The Path to Awakening…

…is fraught with crap. I’ve been noticing some “synchronicities” since I’ve been reading Sleeper Awaken. I seem to be more aware of little “psychic moments” — they’re happening more often again, like they used to some years ago before they gradually decreased or I got less aware (maybe due to general tiredness and mental/physical exhaustion with other stuff going on in my life). Anyway, for whatever reason they seem to be happening more frequently, which is a good thing. Now, the crap part? A dear friend of mine has just found out she has ovarian cancer so I’m busy sending her distance healing (she’s 100’s of kilometres away from me) and hoping I can make a difference …not much else I can do really. I found out about my friend last night, and later on realised the news coincided with the part of Sleeper Awaken I’d reached the day or two before (and am still reading through) where the hero has to psychically or “energetically” heal a woman from her life threatening, hidden abdominal injuries. Life really sucks sometimes …my friend is one of the healthiest and most health-conscious people I know and based on her lifestyle (and family history as far as I know) she is definitely not in the high risk group for this cancer. It’s totally unexpected. I just hope the synchronicity continues and real life follows the story, because the woman in the story is successfully healed.

Update 2/1/2010: Just found out that doctors have been able to remove “all visible cancer” from my friend (diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer) – a much better result than was apparently expected. Yay!

Update 26/5/2012: 2 years and 5 1/2 months since her diagnosis and she’s still going strong! So far so good …hurrah!

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