cycle the Dragons are graduating also, just as we are and all life. Many are returning to their higher dimensional homes on Draco, Wega, Altair and Ophiuchus.

Now they wish for humanity to take on the mantle of Guardianship of Earth and the sacred vortexes and dimensional doorways, the Dragon Lairs which are cross-over points on the crystalline grid. We are now becoming crystalline bodies from carbon based and so can hold the resonance and balance of the Earth within us, as we are one with the Earth and our energy fields are reflecting this as the Crystalline Light Matrix and Diamond Light Matrix are linked and assisting with the raising of consciousness. We awaken to not only the Crystalline Light Matrix within us but the Diamond Light of the multi-faceted beings of Light we are. Many Dragons have already left their old posts and more will leave as the change over happens.

They wish for us as humanity to awaken also to acknowledge our own Dragon self, which means as a Guardian of Earth and awakened inner wisdom and cosmic consciousness.

So on this day if you are able too; take yourself to a Dragon Lair or Dragon place or otherwise in your sacred space at home and commune deep within to the Dragon self and all the Dragons, sit with them and allow your consciousness to remember the creation story, not just the recent genetic splicing and games of certain gods and goddesses but way beyond to the core of the creation of our Earth and you…Then to awaken the Now and your new direction.


With this Solar Eclipse we are also having more to do with the Dragon energies as they started on the 10th with the Dragon awakening. Now we are ready to awaken the light streams as the White Dragon takes us into our self and the Divine Blueprint is awakening within.

The Dragons in the greater reality are unified higher dimensional aspect of our self. The dragon people are the ancient ancestors of Earth and of us in our Earth lineage. This lineage is not just of Earth but of the stars and from the one, the creator essence as we work with the Draco Codes and Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer through our kundalini.

In order for us to activate the latent light codes that have always been there within our being the Dragon Guardians who have protected the gems and diamonds, that are the gems within us, the spark of the creator that lies within our soul are beautiful aspects of self assisting in the journey home. Home to yourself in all your glory as a Creator Goddess God, the Goddess returns and this is the Goddess within us.

The July Solar Eclipse is the ongoing activation of the Dragon Eggs that activated at the 13th Gate November 2009 and then at the Solar Eclipse 15th January 2010 and are grounding at the July 2010 Solar Eclipse.


The Dragon Eggs that have been placed through the Great Central Starmap that was awakened in Hawaii on the September Equinox 2009 and anchored fully on the Earth plane at the 13th Gate in the Dragon Lairs of the place of First Light and great vortex lakes and volcanoes of North Island New Zealand through the chakra vortexes of the 13 human anchors for the anchoring of all. On the Solar Eclipse 15th February 2010 they illuminated through the etheric blueprint illuminating the divine blueprint more fully as now the key that has opened the doorway for the light codes to be activated in the blueprint of all who choose. There is still more journeying within and without for this to anchor fully but with joy and ease in the dragon heart of love and radiant light. At the July 11th/12th Full Solar Eclipse the doorway will be anchored and the Dragon Eggs awakened through the chakra doorways and divine blueprint. If possible take yourself to a Dragon Lair/vortex for the Solar Eclipse. This is the next step in the awakening light codes that are activated through the dragon eggs and is a great blessing.

More on how to activate the dragon eggs is available in the “DIAMOND LIGHT BODY” booklet at http://www.evenstarcreations.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=164:diamond-light-body&catid=21&Itemid=4

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