Do Dragons Really Exist?

…of course they do! Here’s photographic proof… 😉

I love this little fellow! He’s so cute and lovable — I want him! This image appears in many places around the internet but so far I haven’t been able to find the original artist or source of the image. (Edit: 25/8/2010 Finally, after much searching I’ve found the artist — Jan Oliehoek. See his DeviantArt page and also a blog called Blended Realms which reviews his work. Edit: 10/09/2010 …plus his own website called …don’t know why it took me so long to find this, lol.)

Here’s another cute little guy — found at — go to the flickr address to see more info about the creation of the image below.

Next is an interesting image of a baby dragon being fed Heinz Hot Ketchup. The image is from

Click on the image to see a larger view — this small version just doesn’t do it justice! This is truly magnificent! 😀

8 thoughts on “Do Dragons Really Exist?

  1. lol…. they are indeed gorgeous images!


  2. I love the baby dragon on a finger. The original artist was from Deviant Art, but they seem to have left or at least pulled their art down. I searched repeatedly through my favorites and the galleries and couldn’t find it anymore 😦 Possibly due to massive art theft or maybe due to leaving the site, unknown. So spreading the picture this way seems to be the only way to see it any more 😦


    1. Hi Heather – thanks for the info. It’s a shame they left (for whatever reason) as it would be nice to be able to acknowledge the original artist properly …they certainly created something very special! 😀


  3. I apsalotly love dragons I always wanted a pet dragon secretly the first dragon is so cute!

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  4. This page is beautiful, I am currently working on my first childrens book and trying to get the dragon right.. from baby – the changes as he grows older (atmosphere is really important), thanx x


  5. The baby dragon on the finger, it’s not actually a dragon. It’s a type of gliding lizard. Look up, ‘baby dragons’ click on the first pic of that little guy, click on the link to that picture, and there you’ve got it!


    1. Thanks for your interest in my blog but you’re mistaken about the baby dragon. As I stated in my post it is a photomanipulation by Jan Oliehoek. Go to his website at and click on the “Gallery” link to see it there. I looked at the article you suggested ( and yes, the baby dragon picture is there, but unlike the other photos on that page it is NOT a Draco volans. One obvious sign is that bat wings used in the photomanipulation look nothing like the ribs and skin flaps of the gliding lizard – the author of that article has mixed fact with fiction.


  6. do you know of sight or of book with some dragon meditation or journys


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