Journey to the Centre of the Earth

I descended through the earth, down through the dirt and the rocks until I came to a large cavern at the centre of the earth. My chakras had been opened and now I could see the Earth Dragon — the Mother Dragon — lying coiled in the centre of the cavern. The energy moving up my chakras was like a rainbow serpent — the Mother was coloured like the rainbow, with bands of colour corresponding to the chakras, each one gradually blending with and transforming into the next colour — something like the colour strip below. Her colours were bright, shiny and metallic.

The cavern took on a greenish hue, getting darker and darker as an electric green coloured grid appeared in the blackness. I found myself lying on my back on top the grid, arms and legs outstretched. I became one with the grid and could feel myself stretching to eternity. Gradually I started to feel smaller again, and realised I was dying. As I died I sank below the surface of the grid, just as if I had been floating on the top of water and had let myself sink down towards the bottom, while still looking up at the surface. Sinking down, I could still see the green grid above me, getting fainter and fainter until it finally disappeared. I was floating in a black void — dead.

Suddenly I felt very light headed and dizzy and needed to take a deep breath. I think I had actually stopped breathing for a short while when I “died” in the meditation. I saw a golden yellow flash of light, which started in the centre of my field of vision then extended out either side in a narrowing band, as if on the horizon and reflected on the ocean. The background to this bright light was a warm, dark brown. I now felt extremely energised!

It was time to end the meditation and close my chakras and as I did so I could see the dragon energy descending from my crown to my base chakra in a rush of beautiful colours.

The next meditation took me up a mountain road to a forest at the top of the mountain where I sensed many dragons were hiding in the trees. I had glimpses of scales and dragon bodies as they moved quietly through the trees and undergowth, just on the edge of vision and of reality. One of them stood still and turned to look at me. It was my dragon “Robin” (not his real name, but the one I am allowed to call him in “public”). Robin is a very large pewter-grey coloured Earth Dragon and has been with me for some time (see here). Beside him stood a much smaller, dark brown dragon, called “Horace” — again, not his real name. Dragons have other names, which are only ever to be known and used by those to whom they have entrusted that knowledge. Horace is also an Earth Dragon, although he is only about 1 metre tall. I formally introduced myself to Horace, and also ascertained that the name the dragons gave me a few years ago was to remain unchanged. I then discussed a few of my personal issues with the dragons and sought their help and advice.

It was soon time to leave and for a while I was floating in a purple void, seeing images of dragons, looking like they were sepia coloured pencil sketches against a purple background, floating all around me. Again I saw only parts of dragons — eyes, wings, parts of their bodies exposed while the rest was hidden somewhere. I thanked the dragons then descended the mountain road.

The final meditation was actually quite exhausting and involved circulating energy in certain ways through the chakras and around the body, including the 8th chakra above the top of the head, known as the Transpersonal Point (or just the Point in the “Sleeper Awaken” series of books by Samuel Sagan). It made me feel incredibly fidgety while trying to maintain the concentration required for this task and it was difficult trying to resist the urge to move around too much or itch and scratch as my various chakra points were activated. I also felt quite dizzy with all the circulating of energy that was happening and for a short time felt quite nauseous when activating the dragon energy. It was a weird sensation and for a while I felt like I was falling through space. It was a very difficult meditation to come out of and I was not the only one in the group to experience the need for a lot of “grounding” afterward to dissipate the dizzy, light-headed sensations. Although this final meditation was difficult and quite tiring, all up it was a very good experience and afterward I felt as if the beginning of some sort of shift in my energy had taken place.


4 comments on “Journey to the Centre of the Earth

  1. Takeshi says:

    I have a question that I’ve been thinking on for a while. When I die, will I go to the Black Void? If so, what’s it like? I was just wondering that, and I thought maybe you could answer that. 🙂


    • TopazDragon says:

      I really don’t know, although I do suspect that people go where they believe they will go after they die. So, if you believe you’ll go to the black void I suppose that’s where you’ll go, and it will be however you imagine it to be. Then again, I could be wrong and you might end up somewhere else. 😉


  2. hiramash says:

    Great work, Topaz Dragon, keep up the good work !


  3. TopazDragon says:

    Thank you Hiramash! 🙂


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