The Clear Fountain & Little Miracles

When invoking Dragons I’m always very respectful of them and try not to ask them for assistance with too many trivial things. They’ve so far provided what I’ve asked for, be that a weather change (only when absolutely crucial), protection for my family (especially my young sons when driving their cars) or finding parking spaces for me. Yes, parking spaces …it does seem trivial I know, but at this time of year (approaching Xmas) parking can be a very major ordeal in the local shopping centres.

Yesterday, for instance, I had to venture out into the Xmas school holiday mayhem of a local huge shopping centre (where parking in the multilevel car parks can be difficult at the best of times), so before I left I quietly grounded and centred myself and asked the Dragons to find me a parking space  which would appear quickly and not be contested by anyone else and be on the first level that I drove into. A vision came to my mind of the car parking level below the one I usually drive into first, so I trusted that vision and when I arrived at my destination I headed for that level instead of my usual one. Many cars were already “cruising” looking for spots, while others waited patiently for people returning to their cars. To bypass cars waiting up ahead I had to turn into the lane which would take me back out of the car park, so I was beginning to lose hope in my “vision”. Suddenly, I noticed there were two spaces up ahead – one was being taken already so I indicated to claim the other one, but was disappointed to see a “Reserved for Library Staff” sign at the head of it as I drove in. “Damn”, I thought — maybe this was all  I “saw” in my vision — as I reversed out very carefully. Immediately, a man appeared directly in front of me, heading from the shops to his car. He looked straight at me and signaled to where his car was — right beside me and opposite the space I had tried to claim actually — so as I was already holding back a queue of cars behind me I had first ‘dibs’ on this next space …woohoo!  He drove out and I got exactly the sort of space I had asked for and the whole exercise had only taken a few short minutes, while other people who had come in before me were still slowly searching for parking spaces. Thank you Dragons!

Now this sort of “remote viewing” experience has happened to me many times in the past, although more often than not it’s been spontaneous and random rather than by request, and rather ‘hit and miss’ when I’ve consciously tried to “see”. Remote viewing can briefly be described as the ability to see, describe a person, place or thing without being in their presence — a perception that transcends time and physical space. Sometimes I’ve even “seen” the exact parking spot waiting for me and known precisely which row of a particular car park to drive down to find it, while other times I’ve tried to “see” and haven’t been successful. I guess many people would say this has nothing at all to do with dragons, and they might be right. In fact I never used to call on dragons or any deity or “power” in particular when this first started happening but somehow I was still able to  occasionally access this “stream” of consciousness and tap it for information.

Perhaps this is the process of “tuning in to the clear fountain” that Samuel Sagan speaks of in his series of 4 novels “Atlantean Secrets”, which I have read (and am currently re-reading the first book called “Sleeper Awaken”). Maybe when I “see” these things I’m connecting to my higher self and essentially showing myself what I already know(?) Funny thing is, it only seems to work consistently for me now if I consciously ask the Dragons for assistance — so much so that it’s felt like a series of “little miracles” happening over the last few months. So, for me anyway, it’s definitely got something to do with Dragons — whether they are the stream of energy or consciousness I’m tapping into, or they’re guiding me to “see” it — either way, something is working.

More information about Sagan’s books, published by Clairvision can be found here. Samuel Sagan, founder of the Clairvision School, is the author of 15 books. Some of them are manuals, such as A Language to Map Consciousness, Awakening The Third Eye and Regression, Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom. Others are novels, using the storytelling format to pass on teachings about meditation, such as the Atlantean Secrets series and Bleeding Sun.

I found the following info on an odd little abandoned website — —  not affiliated in any way with Clairvision and apparently not updated since mid 2006…

Why Read the Series?

What will reading Atlantean Secrets do for you? It’s more about gaining both the clarity and clear headed thinking required by the Earth changes anyone can watch happening in front of them. The state of mind best able to deal with both internal and external chaos will be the one to gain the most learning from them. Atlantean Secrets is a product of inspiration that can, if a reader is willing, connect them to their higher selves from which they find their own inspiration.

The reasons it happens are unique to anyone reading the book but the most obvious correlations will be included below.

The Point — As described in the book as a channel for higher forces, it correlates to the chakra system of the human body. Above the normal seven chakras and several higher above the person’s head. One of these would be the designated influx of energy and can be repeated through meditation on a point above the head were energy can be felt if tuned into.

Darkness Visible — The astral layer experienced by astral travelers when leaving their body. A purple hue has been described.

World to Come — Sixth dimensional reality where ascended humans will eventually evolve to live in a pure state of awakening. Can currently be viewed by those able to astral travel to the sixth dimension.

Archive Project and the Masters of Thunder — Faithful representations of Sananda, Ashtar Command and the many worlds making up the command. Many beings of the higher dimensions are watching the events making up Earth’s ascension, providing guidance such as found within the series. (More information can be found at the Hades Base News.)

I also found this information mentioning Atlantean Secrets on Karen Kingston’s website, Soulful Living

The important thing is to follow your spiritual integrity. Let that be the guiding beacon in your life. You can tune into it at any time and if you constantly follow its direction, great spiritual forces can gather to support you and assist you on your way. They are already there, just waiting for you, but most people never make the connections.

Do this right now. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and place your attention above your head. There’s a central channel of energy that extends infinitely upwards from the center of the top of your head. If you gently probe this, you will find there are several nodes along this channel. As you click into each of them in turn, feel how it feels. Each of them has a different flavor. The one you are looking for is the one that connects to the knowing of who you are and what you are here to do.

I recently discovered a wonderful book that describes this whole magnificent process in great detail. It’s an epic novel called ‘Atlantean Secrets’ by Samuel Sagan (published by Clairvision). The author describes this mechanism as ‘tuning in to the clear fountain’ and shows how the hero learns to rest on the clear fountain and allow it to guide him on his path. It’s become one of my favorite books of all time.

I should point out here that in the books the hero is actually taught to rest on the Dragon which is below, and tune in to the clear fountain which is above. Here’s more info about the clear fountain and the dragon from the Clairvision website

“Clear fountain”

A poetic term used in Atlantean Secrets to refer to vertical knowingness.

Main points and mechanisms

  • See Atlantean Secrets 5.7, where Szar first learns about the clear fountain.
  • Strictly speaking, the clear fountain is the knowingness that comes through verticality. More generally, the verticality quality and the clear fountain are equivalent.

Main points and mechanisms

  • Explains Gervin in The Book of the Mysteries of Eisraim: “The clear fountain… is an unlimited source of inspiration. It flows, always, and for all men and women, but few are those who know how to tap from its waters. And even among those who know how, few are those who remember to call on the fountain when critical situations arise. The more one listens to the fountain, the easier it becomes to follow its wisdom. But if a man is silly enough to disregard the wisdom of the clear fountain, then he becomes deaf to it. The fountain is still with him, but he hears it not, and so he wanders in darkness…”
    “To hear the clear fountain… you must listen above your head. The flow of the clear fountain comes down vertically, from high above your head. You must listen, but not for words! For in most cases, the clear fountain does not speak in words.”
    This last sentence left me perplexed. How could the fountain speak without words?
    “Sometimes,” Gervin said, “you may hear words, and sometimes the fountain may speak to you through images. But words can be misleading, and images are not always simple to interpret, so the best way of listening to the fountain is by knowing. You will tune into the vertical flow of the fountain above your head, making yourself open and receptive, and you will know what you have to do or say. But remember that it is only with a pure heart that one can hear the clear fountain. Those who listen to fountains without sincerity always end up understanding all the wrong things.” (Atlantean Secrets 5.7)


On the individual level, the dragon is the power of the lower chakras, which manifests in the potential of life force and desires, passions, belly drive, raw energies including the sexual force, intensity, underground vitality and resources, and ultimately will power.

Behind and beyond the individual dragon lies the universal Dragon, the unlimited power which is the matrix of the entire creation. In its cosmic dimension, the Dragon is the power of the Cosmic Waters. It is similar to the en to pan, ‘One, the whole’, which the Gnostics represented as a serpent biting its tail – a symbol later adopted by alchemists as a representation of the prima materia, the one substance out of which the entire creation emerged.

Main points

  • Your dragon = the power of your lower chakras, the power in your column below.
    The Dragon = the universal Dragon power, of which your dragon is an emanation.
  • In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, the Dragon is a female principle. She is the ‘Mother of the Endless Night’, the Earth-related manifestation of the ‘Mother of the Light’, or Universal Mother.
  • Note that in the Clairvision mapping, there are no evil connotations attached to Dragon. Christian terminology, however, often uses Dragon with a completely different meaning: Satan (corresponding to Ahriman). See Wars in Heaven.
  • The Dragon of the Clairvision mapping is akin to the Dragon of the ancient Chinese model: an effulgence of life force – a fullness of vitality taken to a cosmic extreme.
  • The Dragon also presents many similarities with the kundalini of Tantric techniques. The kundalini, a coiled serpent, sits at the base of the central channel, and is a latent principle that summarises the entire wisdom and powers of prakriti, or universal nature.
  • From a broad perspective, just as the Dragon can be equated with the universal nature aspect of prakriti, so it can be equated with the en to pan serpent of Gnostic writings.

Origins of the term

A point with key symbolic implications is that the ancients didn’t establish clear distinctions between dragon and serpent. In various mythologies, many texts use the two terms interchangeably. Hence the direct line of associations between Dragon, kundalini, en to pan and other cosmic snakes.

My “little miracles” I’ve described above are all of the “remote viewing” type. However, there have been other times where, combined with magic and ritual, I have asked for a specific outcome for an event or even a change in the weather, which has actually happened right on cue, so to speak. This I also attribute to the “Dragons” …in whatever form that power or energy or greater consciousness might be.

This is certainly an interesting journey of discovery and one that never ceases to amaze me.

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  1. Sun of the Blue Dragon says:


    Wonderful information! Overloaded! and i have not yet begun to browse the rest of your blog.

    Wanted to say Thank You!

    L O V E



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