Channelling Dragons

In my quest to find more information about dragons  I came across a very interesting article by James Cooper at  WikiMystica. In his article he says that dragons are warriors for light (lightworkers) who can infuse their souls into bodies that are not dragon (human for example), in order to work for light and efficiently bring about changes. He gives examples of the signs to look for to decide if maybe you might be a dragon too. The article goes on to talk about channelling dragons, the origin of dragons in a nebula on the far edge of the universe, and also the qualities of the many different colours of dragons. He says that, “Dragons are always teachers of spiritual knowledge, and can be channeled by anyone who will listen to them.” Many more aspects of dragons are discussed in the article which you can read in full at WikiMystica and on his other website, Mystic Awakening, where I believe further information on Dragons will eventually be added.

8 comments on “Channelling Dragons

  1. William says:

    Very good thank-you. My sign is Chinese dragon and I have one rare one tattooed on my left upper arm. Have always been drawn to them and come to the conclusion that I am purple showing purplish green.

    Thanks for the information
    God Bless & Good Day
    Billy Zion


  2. James Cooper says:

    You know when you copy and past somthing you could at least have given me credit as being the author. Perhaps even put posted a link to my site? Did you not see the copywrite notice?


  3. James Cooper says:

    Oh, I’m sorry I did not see the link. It is a little weird seeing something I wrote on a different site. I did post a version on wikimystica ( you can reprint. I suppose it’s a compliment that you liked it that much. I do want more people who are dragons to consider the possibilities.


    • TopazDragon says:

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to do the wrong thing. As you finally noticed I did acknowledge the source of the article but I didn’t put your name as author because I couldn’t find an author name on your page. I saw the WikiMystica entry but was confused by the copyright thing as both articles appeared to be identical, so I thought it was best to attribute the work to the original source rather than the copy. I’ve changed the info at the top of my page now to include your name and an active link to the WikiMystica page …hope that’s ok? I’ll delete this whole blog entry if you really want me too, but I like your info and hope you’ll let me leave it here as it does help to spread the word about dragons to more people. 😀


  4. James Cooper says:

    Perhaps I over reacted to some degree. I’ll add more to the original. I’m going to spin the one on WikiMystica with the tool from freearticlespinner dot com. I had just read that Google ranks pages lower when there is duplicate content on other sites. I didn’t know that so I started searching for it. I’m just trying to make the material on Mystic Awakening unique. I don’t want any ill karma since I did put the article in one form as a GNU on WikiMystica.


  5. TopazDragon says:

    I didn’t know that about Google and duplicate content either. I can understand why you got upset so to be fair I’ve taken your article off my page and instead have briefly talked about it and provided active links to it instead.

    The only reason I didn’t want to do that in the first place is websites often disappear for whatever reason and then the links on my site go nowhere and the information cannot be accessed by anyone else.

    The freearticlespinner site is an interesting concept …another thing I didn’t know about. It could come in handy, although I would be a little worried about the misuse of such a tool regarding outright plagiarism of other people’s articles. Anyway, thanks for letting me know about it — I might try it out on some of my own stuff some time.

    And once again, sorry for causing a problem for you by copying your article onto my site. 🙂


  6. James Cooper says:

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I put a link on the dragon page back to your site. When I put the articles on WikiMystica I ended up causing my own duplicate problems. I will probably spin all the articles on WikiMystica. The spinner is made for submitting articles to directories in order to provide unique content, but it will suit my purpose well.
    Mystic Awakening won’t disappear any time soon. It has been up since 2002 and we just finished remodeling it.
    Thanks for being an honest person and working this out. I have contacted a few others who have my stuff on their sites and they haven’t written me back or even acknowledged my complaint.
    Nice site by the way.


  7. TopazDragon says:

    Thank you so much for putting a link to “Dragon Dreaming” on your Dragon page! I’m glad you like my site. 😀 I’ve included your Mystic Awakening site in the “Dragon Websites” section of my links menu here as well.

    Topaz Dragon


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