What is Dragon’s Breath?

“Dragon’s Breath” by TopazDragon

During my meditation in the bush last Sunday I heard the words “Dragon’s Breath” and at the same time the gentle breeze suddenly increased, suggesting that it was the dragon’s breath. In my imagination I saw real, physical dragons creating this wind – breathing it out and also beating their wings to create the breeze. Perhaps that’s not what really happened but it was a nice vision all the same.

I believe that dragon’s breath is an energy or force, which of course can be expressed in the form of the wind and storms or the weather in general, but also in more subtle ways, such as ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ as worked with in Feng shui where it is often called the dragon’s breath. Here it is described as a natural electro-magnetic energy, a dancing rhythm of life, a vibration of goodness, which if blocked or damaged can become quite stagnant. Chi constitutes the rhythms of life, the subtle life breath which whispers around us and through us. Shakespeare called it “the celestial music of the spheres”.

Imbalances in this energy can also occur underground – in the West we refer to this as geopathic stress – and it is detected via dowsing with rods or a pendulum. Geopathic stress or blocked chi can lower the body’s immune system, making us more susceptible to disease. There is more info about this here on this blog.

I know I need to do a lot of work around my own home to clear the clutter and create a better flow of energy. I also need to do the same on a more personal level too — both mentally, emotionally and also physically — to be able to really feel the dragon’s breath flowing through me so my body can be  healthier and my mind can be more perceptive allowing me to see more clearly on a spiritual level.

I will probably continue to imagine Dragons Breath as literally being breathed in and out by physical dragons, which could look just like the many depictions of dragons seen in books and paintings, as the idea appeals to me as a way of trying to interpret something that is otherwise intangible.

I came across a website called The Dragon Within (it’s now in my list of links in the side menu) which has a wonderful sound file  (mp3) called “Dragons Breath” which you can listen to. It evoked wonderful images for me, when I listened to it, of dragons breathing in a large cavern, deep beneath the earth. Click on the link to the site and you’ll find the sound recording link at the bottom of that site’s main menu …listen and enjoy! 😀

3 comments on “What is Dragon’s Breath?

  1. The dragon is nature, that is all around us. Nature as represented by the dragon is as you mentioned – chi – it is the life force of nature, and the dragon metaphorically represents this.

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  2. Neamh says:

    I was reading back through your blog entries and this one stuck out to me for some reason. I went to The Dragon Within website and listened to the Dragon’s Breath (I have listened to it a few times) and I was curious if you knew of any other source that may offer something similar to listen to.

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    • Sorry, can’t help you as the Dragon Within website is the only place I’ve heard anything like their “Dragon’s Breath” track. If you buy the ebook you’ll get all the mp3 files as well (13 other tracks in addition to the “4 Dragons” track available for free on the website). They’re interesting to listen to, though I like the “4 Dragons” track the best. 🙂


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